satam robotnik

Perhaps an oversimplification, but yeah. lol

Seriously though, I ADORE Boxman! :D

Jim Cummings is the best!

(edit: Yes, I’m aware of his resemblance to N. Gin, but that’s more superficial. I’m talking about not only design, but also things like personality, character relations, and thematic elements.)

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Speaking of SatAM, how would main series Eggman react to Naugus?

Probably something like this.

You see, Robotnik has a tremendous amount of willpower for a villain. He’s practically fearless, and he doesn’t take shit from anyone, no matter how powerful or how fearsome they are. He would never bow down to another villain under any circumstance, Naugus or otherwise, because for better or for worse, the doctor is every bit as insanely tenacious as Sonic is.

That’s one of the biggest, most telling differences between him and his “superior” SatAM counterpart:

When SatAM Robotnik saw Naugus, he immediately went on his knees like a helpless coward, without even trying to put up a fight.

If it were SEGA Robotnik in his position, he would have given Naugus the fight of his life.