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teenage dream

background: This takes place in the future.

warnings: Slightly sad, I guess. Pan is OOC.

It was nights just like these, sitting at a small iron patio table on your balcony, that you reminisce of memories from your younger days. The moon glowed luminously in the endless sea of the stars, the skyscrapers in the distant night atmosphere standing tall like watch guards over the city. A gentle breeze fluttered about, your children sleeping peacefully in their bedrooms down the hall of your apartment.

The stars twinkled in the midnight time sky but one stood out more than any of the others. Whenever you saw that star, a smile always graced your face. You knew exactly what it was and what laid just beyond it. Setting your wine glass down, you hugged your arms closer around your seated form. Even though it was well past midnight you weren’t the slightest bit tired but a yawn suddenly deceived your thoughts. Your eyes drooped a little more than they did a minute ago and you sat, zoned out at nothing in particular.

“Mommy?” Your daughter called from behind, causing you to turn your head.

“Why are you still up, sweetie?” You cooed, your soft tone of voice reassuring her you weren’t mad but instead genuinely curious.

“Well… I can’t sleep because I thought I heard someone at the door.”

You paused, frowning. “…At the door? Are you sure?”

She shrugged, tugging her Bambi blanket tighter around herself. You stood from the chair, collecting your wine glass and following her into the black living room. Shutting and locking the porch door, you followed your daughter to her bedroom that she shared with her younger sister, who laid sprawled out on the top bunk.

“You have nothing to worry about, okay? No one is at the door at this time of night, love.”

Your daughter, a smaller version of yourself nodded and accepted the goodnight kiss you laid on her forehead. As silently as you could, you closed their bedroom door and made your way to the front door, double and triple checking the locks. You stood still, listening to the sounds of the night and after coming to a conclusion you decided to finally head to sleep yourself.

As you settled under the covers waiting for sleep to overcome, you heard it.

There. It sounded like it was coming from… the living room? Footsteps, creaking over the squeaky floorboards your children liked to run over for fun but this time, it wasn’t either of your daughters. You waited a second more before standing up and peaking your head out the door… but all that greeted you was darkness.

A hand covered your mouth before you could let out a scream, their other arm wrapping around your waist and bringing you into their backwards embrace.

“Shh,” the voice whispered and even without them actual speaking, you could tell it was male. “Don’t scream, (Y/N).”

Looking down, the combination of the accent and the brown, leather wrist cuffs confirmed your suspicion.

“Pan.” You groaned, fighting off the hand that covered your mouth. Even as a woman in your mid thirties, the boy was still taller than you. Pan grinned, small natural dimples indenting themselves in his cheeks.

“My God (Y/N), it’s been so long. I can’t believe —.”

“It was you that was sneaking around my house, wasn’t it?”

Pan stuttered, confused as to why you weren’t excited. “I mean… —.”

“You scared me and my children, Pan. You can’t just go sneaking around people’s house.”

Pan took a small step back; hadn’t it been just a few days since he visited last? You always loved it when he visited. A sigh emitted from your mouth.

It’s been eighteen years, Pan. Eighteen years since I’ve last seen you.”

And suddenly, Pan saw it. He saw the baby face he had once so loved on you  gone, replaced by cheekbones and a gaunt face. The wrinkles around your mouth and the bags under your eyes were much more apparent, more so apparent than he had ever remembered. Had it really been eighteen years? No, it couldn’t of been.

“Eighteen years?” He laughed. “Impossible. I was here the other day.”

“You of all people should know about Neverland’s time catch.”

Peter Pan looked around the dim bedroom, the moonlight illuminating the lone queen sized bed, the dresser and the vanity that sat in your room. His breath caught in his throat as he approached a collage of photos pinned on the wall, photos of you and two smaller girls —  your daughters? Other various pictures of you with your family burned into his mind.

“But you’re seventeen?”

“I’m thirty-five. I’m now what you despise the most… a grown up. You’re still the seventeen year old boy I knew but I’m living my life. I’ve been married and I’ve been divorced. I have two beautiful daughters. ” A small smile rose to your face at the mention of your children. They were everything to you.

