satanic war


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anonymous asked:

Out of curiosity, who would you say is perhaps the true villain of the Stars Wars series?

It’s Palpatine.

I mean, I’m genuinely not sure how this could be in question? Sure, there are other characters who are #problematic, and a real argument could be made about institutional evil in the old Republic, but if you’re looking for a Villain, it’s Palpatine.

my war cries turn into a prayer

crimson is an angry hue,
a vibrant shade in fields of blue
but all is well when i’m with you,
but all is well when i’m with you.

your presence is a golden tone
and for once i was not alone
in the garden, my flower’s grown,
in the garden, my flower’s grown.

my silent mind, your rusted hair,
but then you faded into air
and i turn violet with despair,
oh, i turn violet with despair,

(i was not supposed to care.)


Vader is Vader and Anakin is Anakin so you are kind of right to refer to them as two other people but they are the same person, it’s very tricky. But Vader is kind of unrepentant and wants to destroy her, there is nothing else he wants more. Anakin is deep buried inside.”