satan smoking

ohhh my god ive just been sitting here consuming the tumbler dash experience and i realized mbmbam was still playing… the fucking words of the english language numbed my ears and became equivocal to silence, or some sort of white noise, i shit you not

i was like “howd all these words keep getting in my ear. why do i kep thinkin random words and sentences” and then i was like “oh, thats audio. im hearing people talking. i never turned off mbmbam.”

Today a woman wanted to buy a sublime tshirt. Before buying she asked me of there were any hidden pot leaves in the suns face ,
“Its a gift for my son and i dont want any drugs on it.”
I told her no
“But there is a devil in the sun.” i tell her.
“Thats ok.” she says as shes taking out her wallet.
Shes not ok with weed…. But ok with satan….. Wut…