“Can I see them?”

“My children…?“

Pan nodded and you tiptoed out of your room and across the hall. You tipped the door open, their bedroom lit with the fairy lights hung on their ceiling. Pan peaked over your shoulder soundlessly and wordlessly.

“They’re beautiful.” He smiled and it warmed your heart. You shut the door and walked towards the living room, the prince of the Lost Boys at your heels behind you.

“I just… Can’t believe it. You’ve moved on without me, (Y/N).”

Tears threatened to blind your vision. “Eighteen years is a long time to wait for someone. I got tired of waiting and before I knew it, I had fallen in love with another.”

“But he left.” Pan’s eyebrow rose in challenge.

“So did you.” Opening the balcony door, you stepped back out exactly where you had started the night.

“Would you ever come back? With me?”

Pan. You can’t ask me things like that.”

Coming up behind you, he rested a hand gently on your shoulder. “You didn’t say no, though.”

“I’m not a teenager anymore. I can’t run away with you and leave my life behind just because you suddenly pop up and ask.” Turning around, you got your first good look at him in over a decade. He literally had not aged a day. The same crooked smile, the same scar over his left eyebrow and the same green eyes that resembled the forest he ruled over. “I have lives to take care of, lives that depend on me being here.”

“Very well.” He whispered. “Can I have one last kiss?”

You looked down as you hadn’t kissed anyone in years, not since you left your husband. He dipped his head down and pressed a feathery light kiss to your cheekbone, creating a warm blush to speed through your face.

“If you won’t come back with me, allow me to visit you again.”

“As long as you promise it won’t be eighteen years.”

He gave you a boyish smile, pulling apart from the embrace with an echo of the promise. You didn’t watch as he turned away and lifted himself into the air, disappearing into nothing. You could only hope you would see him again.

Okay, let’s talk about Magnus in this scene. Magnus interrupts the wedding by walking in late and everyone is staring at him and wondering what he is doing there. But he doesn’t let that faze him because no one else matters, it is just between him and Alec. Even when Alec’s mother confronts him and wants him to leave, Magnus ignores her and continues to walk confidently and determined towards Alec. Because this is his last chance, his last chance to try and convince Alec to change his mind, not just so they can be together, but to stop Alec from making a mistake he will probably regret for the rest of his life. 

Magnus is aware that he could very well be humiliating himself, that Alec could send him away, and he would have to walk back down the isle completely heartbroken, with everyone’s eyes on him. Magnus is also aware that Alec could allow him to stay but still go through the wedding, and Magnus would have to sadly watch the rest of the ceremony and watch as Alec throws away any possibility of ever finding love and happiness. But none of that matters because Magnus can’t and won’t give up on Alec. He is determined to fight for Alec until the last moment because no matter what Alec decides, and no matter how it may hurt him,at least, Magnus can say that he tried, that he did everything he could to support Alec and to try to change his mind.

I just love Magnus a lot if you didn’t notice. Of course, this might all be in Alec’s head as he wishes that Magnus would turn up and stop the wedding, which would explain the convenience of Magnus turning up at the very last moment, just before it is too late. If the scene is a hallucination then it reveals how Alec views Magnus as confident, determined and unashamed about his feelings, and also shows that Alec appreciates the way Magnus’ didn’t give up on his easily and has tried to change his mind. When Alec comes back to reality he will then hopefully realise he can’t go through with it, as he can’t ignore his feelings for Magnus. But he will also realise that he can’t rely on Magnus to get him out of this situation either, unlike when his sister was on trial, only Alec can stop this. It is Alec’s choice and his choice alone. Alec has to take charge of his own life and his future, if he stops the wedding, it has to be for himself. 

"I don't want you to be the mother..”

