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Do you really worship Satan? Is this what this religions about..? I've heard its about worshipping yourself

Yes it is about worshipping yourself, we believe it is better to put all of your time and effort into making yourself better rather than worshipping a false god.

The Devil doesn’t exist. Satanism is about worshiping yourself because you are responsible for your own good and evil. Christianity’s war against the Devil has always been a fight against mans most natural instincts for sex, for violence, for self gratification and a denial of a man’s membership in the animal kingdom. The idea of Heaven is just Christianity’s way of creating a hell on Earth. -Marilyn Manson

Signs as Conspiracy Theories
  • Aries: The moon is just a hologram
  • Taurus: The government killed Paul McCartney and replaced him with a lookalike in order to help them in their agenda to control young people's minds with LSD
  • Gemini: One out of every 25 people is actually a lizard
  • Cancer: Aliens helped construct the pyramids in Egypt and many other world structures
  • Leo: Yoga is actually an evil practice used to get people to worship Satan
  • Virgo: The entire Middle Ages was made up and we're all living around 1500 CE
  • Libra: Cabbage Patch Kids dolls were made to resemble mutant babies created by the US government's radiation experiments used to get people to grow accustomed to babies after nuclear war
  • Scorpio: Elvis Presley never died. He had someone else killed in his place as a stunt and then continued living as a new famous singer.... Cher
  • Sagittarius: Michelle Obama is actually a man and her children are just actors
  • Capricorn: Throwback Thursday was created by the NSA to get people to upload and catalog pictures of themselves that existed before the internet
  • Aquarius: Many of the world leaders are possessed by or are actually reptiles
  • Pisces: The Ice Bucket Challenge is a Satanic baptism ritual
Don't throw people under the bus just to make yourself look good

I’ve seen this addressed only a handful of times on here, so I’m going to address it once more.

Witches, especially you baby witches, when confronted about your practice negatively do not, absolutely do not, use the typical line,

“well real witchcraft has nothing to do with devil worshipping”

“we don’t really worship Satan”

“real witch craft doesn’t curse/doesn’t practice black magic” (don’t even fucking get me started on the black/white magic bullshit).

Because ding dong, you’re fucking wrong.

There are people, real people with feelings and emotions, who’s witchcraft involves the worship of Satan or Lucifer. There’s witches who curse and do nasty magic. And you have absolutely no goddam right to throw them under the bus to make yourself look good and feel valid. They are just as valid as you are and you should treat them with the exact same respect as you would any other witch.

I’m here today to talk to you about Goth Awareness. It’s important to know these simple facts. Being a goth isn’t just about wearing black or eyeliner, it’s not just about listening to the Bauhaus or Sisters of Mercy, or frightening churchgoing elderly when we wave hello. It’s about cultivating the darkness in your soul and finding nourishment in the inevitable heat death of the universe. Goths are kind people, and usually quite happy. We don’t wanna eat you or your family, haha. We don’t worship Satan, hahaha. (Aah, Satan.) Goths are people, just like you. The difference is we embrace the darkness so you don’t have to. So remember, when you next see a goth, don’t splash them with holy water. Thank them, for making all those asshole protesters at ComiCon feel uncomfortable and slightly aroused.

Taliesin Jaffe @ Signal Boost Ep. 11

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Witches Being Misunderstood is an Understatement

As I research this brilliant topic of Wiccan practices, origins, and history- lm learning of how stereotyped Im raised to believe witches and witchcraft alike are. Here’s some examples and rebuddles of what I mean…


Who has ever claimed that was the point… Because I do not follow Christian beliefs to a T doesn’t make me a worshipper of satan. These claims were made by Christians who believed the worship of ANYTHING besides “God” (the big guy in the white robe) is their devil.

“Dont do black magick on me!”

 Anyone who has ever been remotely freaked out thinking we would curse their soul or ruin their lives with magic, has obviously never read the Wiccan Rede… what was it again? “An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will”? Huh…

“Eye of *animal*, Wing of *bird*” 

These ingredients aren’t literal, at all… Although my young, shameless self believed it to be, these are just names made up for herbs, plants, and flowers that are ingredients to remedies witches didn’t want abused.

“Why don’t you carry your broom to fly on?” 

This one makes me laugh. Woman used to literally ride broomsticks… maybe it’s a long story but people wanted to use an LSD like ointment and it was most affective on arm pits and … genitals. So they would lather up the broom handle and well… ride the broom into the night causing hallucinations. Weird shit right?

“You’re too colourful to be a witch” 

How? Did I miss the dress code assembly? Because I can wear whatever the fuck I want. Being Wiccan is positive and peaceful and colours have magick their own. If a witch does decide to wear only black, good for them- black means protection, safety, and grounding (amongst other things).

