satanism does not mean what you think it means

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Hey Mom! What are your feelings about the ending song? I mean regardless of its symbolism and imagery. It sounds like a creepy satanic choir but at the same time its eerily enjoyable. I love it! Also I little thing I noticed is the inconsistency in the drawing of BTs eyes. His sclera change from dark to white with no apparent cause. Do you think this is a simple mistake or does it have deeper meaning? Love from Germany! :)

I’ve seen mixed reviews but I love the ending song. LOVE LOVE LOVE it and I’m going to use this ask to gush about it in great and clumsy detail.

The combination of the cheerful female voice singing over the peppy but creepy and offsetting arrangement with those haunting voices in the background is PERFECT and the implications of what it portrays excites me to no end.

I won’t get into the symbolism or spoil it in anyway, but anyone who is  familiar with the Biblical story of Eve or has seen Disney’s Snow White knows that accepting apples from creepy dudes is a TERRIBLE IDEA even when it’s done with good intentions. So we have our optimistic female voice singing over a visual of someone making a decision she things is a good one.

The optimism continues as the mother goddess smiles benevolently at her subjects. So far so good, right?

We get an indication of a time skip, and then we see the image of another benevolent character - a kindly royal figure and his subjects who are staring at something in the foreground.

But then the slow pan begins and HELLO THE CHILDREN ARE CANNIBALIZING A CORPSE!!!

Meanwhile the tune stays equal parts peppy and creepy as the scenes get increasingly more horrifying. The dichotomy of that voice and tune paired with the nightmarish images is just so unsettling. Combined with the art style which to me is a blend of beautiful wood cut art blended with monty python-esque animations with a renaissance feel and I am out of words to describe just how it hits me in the feels and makes me listen on repeat for every bit of 20 minutes while I write this and gather the images. 

So yeah, I love it a lot.

As far as BT’s eyes changing, the art team made Eren’s light up and basically shoot lasers last season, so I don’t put a lot of deep significance into titan eye changes except to say it really ups the cool/creepy factor!

Thanks for giving me a chance to gush! And love back to you from my comfy living room :)

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I read your post and you asked what can they do now to really hurt Dean so he reacts? Well... hi! My name is Satan. The worse thing you can do by now, I think, it's to make the last person he loves who hadn't betrayed him yet, to do it. Not hurt this person, neither I mean kill, that's old. I mean CAS betraying HIM deep, by choosing to leave like "everyone does" (Cas must have excuses, maybe someone makes him think that Sam and Dean will be safe without him, and he goes to protect them,but...)

[different anon]  What if they make them get Mary back, only to take her again? What if, to cut deeper, they make Mary no more different than Jhon when it comes to parenting? What if Mary gives the Bmol the key to exterminate angels? What if Ketch hears from the boys something that he can use as a key to kill angels? What if Ketch hears something about the most delicate things the boys have deep down (even if it’s more likely that they won’t talk about it) and uses it against them?

So apparently some you guys saw my ‘Dean’s been too healthy this season, what can they throw at him to unsettle him in time for the finale’ post and took it as an invitation to unsettle me in time for the finale. Thank you?

But yes, I think you’re both right. This finale will be about Mary and Cas’ choices and how they relate to Dean, and since Dean’s Mr Abandonment Issues, they’ll probably walk away in some way. I don’t think they’ll kill either of them, or even hurt them too badly - as you guys say, this is about emotions, not blood. Cas and Mary have both been offered a ‘level up’ Dean simply can’t give them - Cas his place back in Heaven, and Mary a job in a hunting organization which is far more efficient and well equipped than her sons can ever hope to be. And the thing is, they both took that chance. In Cas’ case, Dean still doesn’t know about it, and I’m sure there will be hell to pay when he finds out, and as for Mary - Mary was never supposed to live in the Bunker and wash his socks, but she was supposed to be there for him in some way, and she decided not to. Frankly, I don’t know what’s left to take away at this point, and I’m excited by the possibility the day of reckoning has finally come about Mary’s choices as a young woman and the consequences they had on Sam and Dean’s lives. 

Well. I know what I’ll be doing over the next few weeks.

(Oh, as for Ketch - I don’t think Ketch’s that sophisticated. He doesn’t take the initiative - he follows orders, and his orders now are to kill hunters, not to torture them psychologically or, God forbid, go after angels. Sure, he knows Cas is a threat, but the BMoL have ways to deal with angels, and Umbridge’s got no plan at this point to exterminate all angels, so. If I were Ketch, I’d start with low-level hunters so their deaths can be ruled as accidental and nobody knows and nobody cares, then invite all three Winchesters somewhere and drone strike the place into oblivion, and next get as many anti angel tattoos as possible and go after the Winchesters’ friends - the last hunters left in America. But, well - bad guys are rarely exceedingly efficient in fiction, because heroes can’t be killed, so there’ll probably be more collateral damage and that will be it.)

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lmao @ your salty ass. did i lie tho? they are all a bunch of shits that don't give him any credit and they don't deserve him in the group. hoping he has a huge hit and leave those assholes.

oh my fucking lord

dear mother fucking jesus

a. judging someone’s friendship with another based on the lack of sns posts is stupid and limited. god forbid kibum doesn’t upload a picture of jonghyun with a supportive caption because that would make him literal satan spawn. you can support people off sns, asswipe. kibum has shown support in other ways, ie. being the member during the tokyo dome concerts to first bring up jonghyun’s upcoming album. what the fuck is “silence” on sns even supposed to mean?? what about minho and taemin who don’t have sns?? does that just mean they hate all the members unconditionally??

b. i cannot believe you are so delusional as to think jonghyun would ever, ever leave shinee. he has said multiple times that he owes everything to shinee, and even in base era chose, if forced to pick between the two to do one forever and give up the other forever, to stay with shinee rather than promoting as a solo artist. he loves them, the other four members are like his family and offer him lots of support and love in return for what he gives to them. throughout base era he constantly referred back to shinee, to how he was standing on the stage as a part of shinee, how his solo was  possible only because of shinee. jonghyun is a part of shinee and he won’t be giving that up any time soon.

c. nor do i not understand what you mean by no credit???? like?? do you not remember that view happened. they all picked a song. that he wrote the lyrics to. and they never shut up about it. if they weren’t trying to give him “credit” they wouldn’t have picked his song.

d. i cannot believe you are so bored and malicious that you feel the need to both twist and ignore the actions of five talented and kind-hearted men.