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Happy 8th Year Anniversary to Pokémon Platinum in the United States!

(March 22, 2009 – March 22, 2017)


Roll Call - Tim Timebomb’s Rock n’ Roll Theater

I did the Satan Shimmy
I did the Pitchfork Blitz
The Mephisto Mambo
And the Torment Twist

I did the Apocalypse Shake
And the Apocalypse Roll
I did the Lost Soul
Apocalypse Stroll

I did the Lucifer Limbo
I did the Exorcist Twist
I did the Demonic Boogie
And then the 6-6-6

“And it’s’a one, two, three….
Cuz’ every night we through this little soiree
Gonna turn her head until she’s mine, all mine
Every night I breed a new disaster
I might be right, I might be wrong
Try to get away and I will bring you right along, so-!”

Does anyone happen to remember this old thing by chance?

Save the Last Dance

Pairing: Natan. Kind of. It’s more than implied but less than outright stated.

Warnings: Swearing I guess but it’s Luce so no more than usual?

Summary: Natalie has a dance at school and takes Jericho. Lucifer doesn’t like it.

Words: 1143

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Gabriel Mayers – One More Cup of Coffee (Bob Dylan Cover)

I decided to join in on the ship playlists going around and made a Lailix one for others to enjoy if they so choose!

Song list-

Layla - Eric Clapton | That Girl - All Time Low | Loverboy - You Me At Six | Miss Independent - Ne Yo | Paint it Black - VersaEmerge | Wonderwall - Oasis | Twin Skeletons - Fall Out Boy | The Poet and the Muse - Poets of the Fall | Miss Murder - AFI | Angel - Theory of a Deadman | Without You - Lana Del Ray | Heaven or Hell - Digital Daggers | Cemeteries of London - Coldplay