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Satanic Temple required protesters to pledge their souls to Satan as condition of entry #1yrago

The Satanic Temple – a pair of fun-loving, non-Satan-believing religious freedom activists – unveiled the statue of Baphomet they plan to put on the Arkansas State Capitol’s lawn to complement its existing Christian iconography.

Anyone was welcome at the event, but everyone who attended – including the fundamentalist Christians who wanted to picket – had to agree to “a lasting and eternal contract” that included irrevocably pledging their eternal souls to “The Fallen One, aka The Father of Lies.”

It’s my birthday and I decided to give everyone else a small gift. This is me, I realized that @fleet-of-fandom-ships (my longest running friend) has never seen my face before, with her possibly leaving the site I decided one last gift (hopefully not). Thank you all so much for everything everyone has done. Shout out to some special people who have been great to me @lonestorm @tweekay @akela-nakamura @iluvfairytail @oh-my-mavis @queenofallworlds @satan-soul-celestial @wordsofawitheringwriter

Super special shout out to @yumerikka Happy Birthday to you too! I hope you have a good day as well!

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Hi, my friend said she's actually a demon who took over her body after she sacrificed her soul to Satan. That's not possible right?

Right. She’s lying out of her ass. 

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Todomatsu is the biggest aphobe but Todoko is a Down With Cis certified aphobe -allohomo

Ichimatsu- really mean ruthless trans gay aphobe who just wants cishets to stop assuming he’s an evil lg

Osomatsu- pan who doesn’t care about the discourse but thinks it would be cool not to get tokenizes

Choromatsu- a nb bi ace who has almost all of the LGBT history facts ever memorized

Jyushimatsu- gay who wants to run his mlm blog without people derailing it to talk about discourse

Karamatsu- chaotic good nb gay, has been discoursing for so long he would sell his soul to Satan so cishets will stop calling themselves queer

My Calm Hides a Storm

After drawing the Miraxus picture, I thought it would be fun to do another Mirajane picture. I’m really happy with how the halftone effect came out too :3

Next on my list of Fairy Tail pictures is Ice Demon Slayer Gray and Mermaid Lisanna! If you have any suggestions on future Fairy Tail drawings, please let me know, I’d love to hear your opinion!