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28/9/16 2:46 PM // This week’s bullet journal spread + some minor details. (This picture was taken on Monday, hence all the unchecked boxes.) Term break but actually busier than normal school days. I just came back from a three-day trip to Bandung and I’m currently studying for the general SAT tests this Saturday (wish me luck!). Super nervous because it’ll be my first time doing it and the reading and essay content is quite different from what I’m used to. Oh, and if any of you know any tips for the SAT, please tell me, I’d really appreciate it :)

‘You’re late.’ - Margaret ‘Peggy’ Carter

It was Saturday.

She sat alone in the club, had been waiting for almost an hour, waiting for someone she knew wasn’t coming. Holding a photograph in her hand.

But maybe he’ll be here, she hoped. Maybe he’s just late like the last time when he’d jumped off a plane and she thought she’d never see him again.

Maybe he’ll conjure up some miracle, come back from the dead like he did before and maybe her watch is broken and it’s not 8 o’clock yet.

He’ll come and she’ll say, “You’re late.” just like she did once before.

And he’ll wear a smile on his face and say, “Couldn’t call my ride.”

But he never came.

Lunchtime drinks

So I stay home to work on the house while you go meet an old dear friend of yours for some lunchtime drinks. It’s been a long time since you have seen her, in fact, you haven’t seen her since we have been together. Her and I have never met. I have kept you so busy and all to myself, my bad!
I finish up ahead of when I expect you back to be ready for you. My reasoning is that because you haven’t seen each other in so long, there is a lot to catch up on. So there could well be a lot of drinks involved. I don’t want to be a ‘stick in the mud’ if you show up a little tipsy and want to have all the power tools tucked away in fear of you ‘helping me’.
So now I am waiting for your return. The house is clean and I have showered and am just watching a typical Saturday movie sat in my comfy weekend clothes, shorts and a T shirt. I hear a car pull up and giggly female voices outside. I then hear your heels clicking across the courtyard, I love that sound, to me it’s a sign of a strong woman, showing her sexy side. But there is another set too, so I conclude your friend is with you. I stand to greet you and as I do the door opens and in you both come. I give you a quick kiss and then back up to hear how your lunch was?
You introduce me to your friend and as you do she smiles and says,
‘I have heard SO much about you!’
and then adds,
‘Your lovely wife keeps telling me all these wonderful things about you, you obviously make her VERY happy. I am jealous.’
Now, that’s a little gushing for me and makes me uneasy, I reply a little embarrassed and off my game,
‘Nice to meet you also. I have heard a lot about you too.’ I exaggerate.
She looks curiously at me for a minute and then at you. Then she giggles almost uncontrollably. Now I am puzzled and have to ask,
‘Did I miss something?’
She gets a grip of herself and thinks for a minute and replies with less embarrassment and reservation than I would have thought,
‘I was talking about you in the bedroom and so when you replied that you had heard a lot about me too, I was thinking you meant the bedroom and was excited to have you picturing me in bed, but then couldn’t understand how you would know and dismissed it’.
Well, that came off the rails quickly, I look at you and you say apologetically,
‘I’m sorry babe, you are GOOD in bed and we kind of got on that subject and so a couple of drinks later I couldn’t hold back telling her. She IS very persuasive!’
I take a deep breath and both of you are waiting for me to say something, she is all smiles and you look like you are about to be told off. First, I tell you,
‘That’s ok baby, it’s no biggie.’
As soon as I say that, she giggles and stops herself. I look at her and say,
‘I’m sorry, I didn’t mean what you thought. I have no idea how you are in the bedroom, it’s never come up.’
She giggles again and thinks for a minute. Then a broad smile forms and she says,
‘Well, would you like to find out?’ and she gives me a very flirtatious look, whilst reaching for her blouse buttons. I immediately reply,
‘Coffee, I’ll go put some coffee on. Its that time of day.’
As I do so, I am standing and before anyone else can comment I walk to the kitchen. I do hear giggling and stifled laughter from behind me and I can’t help but smile. We are all adults here, you feel almost compelled to tell others how happy you are with your love life and your attractive friend seems to want to undress for me and have sex, I should be flattered and if it were not for the alcohol you two have obviously had, I might take you two up on the offer. As I make coffee though, I can still hear snippets of a back and forth between you two.
When I come in with a tray with coffee and some cake on it, I straight away ask your friend how she takes her coffee as if nothing had happened just a couple of minutes ago. I figure the cake might act as a distraction too.
‘With some whiskey please’
she replies to my inquiry, so much for this ploy, I reply,
‘I think we have had enough for now. Lets try to get back to ourselves.’
