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I’m going to try something. From now on, I’ll post text along with images here. Don’t worry though, there will always be images since no right-minded person would follow a text-only Tumblr.

Naturally, I’ll focus on discussing topics of interest to Satanists. If you don’t want to read the words, that is ok too. I encourage you to live your life however you want, even when it comes to Tumblr.

Possession Sentence Starters

Send a sentence to my inbox for a starter in which one of our muses is possessed by a spirit, demon, or other being. Trigger warning for threats of violence, harsh language,  manipulation, and obviously sensitive religious content.

“You’re not eating. Are you okay?”
“Your breathing sounds rapid.”
“I’m concerned. You’re not yourself today.”
“We’ve brought you here because we’re all very worried about you.”
“What is -wrong- with you?”
“Seriously, it’s like you’re a different person! What the hell happened?”
“I don’t think I like this person you’re becoming.”
“Why? Why didn’t you tell me?”
“Hey, calm down. You’re really scaring me right now.”
“Oh my God. Who - who are you? WHAT are you?!”
“You’re not [name] anymore.”
“What have you done with my friend?!” [change relationship as necessary]
“Oh God, you’re not even human!”
“Snap out of it! Come back!”
“Please, stay away from me. Don’t take another step closer.”
“You’re not fooling me. I know what you are.”
“Calm down, [name]. This will pass. This will pass.”
“Get out of my friend and never fucking come back!”
“I don’t believe you. You’re lying.”
“Why should I listen to anything a monster like you has to say?”
“You’re just a parasite. Nothing more than a slimy, pathetic parasite!”
“If you’re in there, you need to keep fighting. Don’t let this monster win!”
“It’s gone. It’s okay. I’m going to keep you safe.”

“I don’t feel so well.”
“Oh God, something is wrong with me.”
“I can feel it. It burns in my chest, it’s making it hard to breathe. Oh my god, there’s something inside of me.”
“I don’t want to be a monster.”
”I think I‘m going to be sick.”
“Please. Save me.”
“Get out! Get out of here!”
“I swear, I’ll cut you open if you come near me!”
“What are you afraid of? That I’ll hurt you?”
“Look, it’s still me. Don’t you love me?”
“Come back here! Don’t you walk away from me!”
“Oh, [name]~ I have a fun game we can play together~”
“I’m not [name] anymore. I. Am. God.”
“Pray for your life. I want to hear you beg for it.”
“Your friend is nothing but filth and rot, and I had no choice but to destroy them.”
“They’re gone now. I’m the only one left. It’s just you and me.”
“I’ve spoken to the devil, and he wants you next.”
“I’m not human. I’ve never been human, but you accepted me anyway.”
“Go! Leave before it comes back and rips you apart!”
“Please, kill me. It’s the only way to get it out of me.”
“I didn’t want to hurt you.”
“Don’t let it take me. Please.”
“Is - is it gone?”
“I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry I hurt you.”

Hi guys.

After considering the suggestion from some of you guys a while ago, I’ve decided to place all scrapped updates for the comic into it’s own blog so the art isn’t wasted and you get a sense of the brainstorming process.

There are a lot of scrapped updates so I’ll upload them there periodically when I get the time. Each scrapped update uploaded will have the arc it was meant to air in, and a brief description of what was going on at the time.

If you’re interested, the blog can be found here.

Due to the interest shown in the creation of a semi-private verse for people to bring their OCs into, I’ve decided to create a no-pressure environment were people can enjoy the perks of being part of a group rp, but in a more relaxed and safe setting. (x // x

What does this mean? Well, mutuals and friends will share an universe where we will all be able to roleplay any kind of OC in a sandbox setting. Wheter your character is an human, a werewolf, or an alien, it doesn’t matter since this is open to all kinds of OCs. This is a place with almost no limitations where you can let your creative juices flowing, form lasting relationships, develop your characters, and most importantly? Chill and have fun without worrying about things such as events, tasks, activity checks, or even following a specific plot.

Can anyone join? Anyone can apply, but there is a chance not everyone might be allowed to join. This is going to be a SAFE SPACE, which is why I have emphasized that friends and mutuals will be part of this group. The way of joining this verse would be through word of mouth and recommendations. Members can bring in as many friends as they want! You can submit your app, but if me and/or the members don’t know you, you would need to provide a reference and have a current member vouch for you before you’re allowed to join. This is set in order to be able to provide people with a environment where they feel safe. Every potential member will be screened before being accepted. 

What about the setting? Our setting will be a fictional city where almost anything is possible. Our city was beaches, mountains, forests, jungles, and even a ski resort in order to provide people with as much creative liberty as possible. You want your character to be in Disneyland? Tim Hortons? A beach resort? A tree house in the forest? Your character can be anywhere.

Rules? First of all, only 18+ peeps can join! The rules will be very relaxed in regards to activity. We will have an unactvity limit of two weeks. Things get stricter when talking about rping common sense and courtesy, and safety of course. If you ghost us or delete your account without giving us a heads up, you will be blacklisted and will not be able to join again. Any bigot/racist/abuser/etc is forbidden from being used as a FC. A FC can be repeated up to three times, this to allow people to bring in their beloved OCs and/or avoid having someone miss out on using someone they like because someone snatched a FC before they did. 

Accessibility will be of utter importance here. We want to focus on having fun, not aesthetics. Container themes, small font, tiny gif icons that are impossible to see due to their size or the PSDs applied to them, fancy formatting, and other similar practices are highly frowned upon here. All we ask is that try to cut for posts when possible when it comes to formatting. Whether you want to roleplay via text threads, normal threads, or texts via asks, all forms of roleplaying are valid, and we will not have any writing or para requirements, so don’t worry about having to write three paras per reply. Gif chats are highly encouraged!

Events and plot drops will be suggested by the members. You want to throw a birthday party for your character? Submit a post and create an event! Think a giant storm would be a cool plot drop? Suggest it and we it could happen! Fairs, council meetings, alien invasions, power outages… Again, pretty much anything will be possible here. Events will not be mandatory, and while we won’t have any tasks, sharing things such as self-paras, graphics, playlists, etc are more than welcome! 

We won’t have a character limit! Bring in as many muses as you think you can handle! Just like members, characters will be screened as well.  Abusive, unhealthy, and vile plots & characters are banned. 

Will there be an OOC blog? Nah. You can post OOC posts on the dash if needed, and we will also have a DISCORD group anyone can join, though being part of it is not mandatory!

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me and I’ll do my best to solve your doubts!

Interested? Cool! If you want to join please fill out the form bellow and submit it HERE.

app form and current members can be found under the cut  // members can reblog this post!

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Hey everyone, so I just got word from my mom that Orange’s surgery went really well. They just closed her up and the surgeon said that the tumor was the same size as her kidney, but because of how it was attached, they only had to remove 10% of her kidney. So now she just needs thoughts and prayers so that she doesn’t get pneumonia while she’s in recovery for the next couple of days.