In a KamiAso modern au, Thoth ends up working for a prestigious university. One day he suddenly feels less annoyed with the world. He feels a bit more powerful than usual, like his mortal body wasn’t as heavy as usual.

It’s finals week and its probably because he feels a bit proud of most of his students (he’s teaching a honors course and so far, most students are engaging, behaved, and actually listen) and he’s looking forward to administrating his exams.

He gets to his classroom and every student is in a bizarre circle, chanting “Hail” menacingly and he gets to the center and-

it’s a badly made satanic cult circle that has a picture of him in the center, some random small bird figure, actual ears of corn, a bowl of warm soup, some egyptian hieroglyphic gibberish on binder paper, and an actual miniature statue of his god self with a head of an ibis at all corners

Thoth drops his morning coffee right there.

  • James: Hey where's Sirius?
  • Peter: With Remus
  • James: Why are they always together?
  • Peter: I have a theory
  • James: What?
  • Peter: Remus and Sirius...are in a satanic cult
  • James: ..That's brilliant, Pete!
  • *Sirius and Remus walk in*
  • James: I am a Christian, you heathens!
  • *James and Peter run off*
  • Sirius: *turns to Remus* What was that about?
  • Remus: *shrugs* Dunno. Wanna go snog?
  • Sirius: Remmie, the day I say no to that question is the day I die