We have been standing up to now, but cake on plates requires seats and I usher us to the living area. You take your coffee and cake first as I have made your coffee as you like it and as I wait for your friend to make hers to her liking, you go sit in my armchair. That’s a little strange as you would normally sit on the sofa to be closer to the coffee table and next to me. So now the only places left for myself and your horny friend are right next to each other on the sofa. So you obviously did that deliberately, what’s your plan? We do tease each other often and are you just forcing an uncomfortable time for me for your own enjoyment or are there more sinister things in the works? Sinister isn’t the correct word here, more deviant sexual undertones going on that I am unaware of. No matter, you chose that seat and that is a clear message for me to sit next to her. So now that we are all sitting, I smile at you and then your friend, again ignoring the elephant in the room, her overt offer to take me to bed. As I raise my coffee to take a sip, your friend comments to me,
‘Careful that isn’t still too hot.’
I lower it and smile, she continues,
‘I don’t want you to burn your tongue.’
I smile again a little. Then she adds,
‘I don’t want damaged merchandise.’
This time I look straight at you instead of her and you are stifling a laugh.
Oh I wish the coffee would kick in. Don’t get me wrong, she is a good looking woman and just exuding sex appeal and I would love to take her up on these things but I fear that both of you two would regret it in the morning.
So maybe if I indulge in the sex talk some I can force the issue and stop this pressure wave of ‘want’ that is an overwhelming force washing over me from her.
I ask simply (ignoring the words hanging unanswered in the air),
‘So what did you girls talk about at lunch?’
She answers,
‘Your tongue’
and she pauses to take a breath, then continues,
‘You being on top, you being underneath. How heavenly either one feels. How attentive you are, How selfless a lover you can be. How many orgasms you can give…’
She raises her cup for a sip, looking over her cup, expecting my reaction.
Now I feel like King Canute, except this isn’t a slow gentle tide approaching. This is a large forceful tsunami heading my way. I really do want to ride this wave though, it is tough to keep fending her off, but I should, I must. Flirting is one thing, but you wouldn’t want me do this and so I must keep battling. So I reply,
‘Did anything else come up?’
She chuckles at my complete avoidance of the bait and replies.
‘Your wife said that I could take you for a test drive, you know. You don’t have to play shy!’
Now THIS is a game changer, if true, and I look straight at you questioningly. You look at the floor for a second and then back at me, then blurt out,
‘One thing lead to another. She asked why we hadn’t been in contact much and the real reason is that I am so happy with you and us that I rarely look outside our bubble. She then asked how and why I am so happy. I didn’t JUST tell her about our sex life. I told her all the other things I love about you. But, she didn’t seem interested in much other than how you are in bed. You ARE good and I am happy. I might have said a little bit more than I should due to the drinks and the relaxed atmosphere there. I’m sorry.’
I take all that in, but, you have done what you so often do. You gave an in depth answer but somehow missed the main point… I ask,
‘A test drive. Whose idea was that? And a ‘test drive’, I thought us guys were the blunt ones?’
You open your mouth to reply and nothing comes out for a couple of seconds, it seems like you are trying to fabricate a reasonable story, maybe you are ashamed to admit that it turns you on. But ashamed to me , her or yourself? You then say,
‘She was saying how lucky I am, she wished that she had a good lover in her life. Hearing how happy I was, made her want it even more, and so as I was hearing her sadness I started thinking about how secure we are in each other and how it wouldn’t bother me if you two were to… you know.’
Well, that, didn’t sound at all made up. That was clearly from the heart, the whiskey affected heart, but the heart, nonetheless. I think for a minute, reevaluating my stance on this. Then I ask a follow up question,
‘So, are you ‘OK’ or ‘Fine’ with this, or do you really want it?’
You stand and come over to just in front of me, you put your palm on my cheek and say,
‘I do really want you two to do this. You will both have a passionate time and to be honest, sitting here watching it unfold, I find myself quite aroused.’
So, you are more than ‘ok’ with it. You want to see me pleasure your friend, you want to see my face in her lap and see her clutch my head as she cums on my face. Those two words “quite aroused” hit me with so much more force than all your friends flirtations combined. Up to now, I have been defensive and just a little curious. You just saying that, not just giving it the green light, but wanting it. Wanting to watch us for your own pleasure has my libido on fire and my cock is swelling already. Now I see why you chose that chair, you were not just teasing me, you want a ringside seat. You often call me a pervert and I can’t deny that I am, but, now the goose and gander spring to mind… Now, a different man emerges. I say,
