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Characters that are not Straight in Canon on South Park

-Big Gay Al

-Mr. Slave

-Herbert Garrison

-Stephen Stotch

-Ms. Ellen

-Mayor McDaniels





-That one random guy in the episode “The F Word”


-Eric Cartman


-Tweek and Craig(….ish they where kind of forced into it)

Bound Together

The earth king grew impatient as he stood with his brothers in Gehenna’s throne room, awaiting the arrival of their father, Satan. It was early, much too early, and the demon king would rather be sleeping in the comforts of his luxurious bed in the privacy of his chamber than standing in a gaggle fuck with his obnoxious siblings. Amaimon was quite the loner, never getting along with any of the other demon kings; nonetheless, he would tolerate them at the mandatory royal events that father commanded the young demon attend, against Amaimon’s will. “What does father want with us, I grow tired of waiting” the time king, Salvadal, complained. “Why don’t you just be patient and silence yourself” the eldest sibling, Lucifer, demanded. Salvadal lowered his ears and acquiesced to the light king’s order. Amaimon chuckled quietly, much to his regret as Lucifer noted the response. “What are you so happy about, runt?” Lucifer jeered at the earth king as he approached Amaimon swiftly. “If you all must know, father is bringing in a sex slave driver who desires to be in the royal family’s good graces; therefore, he is giving each of us a concubine of our choosing. Father should be escorting the lowly demon in soon, followed by a delicious line of slaves” Lucifer explained to his sibling demon kings. He smiled and put his arm awkwardly around the earth king. “Don’t think father hasn’t noticed your lack of interest in obtaining a slave. The fortress whores are nothing compared to having an actual concubine, Amaimon. I’d be smart and choose one this time, otherwise father might punish you for your insolence” the light king warned as he snickered. Amaimon could only look to the floor in embarrassment; he hated his brothers…and his father. Why did he need a sex slave? The royal parties were always filled with whores throwing their bodies at the demon kings. However, even though Amaimon would partake in the activities out of necessity, the young demon did not understand why his brothers enjoyed the sluts so much. The earth king simply sighed…anything was better than father’s wrath though.

The throne room doors opened abruptly and Satan entered with the slave driver. The demon kings bowed to their father in respect and all watched eagerly, except for Amaimon, as the potential concubines filled the room. “My sons, choose any whore to your liking and they are yours forever” Satan exclaimed excitedly, grasping his own chosen slave close. “Hurry up though, I’ve got business to attend to” the Gehenna King laughed as he squeezed his whore’s ass tight. The demon kings quickly marched through the line of slaves, Amaimon following slowly behind his brothers, merely glancing at the scantily clad whores to keep up appearances. However, Amaimon’s eyes widened in lust as he gazed upon a slave his siblings seemed to have overlooked. He was gorgeous with purple hair, muscular and thin, and his deep green orbs captured Amaimon’s attention fully, drawing him in involuntarily. The earth king circled the slave, admiring every inch of the whores’ perfect body and soon realizing, as he stared hungrily, that he must own this perfect creature. Amaimon snapped his fingers and pointed to the male concubine, claiming the demon for his own. After the earth king turned to his father and bowed in gratitude, he grasped the chain that was around the slave’s neck and tugged it harshly for appearance sake. “You belong to me now…come” Amaimon commanded as he eagerly led his precious slave out of the throne room and toward his bed chamber.