Request from anon: An imagine in which yn is best friends wth Sammy, but sammy is with stass and at some point yn and Sammy hook up and she gets pregnant but Sammy is like “I don’t want you to be the mother” bc he’s with stass but then he realises he’s in love with yn and that he really wants to be with her and help her with the baby? Pls 😭🙏


“Do I really have to be here?” I ask. “Do you love us?” “Yeah…” “Then yeah, you have to be here.” J says I just groaned not wanting to be at this party right now but got forced because it was someone’s birthday. Everyone was all talking as I just sat there listening, zoning out. I got bored of the conversation, looking out into the crowd, “Well well well, would you lookie here.” I say, leaning forward on my knees, staring at the couple walking into the house. Everyone turns their head to Sam and Stasis walking hand in hand. “So they are official now?” Madison whispers. I feel all their heads turn to me, giving me sympathy looks. Why, you might ask? Sam and I were best friends who happened to have a thing for a while. But he didn’t ever want to make it official because of his career and his fans. But about 2 months ago, Stass one day vented to him, then all of a sudden expressed all these feelings she’s been having for him. Then all of a sudden, he ghosts me for her. Because he ghosted me, once he wanted to talk to me again, I ghosted him. So as you an see, we are no longer on good terms. 

Once the couple approaches the group, they greet everyone but me as I kept taking sips from my cup. It’s not that I felt uncomfortable because they were there, I just didn’t feel like wanting to deal with these emotions and drama. Because if one of them comes up to me and tries to talk to me, someone is getting cussed out and socked in the face. And I was low-key hoping both of them came up to me so I could sock both of them. But I knew the boys would disapprove of that behavior and get mad at me so I just left it in the back of my head. As they were talking, I just got up from my seat abruptly and made my way to another group of people. The only other people that I actually like and tolerate here are Kian and JC, so I just stuck with them and they helped me keep my mind off of everything. 

“Heads up.” Kian slightly nods his head, looking behind me, taking a sip from his cup. I turn around, making eye contact with Sammy as he makes his way through the crowd of people, getting closer to us. As he reached us, “What’s going on guys?” Kian. JC.” He shakes their hands. “Y/N….” He looks at me. “You think I can talk to you for a minute?” “No.” I harshly said. “Haha, you’re funny. Come on.” He puts his hands on my arms, turning me around, pushing me up the stairs and into a guest room, closing and locking the door behind me. I just sighed, sitting on the bed, facing him, trying to keep my cool and not sock him. He just looks at me for a little, as I just looked around the room, barely hearing the music from downstairs. “Why are you ignoring me?” He spits out. I just give him a look of annoyance, rolling my eyes. 

“Hey Y/N! I’m talking to you!” He walks closer to the bed. “I want to know why you’re ghosting me!” “Because you ghosted me first???” “I did not!” “Oh yeah, so how come I didn’t hear from you for a whole fucking month after Stass confessed her feelings for you that one night? How come you couldn’t even answer the door telling your sister to lie for you. Don’t act like you’re the innocent one here! You dropped me like that for someone else. Of course I’m going to ghost you! Do you know how embarrassed I felt?!” “Y/N…” “NO Sam! I’m tired of keeping it in! I’m tired of telling people that it’s fine or it’s whatever, I’m over it. You were my fucking best friend! And we had something. I had these feelings for you. My best friend broke my heart. And I don’t know how to ever forgive you for that!” Tears started falling down my cheeks. “Please don’t cry… You know I hate it when you cry.” He sits down next to me, rubbing my back but I move farther away from him. “Stop acting like you care again. If you cared about me, and how i felt, you would’ve at least maned up and told me instead of ghosting me. “You disgust me.” I scoffed, getting up from the bed, walking towards the door when I feel him grab my wrist, spin me around, his lips smacking on top of mines, pushing my back against the door. He releases my lips, looking down at me with lustful eyes, “Fuck it.” He picks me up, throwing me onto the bed. And the rest of that night, or that moment was history. 

