satanic goat

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What exactly does a pentagram mean? I know it's portrayed in movies as evil symbolism, but what does it mean in the magickal community? Do you know why it has such a negative connotation with a lot of people?

a pentagram is a five pointed star. it’s a symbol for protection, bad spirits and drawn away and good spirits are drawn to it. a pentacle is a five pointed star encased by a circle. it represents 5 elements, earth, air, water, fire and the divine. it also represents north, south, east, west and spirit. it’s also representative of the God and Goddess. it symbolizes unity within the elements and protection. many people view the pentacle and pentagram as satanic because satanists use it as well but upside down, which the two upright horns symbolize the horns of the satanic goat. some wiccans use it upside down but not for satanic purposes.