“Where’s your black cat?” 

Cats were once worshipped as symbols of multiple goddesses. In the beginning of the agricultural age, people brought cats with them where they went to ward off mice. Kittens were even wedding presents. Men went to war and women were stuck with the cat and were often widowed… since the woman lived alone- she was also likely to be accused of witchcraft. The Pope also claimed cats were satanic (?) so cats were burned alive - just like witches… but then the mice and rat population went sideways and here comes the Black Plague! Jokes on you - “Whatever you do shall be returns to you three times over”.

So here’s my explanation on stereotypes through research and the ability to look things up and not assume. These are based off of personal experience, first reactions… I also stuck to Wiccan beliefs along with my own personal thrown in the first one (sorry). There are witches out side of Wiccan who do worship Satan and that don’t follow the Rede but this is all biased. Correct me if I’m wrong anywhere here- I apologize already!

Blessed Be! )O(

Basic Richard Ramirez Facts

Richard Ramirez

Nickname: The Night Stalker

Tortured 25 victims and killed 13


Named Ricardo Leyva Muñoz Ramirez

Born February 29,1960

El Paso, Texas

Mercedes and Julian Ramirez

He was heavily influenced by his cousin Mike, who was a Green Beret

Mike had recently returned from the Vietnam war

Mike told him stories about him torturing and mutilating many Vietnamese women, even showing photographs

Together the discussed Satanic Worship

At around the age of 15 he watched Mike murder his wife

His criminal record began in 1977 for petty crimes

Killing Spree

First Known Murder

June 28, 1984

Jennie Vincow (79)

Sexually assaulted and stabbed

Second Murder

March 17, 1985

Maria Hernandez, Dayle Okazaki, and Tsai Lian Yu

Maria Lived and was injured, but Dayle and Tsai were murdered

March 27, 1985

Vincent Zazzara (64) and Maxine Zazzara (44)

Vincent was shot to death

Maxine was assaulted and stabbed to death

Maxine’s eyes were gouged out

A full scale police investigation gave no results

April 1985 William and Lillie Doi were killed

From the next 2 months, his murder rate escalated, claiming another dozen victims

After an overwhelming demanding of the police to do more the FBI stepped in

He then moved to San Francisco

He then killed Peter and Barbara Pan on August 17th

Then named The Night Stalker

Final Murder and Capture

His final attack was on August 24, 1985

His stolen car was identified by the victim

The car was found with fingerprints inside and his named was put to the night stalker

His previous mugshot photo was pasted everywhere

He was captured on August 31th

He was brutally beaten by L.A. residents before the police arrived

Trail, Convention, and Sentencing

July 22, 1988, the Jury selection began

Took 1 year to hear

He had gained many groupies, even marrying Doreen Lioy

September 20, 1989, a verdict of 43 charges, including 13 counts of murder, 5 counts of attempted murder, 11 assault charges, and 14 burglary charges

November 7, 1989, Ramirez received 19 death sentences


After 23 years on death row, he died on June 7, 2013, at the age of 53

Died due to complications related to B-Cell Lymphoma


please just. bury me in cute vampires. like not the ones that are cool and edgy or whatever. like

  • new vampires that nick themselves on their fangs
  • vampires that try to cover up their pale skin but they’re really bad at applying makeup
  • vampires helping each other put on makeup so they can see what they look like
  • vampires making YOU SUCK puns at other vampires and laughing every time
  • vampires preferring one blood type over another because they insist they can taste the difference, like we say we can taste the different M&M colors
  • vampires who can’t turn into bats having bats as pets
  • and them arranging playdates for their bats
  • vampires carrying around parasols so the sun doesn’t hurt them (and carrying one or two spares in case they meet another vampire who forgot their parasol)
  • new vampires being self conscious about their bite marks
  • older vampires showing off their bite marks like battle scars and exchanging stories of how they were bit
  • young vampires losing/chipping their fangs in stupid accidents, and going to support groups for vampires with less-than-perfect fangs
  • support groups for catholic vampires that can no longer be in churches or near crosses
  • new vampires nervously asking older vampires if they have to worship satan now
  • vampires being terrified of splinters because they’re close to wooden stakes
  • vampire halloween parties where they hang up fake garlic
  • vampires using mirrors and their lack of reflections to make the coolest puppet shows
  • vampires watching old vampire horror movies and yell “watch out behind you!” when the vampire is being hunted
  • nocturnal vampires saying “good morning” right before going to bed
  • new vampires being concerned and afraid to ask if they have to sleep in a coffin now. they don’t know the first thing about coffin shopping