It’s been a month since that night and I have not spoken to anyone. Not even J or Kian. I ghosted everybody because I can not tell anyone what happened that night. I cannot tell anyone what happened. I can’t tell them anything, not even this. I looked at the table, silently. A knock on the door snaps me back into the moment as I open it to see J, Kian, Nate, Swazz, and Rupp standing at my door way. They stare at me, arms crossed. I walked away from the door as they walked in, and I grabbed the paperwork on the table, folding it so they wouldn’t look at it. “What the fuck is up Y/N?” Nate says. “We haven’t heard from you in a fucking month! Is something wrong? Did something happen? Are you okay? Are you in trouble? Are you sick? What aren’t you telling us!” J kept talking. “I’m fine! I just haven’t had time to talk to anyone. i’ve been, busy..” “What happened between you and Sam that night?” Rupp asked. “What?” “Don’t fucking lie to us Y/N. Kian told us you went to go talk to Sam and he didn’t see you after that. What happened between you and Sam? Did he touch/hurt you?” Swazz got heated. “No. Of course not. We just talked. I got mad and left. Couldn’t even say bye to anyone. And if I said bye, you guys would be worried and concerned and I didn’t want to ruin your party vibes.” I shrugged. 

“What’s that behind your back?” Kian sees a paper tucked into my pants. “Nothing. Scores. Test scores.” “What test?” “Y’know,” I tried playing it off but J sneaked behind me and swiped it. He opens it, then stares at me wide eyed. “You’re pregnant?” He whispers. “YOU’RE PREGNANT?!” The rest of the boys yells. “WHO. IS. THE. FATHER.” Kian started steaming. “Y/N!” “Sam…” I blurted. “WHAT?!” They all yelled again. “That night at the party when we went talk, he talked, I yelled, I tried walking out, he kissed me, and…” I closed my eyes, ashamed. “Does he know?” Rupp says. “I barely even know!” “Are you?!” “I don’t know….” All of a sudden a knock is heard from the door again and we all pause, looking at the door. Kian opens it and in pops in Sammy. “What are you doing here?” Sam and the boys say to each other confused. “We came to talk to Y/N.” “I came to talk to Y/N.” “Good, Y/N has something to tell you.” Nate says, handing me the paper. “What? What’s that?” Sam asks. I hand him the paper and he opens it, “You’re pregnant?! WHO’S THE FATHER?!” I nervously look down at my feet, as the boys stare at him. “YOU’RE the father Sam!” Swazz yells. “ME?! I CAN’T BE! TELL ME THEY ARE LYING Y/N!” “It’s yours.” “How do you know that!” “YOU’RE THE ONLY GUY I’VE HAD SEX WITH!” He freezes, letting everything process. 

30 minutes later after he finally processes it, "I’m going to be a father..” He whispers to himself. He looks up at me with these eyes, “But I don’t want you to be the mother...” My eyes drop just as far down as my heart did, broken to hear those words. “I’m sorry I’m not Stass..” My voice cracks, walking away to my room, closing it behind me. I hear all the boys start arguing in the living room, but I muffle my ears with pillows, staining them with tears. “I’m sorry.” I kept saying to myself. 

After that day, I ghosted everybody again. Knowing everyone is going to to try to comfort me, tell me everything will be okay, talk about the baby, say Sam is a douche for what he did, all of that. I don’t want to hear it. Im not wanting to hear anyone say anything. I heard a knock on my door, and I sat there debating whether I should answer it. I got up and opened the door as I saw Sammy standing there, looking like he hasn’t slept in days. “What..” I asked. “I’m really glad you’re the mother…” He says. “And I love you…” 

[There will be no continuation to this imagine]

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A SEAL with a Stoner 63A in the Rung Sat Special Zone (RSSZ) below Saigon.
This gun has the 150-round snail drum magazine. Left hand feed guns ejected spent brass to the left and links to the right. Sometimes the spent brass would bounce off the feed chute of the snail drum and lodge in the ejection port to jam the gun. The right hand feed cover was developed to fix this problem. After the 150-rounds in the drum were expended, the gunner detached the drum and used the belted ammunition draped across his shoulders.