satan bug


A sinful couple that slays The Powerpuff Girls together; stays together.

“Hi. I know it’s late, and you might’ve been eating dinner or something, but – there’s a huge moth in my apartment and I can no longer call it my home. I must take refugee somewhere, and no one else was home. I would offer you sweets or something but they are in said apartment and I will not walk in there until the Satan-Bug departs.”

Mortal Kombat X, a game from a series known for its disgusting controversial violence:

  • has people - and not just people - of different races and ethnicities. Whether you’re black, white, asian, reptile, bug, god, satan, your guts get equally spilled.
  • Disabled/handicapped characters. One lost his arms, another is blind, etc.
  • Empowering ladies and breaks down gender roles/stereotypes. (has a main female hero, has more than one situation where girl-saves-boy, not boy-saves-girl)
  • Has outfits/physiology specifically made to not oversexualize women- or anyone, really. except Erron Black in his Outlaw outfit. Damn. That’s eye candy.
  • A homosexual kissing scene… uh, although it ends up in someone’s face coming off… nevermind, that wasn’t a kiss.
  • ^“They won’t accept–” “They care about your heart. Not whom your heart desires.
  • Deals with loss of family.
  • Touches topics such as making amends with your own past, suicide/overcoming it, and even making amends with your worst rivals/enemies.
  • Shows age doesn’t always limit you. Whether you’re a 10000+ year old princess, a 150+ year old gunslinger, a young girl riding on a monster’s shoulders… let’s not even go there.

If even a game, let me repeat it, known for its disgusting controversial extreme violence, can accept and deal with those kind of things,

why can’t you?