‘Ok, so how are we going to do this?’ I look at you for an answer, and I don’t really want to wait long. If you hesitate, I might just improvise, fire down below. I do notice movement from your friend out of the corner of my eye, she is pulling her underwear down from under her skirt, I look and she lifts her foot to slide it off, it dangles on the remaining foot and she crosses her leg to raise it up to reach. As she does, I get a glimpse far up her legs and they look smooth and inviting. I am going to kiss those soft sexy legs right to my goal. She takes her underwear in her hand and gently tosses them in my lap, saying,
‘We won’t be needing these!’
I pick them up, they are just a fabric garment, yet hold such power. They are silky and lacey, just pulsing with sex appeal but also a little damp. I look at her, internally I am a mix of dumbfounded and wanton at the same time. I look at her and then at you. I am not sure what the expression on my face is. As I look at your face, your focus changes from the underwear to my face. A broad smile appears. You are enjoying the show, you must be enjoying my expressions also. That smile has the same effect as those two words a minute ago. That happy look on your face is the sexiest thing here today. Far sexier than this wet lacey enticement that I am holding.
That’s it, I need some gratification right now. I raise off the sofa some and turn to kneel directly in front of your friend. I look at her and she is smiling at me, she can tell that she has won this battle of desires or wits and is getting her way. That’s fine, as I am now getting mine too. I put my hands on her knees and spread her legs a little. She exclaims ‘oooo’ as if shocked but her legs offer no resistance, so that fake outrage isn’t worth a damn. I then go down and kiss her calf gently. She exhales audibly as if it’s been ages since a man has touched her and and as I start to slowly move my tender kisses up her legs, she inhales through her teeth and relaxes back. As I kiss her leg, my hands still on her legs, start to roam around and gently explore and caress. I spread her legs a little wider, as far as I can, as the skirt is restricting complete access. She realizes this and reaches down and hoists her skirt up so I can spread her legs wide open. Any vestige of a refined lady is now gone, not that there was too much to begin with. She is now just a wanton slut, desperate for a friends husband to eat her pussy. I slip my hands under her ass and pull her to me. I need full access to that wetness. As I do, she lets out a squeal of delight. This one likes being manhandled, I can tell. I am now inches away from her pussy, kissing her tender inner thigh. Such a personal place. Only those invited may enter this space. I now change to the other leg and work my way back down. She lets out a sigh as she was expecting me to get down to business. As I take my time with her, she talks to you,
‘OMG, this IS heavenly, you were right. Thank you so much.’
You reply and I can tell you are smiling by the voice,
‘No, thank YOU, I am enjoying this show greatly.’
Hearing those words is electric, my cock is rock hard already, but, to hear that my true love is excited watching me eat out another woman is one of the sexiest moments of my life. More of an aphrodisiac than any porn ever seen.
I now change from tender kisses to licking her inner thighs like a dog would. I do this as I know it feels good and it must drive her nuts anticipating that lick right on her pussy. As I start to approach her love nest she puts her hands in my hair and starts to caress my head, she is having a good time and both aroused and relaxed at once. I smile a little mid lick.
So now I am poised, ready to lick her clit, she must feel me breathing on it. Her hands tighten in my hair. She is fighting just pulling me to her. You would have by now, I smile again at this thought.
I then just extend my tongue to her clit area and give a little lick, she inhales sharply and shudders at first contact. She has been wanting this in her life for awhile, I guess. After that pure joy at just a little lick, I feel bad for teasing her so long and get down to it. I go back with a longer more searching lick, to pinpoint the exact location of her clit. As I do her fingers tighten more and she is actually pulling my hair to the point of pain. But I don’t mind, it reassures me that she is losing control and that’s exactly where I want her.
Now, I have her, her clit is firmly under the control of my tongue and I slip a finger up to tease her pussy lips. She is moving around quite a bit enjoying her new lover. I like that, that and her vocal moans are telling me that she now isn’t far away from cumming, so I make sure to keep a steady and consistent pattern to guide her home. As she builds, I start to think about how she is in bed (well, on the sofa) and have an idea. But my thoughts are interrupted by her tugging harshly on my hair and groaning out loud as she erupts into orgasm. It lasts quite some time and is very intense. I now see why she was so forward. She had a lot of pent up energy trapped inside.
As she settles down and pulls my head away from her tenderness, I raise to my knees and look in her eyes as I wipe my mouth. She now looks a little embarrassed at that open display. She is on the ebb and I am on the rise, I say,
‘Feel better now? We aren’t done yet. I want you to sit on my face now!’
You see, my thought a minute ago was that as she likes to pulse and gyrate around. I am sure that she would get better unobstructed movement if on top.
