satan mess

why you should read “the master and margarita” by mikhail bulgokov

  • 1930s moscow in which satan messes around
  • there’s a scene of a party in which various animals like zebras are running around in a villa and this scene is based on an actual event
  • one of the characters is a big black talking cat that loves vodka and poker and sometimes turns into a human
  • there is a ginger vampire-witch queen who is always naked and rides her broom around to mess up places
  • her name is hella and i am sure she is bisexual
  • critics aren’t even sure what this book is about and there are at least ten different interpretations
  • “’you can’t eat tiger meat,’ said hella.”
ENTP x Hogwarts Houses
  • Gryffindor: Pheww... We got a lot of chatterboxes among ENTP Gryffindors. And they know it! Occasional fits of anger or explosions of humour. You´ll never know what will happen next. See Jim Carrey. They adore ISFPs from Hufflepuff and hang out with Ravenclaw INTPs. They are the origin of all memes and text conversations that went viral. Born attorneys and referees. Own a secret poetry journal. Everybody wants to know how they score so many good grades. Especially Slytherins like me. Watch out.
  • Hufflepuff: Dads around the world envy Hufflepuff ENTPs. Comedy machines at parties, and probably the most eccentric people out there. They choose bright colors for their attire, because their personality is very similar to that. Shower their ISFJ friends from Ravenclaw with attention and gifts. Best song/playlist recommendations, just ask. Live a creative and unconventional life, involving many spiritual elements. Own the cutest blogs. Everyone knows a chatty dentist who´s a Hufflepuff ENTP.
  • Ravenclaw: Obama. Go troublemaker mode here and there, but mostly keep their professional, aloof demeanour. Talk show hosts are mainly ENTP Ravenclaws. They speak up in terms of human rights often and shut down bigots everywhere. They are creative and their biggest interest is either IT-related or involves a television series. Somehow, all of them are Loki fans. Share their library card with an INTJ from Gryffindor. The most versatile and fast-living ENTPs.
  • Slytherin: This thrilling combination was invented just for John Cleese and Karl Lagerfeld. The stubborn, dark Slytherin mentality merges neatly with the realistic approach of these ENTPs. Most quotable out of all the houses and types. They have a hard time dealing with the absurdity of life, so they become one themselves. Exchange fashion tips with ISTPs from Ravenclaw. Headstrong and confident in their skills.
How to be Politically Correct!
Learn to be PC.. because we all know the worst thing you can possibly do to someone in 2017 is offend them! See bloopers and BTS here:

This is a parody about people who find everything offensive. If you’re new to my blog, you should know that I use humor in my edits, which means I use everyday expressions that some people, for some reason, find really offensive. So if you’re one of them, and after watching this video you don’t agree with what it’s been said, you may not like my content. I’ve warned you, so…

I’m posting it because this reminds me of what have happened with 2 people in my Tumblr/IG accounts regarding 2 posts of mine.

The last argument I’ve had was last week, because I used a standard expressionEven the foolish person on earth can see what’s going on here. He isn’t joking (honestly, if anyone finds this funny, he or she has a mental problem) that clearly means ‘he or she must be crazy’. Sentence in context here.

Besides, one girl called me a ‘sociopath’ on IG because I made a pun (he must be Mentreble retarded) in one of my Bechloe edits (this one) so just imagine how far some people go for nothing.

You should watch it; especially those of you who find everything offensive. 

Something Sweet

Chapter 2

(Chapter 1)

Pairing: Natan

Word Count: 1800

Warnings: swearing, food mention

It was cold, but not uncomfortable yet, more like the kind of cold that makes you want a soft scarf around your neck and something hot in your hands. It was precisely the kind of cold that made Natalie sell hot chocolate at an alarmingly fast rate. The kettle never cooled so it was no wonder she burnt herself. It was bound to happen among all the bustle of single-handedly running the bakery, but following her mother’s echoing advice, she ran water over her hand until the sting faded and bandaged it. Then she went back to work.

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Satan (aka Lucifer, The Devil) is the great liar and enemy of God. He came into God’s good creation to destroy it. Satan blinds people to the truth. And he tries to get them to turn away from God. Sometimes people will not follow the ways of God. Then they turn the world into a sad place of pain, suffering and hurt.

“They knew God. But they didn’t honor Him as God. They didn’t thank Him. Their thinking became worthless. Their foolish hearts became dark.
They claimed to be wise. But they made fools of themselves. …
They chose a lie instead of God’s truth. They worshiped and served created things. They didn’t worship the Creator. But He must be praised forever. Amen.”

- Romans 1:21-25

Read: Genesis 3; 2 Corinthians 4:3-4; and 1 John 3:8-10