satan kitten


King Philippe and Queen Mathilde welcomed the US Electoral College’s President and First Lady to Brussels on May 24, 2017.

When people say you did something “for no reason”

When people say you did something “for no good reason”

When people say you did something for some reason that they don’t know

Now ya got it right

unless you did do something for no good reason. In that case, the reaction to that would look like this because you just discovered what you did wrong:

Kiara is being so sweet today 😭💖

She’s normally a complete fucking dickhole 24/7 which is why her nickname is Satan, but today I’m really really sick to my stomach from my IBS and she came up to me purring and fell asleep on my tummy which is something she’s never done before 😭💖


AU where David is a massive red dog who belongs to Max. He’s happy and always wants to play and Max fucking hates the dumb animal but can’t just get rid of him because he’s a family pet. Also he makes a decent bodyguard because David will go into protective mode if someone tries to mess with Max. So Max keeps him around.


AU where Max is a stray kitten David finds sleeping on his doorstep one morning, and takes him in. Of course, he’s grouchy, untrusting, hates being petted or touched, and is about as threatening as a tiny kitten can be, but David loves the little ball of fluff with all his heart. Even if his hands are permanently covered in clawmarks and bitemarks. Gwen tells him he should have named the kitten Satan. David says no, Gwen, that’s mean.