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Satanic Tradition

Being a Satanist isn’t following certain rules and specific practices. It is a rejection of tradition and individualism in its truest sense.

Strive for what benefits you, help those around you do the same, and fight back against any authority that tries to repress your existence.

Satanism is the pursuit of freedom.

Ave Satanas!

Love yourself

You weren’t born wrong! This society places stress on us to act a certain way, to look a certain way, and to feel a certain way, but if we all went along with that bullshit this planet would be even more boring then it is cruel.

No one can take away your sense of self!


False Satanism

The only form of false Satanism is Satanism that is exclusionary. 

If you believe that your beliefs are “real Satanism,” and all other opinions are fake and “putting out a bad name for the community,” then you can go fuck yourself. Everyone is entitled to their opinions on everything. You don’t own a fucking word.


Behemoth - Lucifer.

I found some cool black metal.

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