satan tier

official ‘bugs you find in your room’ tier list


  • Cockroaches. No further explanation needed.


  • Moths. Ugly fuckers, flutter too much, don’t give a shit about personal space because they want to fuck your lightbulb. Would kill you given the chance.
  • Craneflys/Daddy Long Legs. Devious, intentionally malicious. Will sit on your wall, taunting you, before going in for the attack on your face.
  • Centipedes/anything with more than 8 legs. Unholy, please keep them away from me forever.
  • Literally anything big not mentioned here. Big bugs fuck off!
  • REALLY big spiders. Basically if their legs are long and spindly or if their body is massive.


  • Big flies. You know those bastards. Dopey as all hell and while they’ll come at you, they’re only doing it because they’re dumb as shit.
  • Wasps. Wasps are evil, but if they’re in your house it means they’re lost. Too busy running around scared to want to murder you.
  • Big spiders. Get the fuck out, big spiders! You’re not cute!
  • Spiders that won’t go the fuck away, of any size. They’ll scuttle as close as they dare and will just sit, taunting you. Will run away as soon as you approach, giggling to themselves.


  • Bees. Dumbass got himself stuck in your room and now he’s all lost. Would rather just latch onto the window wondering why he’s not going through than bother you.
  • Ants. Well, you don’t really see any ants in your bedroom (unless you’re ungodly messy) but they just want to grab a crumb or leaf and go. Have the decency to stay on the floor and out of sight.
  • Really really tiny flying things. They might fly over your face sometimes but they’re just like bits of dust in the air. Chill lads.


  • Small spiders that appreciate your boundaries and won’t overstep them. Aren’t jittery. Will eat other bugs for you. Would rather live in the wall than anywhere near you. They look like crabs with the way their legs are really small. 


  • This is a list about bugs, there is no such thing.

I rlly love satan tier designs anyways so I think that Piper would probably be a Seer of Heart but Im kind of on the fence whether im a Knight of Breath or an Heir of Rage but I think im leaning more towards a Knight tbh but yeah

the seer and heir took forever to recolor because im an idiot whos never actually recolored anything b4 so i didnt know what i was doing and the knight was just a base cause my hands hurt but i might go back and recolor the knight because the colors are kind of wrong tho


Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

The Seven Deadly Digimon

I kinda assumed all Seven were in the game, but it wasn’t until a quick stop to the Digimon Wiki that I was certain. And with me acquiring Barbamon about an hour ago, I’ve completed the set! THE SEVEN DEADLY DIGIMON!


The giant alligator demon Leviamon / Pride, I named after a character from a comic of mine, a beast like race of people, they are like sharks. No facial features aside from gaping maws and razor sharp teeth. One of them was called Rip.

The old Barbamon / Greed, my naming convention is usually, go by their first letter. Given my Kartia mood as of late, I named him Bachstail.

The attractive Lilithmon / Lust, I would have named her Shula after Jaynix’s girlfriend but my TigerVespamon already carries that name so I gave her the name of that mistress Elvira. Perfect.

Kotohl (Belzeemon / Gluttony) and Ivankov (Belphemon Rage Mode / Sloth) don’t really reference anything, just names I like. Actually, I think Ivankov might be a character in Syphon Filter.

Mira (Creepymon / Wrath) is named after the planet Mira of Xenoblade Chronicles X. He also goes by Daemon which I think is much more fitting than Creepymon.

Finally! Lucemon Fallen Mode or Chaos Mode / Pride, is a member of the 7 while his digivolved form Lucemon Satan Mode is a tier above, commanding the powers of the Crests of the 7 Sins. Regardless, he still counts and carries the name Yaldabaoth after the giant golden faced Mechon from Xenoblade Chronicles