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why you should read “the master and margarita” by mikhail bulgokov

  • 1930s moscow in which satan messes around
  • there’s a scene of a party in which various animals like zebras are running around in a villa and this scene is based on an actual event
  • one of the characters is a big black talking cat that loves vodka and poker and sometimes turns into a human
  • there is a ginger vampire-witch queen who is always naked and rides her broom around to mess up places
  • her name is hella and i am sure she is bisexual
  • critics aren’t even sure what this book is about and there are at least ten different interpretations
  • “’you can’t eat tiger meat,’ said hella.”
ENTP x Hogwarts Houses
  • Gryffindor: Pheww... We got a lot of chatterboxes among ENTP Gryffindors. And they know it! Occasional fits of anger or explosions of humour. You´ll never know what will happen next. See Jim Carrey. They adore ISFPs from Hufflepuff and hang out with Ravenclaw INTPs. They are the origin of all memes and text conversations that went viral. Born attorneys and referees. Own a secret poetry journal. Everybody wants to know how they score so many good grades. Especially Slytherins like me. Watch out.
  • Hufflepuff: Dads around the world envy Hufflepuff ENTPs. Comedy machines at parties, and probably the most eccentric people out there. They choose bright colors for their attire, because their personality is very similar to that. Shower their ISFJ friends from Ravenclaw with attention and gifts. Best song/playlist recommendations, just ask. Live a creative and unconventional life, involving many spiritual elements. Own the cutest blogs. Everyone knows a chatty dentist who´s a Hufflepuff ENTP.
  • Ravenclaw: Obama. Go troublemaker mode here and there, but mostly keep their professional, aloof demeanour. Talk show hosts are mainly ENTP Ravenclaws. They speak up in terms of human rights often and shut down bigots everywhere. They are creative and their biggest interest is either IT-related or involves a television series. Somehow, all of them are Loki fans. Share their library card with an INTJ from Gryffindor. The most versatile and fast-living ENTPs.
  • Slytherin: This thrilling combination was invented just for John Cleese and Karl Lagerfeld. The stubborn, dark Slytherin mentality merges neatly with the realistic approach of these ENTPs. Most quotable out of all the houses and types. They have a hard time dealing with the absurdity of life, so they become one themselves. Exchange fashion tips with ISTPs from Ravenclaw. Headstrong and confident in their skills.
I was an Angel once | Part 1

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Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Words:  864

A/N: I’m sorry for any mistakes, my native language is not English.

Warning: none

Part 1 | Part 2 | … | Masterlist  

This was definitely not what you had expected when you woke up this morning. And this news was absolutely bad. A big bad news.

Like every morning since you moved in the bunker, you woke up, get dressed, and went to the kitchen to eat your breakfast. This morning was no exception; you were eating a bowl of cornflakes when Castiel suddenly appeared in the room, announcing that he had news to tell you.

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Something Sweet

Chapter 2

(Chapter 1)

Pairing: Natan

Word Count: 1800

Warnings: swearing, food mention

It was cold, but not uncomfortable yet, more like the kind of cold that makes you want a soft scarf around your neck and something hot in your hands. It was precisely the kind of cold that made Natalie sell hot chocolate at an alarmingly fast rate. The kettle never cooled so it was no wonder she burnt herself. It was bound to happen among all the bustle of single-handedly running the bakery, but following her mother’s echoing advice, she ran water over her hand until the sting faded and bandaged it. Then she went back to work.

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Last Breath ~ (spoilers for Deadly Intentions)

She was losing herself to the endless void. Disappearing forever.

Her muscles seized, her lungs aching for air, copper blood burning her throat and mouth as she tried with all her will to make her chapped and bloodied lips move but they wouldn’t. She tried to croak out the words but her voice box was drowning in red and all that came out was a choked gargle, soon turning into an eerie rattle.

No, no she couldn’t leave like this, not without saying those words, not without peace. Not without making sure he knew how much he meant to her.

That he was her one, her only one.

The one constant thing in her whirlwind life was Stiles. Her rock, her anchor. She had to let him know how much she loved…

How much she…

How much…


Just as her cracked lips parted, her panicked and frightened eyes locked blindly on his frantic stare did her heart give one last weak beat before stilling, her lungs slowly exhaling what little air they had left.

And that was when Stiles saw those beautiful once bright eyes glaze over, whatever life was left in then suddenly drained away until her still and dead gaze was left blindly staring up at her, her bloodied and chapped lips formed around words she never got to say.

No, no, no, no, no – it wasn’t happening, not like this. With a frantic shake of his head he nudged her, trying to encourage her to do anything, to open her eyes, hell, even twitch a finger, anything, but nothing.

“Kayla… Kaylz” He exclaimed frantically, “C'mon… stop it, you’re going to be fine” He claimed, desperately gripping her hand tighter, rubbing the back of her hand as if trying to encourage the blood flow, “You promised me remember? You promised you were going to be fine, and you don’t break your promises” He choked, taking a hold of her of her slack arms, pulling them back to her body, “Kaylz… c'mon” He gasped in desperation, “C'mon” He added, voice getting considerably higher as the full force of grief hit him all at once, clawing at his chest, his eyes burning with tears, whole body aching from the shock and desperation, not wanting to believe what had happened.

But she never replied, his pleads falling on deaf ears as he let out a loud broken wail, tugging her limp and sagging body against his own, cradling her still form as he pleaded begged and prayed for her to come back to him, to squeeze his hand, to even feel just one more strong beat of her heart – the heartbeat he loved so much, the same one that he fell asleep to every night only now it was still. Unmoving. Dead.

So with one last scream of her name he buried his tearstained face into the crook of her neck, desperately grabbing at her as he sobbed, his heart so broken it could never be fixed.

But she listened to him.

She did, after all, not stop looking at him.

Right up to the final agonising breath.