My Aunt: Are you gothic?
Me: I don’t know, do I look gothic?
My Aunt: No, no. You look like… a normal person.

My mom then told my aunt I have a snake because I worship satan and then laughed hysterically. (That is not why I have a snake BTW)

okay so this is going to be a horrible explanation, but here’s about the idea i had for a group verse. or rather two ideas since i just thought of one.

idea one. so basically it’s a coven (size is dependent on how many people join) dedicated to the Goat God, Baphomet. that’s about it. i mean if someone wants to help me develop it, i’d be super into it, but that’s all i got so far.

idea two. a cult dedicated to the God of the Occult, Baphomet and they kill people and sacrifice shit in his name and it’s all a gorey good time.

idea three. two rival covens, one worshiping Satan/Lucifer and one worshiping Baphomet. drama and shit happens.

like i said above, these are really really really basic ideas and Bap would be in it by kinda playing Undercover Boss, like saying he’s just a member but HAHA GOT U I’M RLY BAPHOMET THE WHOLE TIME HAHA. but yeah. and there would be ranks n shit. i mean i’d be really into a co-runner and shit, mainly because i’ve never done one of these before, but yeah. these are my ideas thank u.

There seems to be a bit of confusion lately on whether Paganism or Wicca or even black or dark magic has anything to do with satanism or devil worship. The answer to this is absolutely NO.

Paganism pre-dates Christianity, Judaism, Islam and almost all modern religions by thousands of years. Pagans and Wicca do not believe in the devil. The devil is a Christian concept. We cannot worship something we do not even believe in. Devil worshipers must first be Christian to believe in the the devil, then turn against their God.

Wiccans are Pagans who practice Witchcraft as part of their religion. A Pagan is an umbrella term for a person who worships nature. A Pagan will have many Gods, or they will not have any Gods at all and just worship nature. They do not have a sole God as in the Christian God or the devil.

When Wiccans use magic we use it along with nature, we are not greedy and use it for what we need, we try to keep a balance in all things and realise that what we give out will come back on us good or bad, we recognize our dark and and our light, our good and our bad. Black magic or dark magic goes against nature, it is usually used for personal gain or power at the expense of others and is not something Wiccans encourage, but even black magic is not in any way devil worship or a part of any satanic workings. Wiccans live by a code which says ‘Do what ye will, but harm none’.

The Devil or Satan does not come into any aspect of witchcraft or Wicca, We do not even recognize the devil as being real. We do not believe in hell or sin. Wiccans don’t believe in the idea of Hell or Satan as they can take away accountability of one’s own actions. How many times have you heard someone say “The Devil made me do it”? Or worse a murderer, rapist, mob boss, or other evil person confide in a clergyman in prison ask for forgiveness, “convert” to Christianity and are given absolution and presumably a key to Heaven? In Wicca, there is no go between, your actions are your own and you do NOT escape paying your debts, whether you do so in this life, in the Shadow World or in the next life.

Wicca is a peaceful religion that works with the balance of nature and the Great Wheel Of Life. So if anyone tells you any different, a priest, a shaman, a parent, a friend, a teacher, a partner. They are wrong.