satan on wheels

Every Fangirl's Worst Nightmare

Reading a fanfiction that isn’t finished be like

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  • me: is having vidid dreams about spirits and past life(lives)*
  • Cats: *are being weirder than usual*
  • *spirit companion shows up out of the blue*
  • *apartment smells like incense 24/7*
  • Husband: *is giving me lots of rocks and witchy books*
  • me: What's going on- Oh gods the veil is thinning. Satan take the wheel.
  • Professor: You can animate anything.
  • Me: Can I animate Lou Reed sticking a needle in his arm while Candy Darling is trying to fix Gerard Malanga's hair, who's trying to set up a camera to film Edie Sedgwick, who's freaking out over missing a set of false lashes she stole from Macy's while Brigid Berlin is trying to make a satanic wheel of pills, while Andy Warhol is silently sitting on his velvet red couch that's been molested by the roaming strangers that he lets into his Factory?
  • Professor: