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“I’m still here, but all is lost” A fan art of The Mountain Goats’ Cry for Judas The theme was “Pact” Made for Pixtober/Pixeltober/Octobit Follow me on twitter to stay tuned!

I’ll never forget John Darnielle introducing “Transcendental Youth” (the track) as what would happen if the narrator from “In Memory of Satan” had a partner 

 He described “In Memory of Satan” as “fighting depression with satanism" 

 This is one of the most important things I’ve ever heard anyone say, idk 

In old movies people scream
Choking on their fists when they see shadows like these
But no one screams cause it’s just me
Locked up in myself
Never gonna get free


In Memory Of Satan- The Mountain Goats

“At first you think, ‘Well this is going to last forever and I’ll be miserable for the next sixty years and then I’ll die.’ And then it becomes clear to you that it’s a little worse than that. It’s going to last about a year and two months, so you have an idea of the slog you have to make. It’s not like ‘Oh this will last the rest of my life,’ then it’s very melodramatic and who even knows what that feels like? So it’s really not real.

But a year and two months is a real span of time that you can reckon, right? And if you have to endure solitude and the inability to communicate with other human beings for a year and two months, that’s a pretty hard thing to face. And you come to confront demons, and you say to the demons ‘Could we come to some sort of agreement where you will take care of me, and I will worship you, and at the end of this period we will shake hands like gentlemen and part ways.’

Other people will advise you not to say this to your demons but I cannot stand with these people. Sometimes you must deal with demons. This is called In Memory Of Satan.”


 I. Diabolus

    Dies irae, dies illa

    Solvet Saeclum in favilla

    Teste Satan cum sibylla.

    Quantos tremor est futurus

    Quando Vindex est venturus

    Cuncta stricte discussurus.

    Dies irae, dies illa!

II. Sanctus Satanas

    Sanctus Satanas, Sanctus

    Dominus Diabolus Sabaoth.

    Satanas – venire!

    Satanas – venire!

    Ave, Satanas, ave Satanas.

    Tui sunt caeli,

    Tua est terra,

    Ave Satanas!

III. Oriens Splendor

    Oriens splendor lucis aeternae

    Et Lucifer justitae: veni

    Et illumine sedentes in tenebris

    Et umbra mortis.

IV. General Chants

* Ad Satanas qui laetificat juventutem meam. (To Satan, giver of youth and happiness.)

* Veni, omnipotens aeterne diabolus! (Come, almighty eternal devil!)

* Pone, diabolus, custodiam! (Devil, set a guard.)

V. Invokation to Baphomet

    We stand armed and dangerous before the bloody fields of history;

    Devoid of dogma – but ready to carve, to defy the transient:

    Ready to stab forth with our penetrative will,

    Strain every leash, run yelling down the mountainside of Man:

    Ready and willing to immolate world upon world

    With our stunning blaze.

    And let them all sing that WE were here, as Masters

    Among the failing speciens called Man.

    Our being took form in defiance

    To stand before your killing gaze.

    And now we travel from flame to flame

    And tower from the will to the glory!


Satanism in America - What They Do Not Want You To Know 1989 (Sean Sellers)

42 page magazine, full color, several articles dealing with Satanism in America, contents include: Who They Are, What They Do, Where They Do It, When They Do It, Why They Do It. Published by 'Radical Teens For Christ’ out of McAlester, Oklahoma and edited by Fletcher A. Brothers.
This 42 page magazine was published in 1989 in the midst of the ‘Satanic Panic’. It covers everything you need to know regarding the dangers of 'Satanism’. The book proudly boasts “Safety Though Awareness’ in which it discusses symbols, bands, books, Ouija boards, Dungeons and Dragons, The Necronomicon, The Chuch of Satan, Temple of Set and any and everything else which at the time was considered even slightly 'Satanic’. It goes on to discuss 'recruiting’ techniques used by Satanic cults, where these initiations take place and how the youth of America are falling prey to Satan.

There is a full two page article written by Sean Sellers which acts as the climax to the magazine. Sellers talks about his involvement in Satanism and warns the youth of America that Satan will only cause you to end up dead or on death row.

This is the ULTIMATE 'Satanic Panic’ literature and a classic of it’s time! A MUST HAVE for collectors of the Occult.

misc. text message starters ( nsfw + tw )

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