I put my hands to hers to help her stand, she isn’t as in charge as she thought she was. She pauses and takes a deep breath as if readying herself for round two. She then looks at you with a grateful smile.
She stands and I flip over and lay on my back on the sofa. She then climbs up and straddles me. As she climbs onto me facing the wall, she hoists up her skirt to get where she needs to be. That is such a dirty move, but being a confessed pervert, so damn sexy. As she lowers down onto me my hands grip her hips. I feel her soft wet pussy on my mouth and I kiss it. I start up again as she grinds her pelvis into my face. This is so damn erotic. Not just this sex act, but that fact that you have a full view and are watching with excitement. Now as I am laying on my back and you are sitting right there, you must see my hard cock struggling to push through my shorts. As your friend is moaning away, clearly enjoying her time with me, I try to keep up with her movements and arch my back occasionally.
Then, all of a sudden, I feel hands at my buttons on my shorts. I get a sudden rush as I know immediately what’s going on. It can’t be her as she is facing the wall, using my tongue and face as her own playground. You can’t take watching any more and want some involvement. Watching this has made you too horny to refrain any longer. The buttons come loose and I arch my back to let you pull them off. My shorts go and now it’s just my boxers between you and my cock. I don’t know what your intentions are, but, whatever it is, it’s fine with me.
Now you tug off my boxers in a quick motion. I am so horny and the feel of your cold hands on my cock almost makes me cum. I can feel you raise my cock and then feel a kiss on my head. That feels ecstatic and I moan right into her pussy. She lets out a little squeal at this. I don’t think she even knows what’s going on down here.
You are being tender and gentle down here and from all our love making I can tell what you are doing. You are not climbing on to fuck me or yourself. You are just adding a little spice to her and mine lovemaking. You don’t want me to cum yet and are just keeping me very excited. Cocks are sometimes referred to as joysticks and right here you have the ability to steer things as you wish. I try to settle back into pleasuring her but it’s hard to focus as your warm soft mouth on my cock is such a beautiful feeling. That combined with knowing that you want me to make love to her and are not only happy about it, but actually trying to make it better for me. I love you so much for this.
She is getting more and more forceful on my face and is pulling my hair, that’s a clear sign that she is close and I know it. You obviously know it too as you go down further on my cock and your hand cups my balls. We all communicate with our mouths and even though you have a hard cock right down to your tonsils. You are using your mouth to clearly tell me to cum with her. This is so exciting and I struggle to hold back. Your friend moans and groans and now stops as she cums all over my face. I let go and groan into her pussy as I explode into your mouth. I can feel my load shoot into your mouth, you keep your lips tight around my shaft to stop leakage.
Your friend feels and hears my impassioned groan and looks back to find the reason. She had no clue what we were up to. But now as she regains composure, she is looking eagerly to see what’s going on. I finish unloading into your mouth and am now just twitching as you swallow back my seed. You then pull back and let my twitching cock free. She sees it for the first time and is wide eyed and says,
‘ You have been holding out on me, you told me that you enjoyed his cock, but you never said it was THIS… I want some of that!’
I reply, a little muffled as I am still under her wet pussy,
‘A little late now…’
You take a glance in the mirror. Many women would be checking their lipstick. But my love is checking she doesn’t have cum dribbling from her chin.
I am locked in a room with two drunk sluts and I have never been more in love.


May is here! My birthday is coming up and I still don’t know what to do for it. It’s during our finals week too but it doesn’t really matter because most of my classes are AP and my teachers won’t require us to take finals. And speaking of AP classes, my first one is on Tuesday and I’m so not ready. I also have APUSH on Friday and SAT on Saturday, which I haven’t even prepared for because there’s just so much going on and I’m not going to study for it until after the APUSH test. Ha, good luck with that. I also got my ACT essay score the other day. I dropped by a lot of points from the one I took in February. *cries*  I got a 30+ on my ACT though and I’m content with it but I might have to take it again in June to make up for my writing score. And there goes more of my money~

I finally bought Mildliner highlighters after seeing them everywhere (lol) and I have no regrets. Well, except for the fact that the shipping was the same price as them. I still love them nonetheless. And ugh, I hate bad lighting. T^T


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so I drew a lucario the other day :0

anonymous asked:

for the sleepover saturday !! i sat by this hella cute girl in the computer lab, and she seems so shy but i heard her talk to the teacher and her voice was so fuckin angelic?? she looks like a gay greek goddess and shes so beautiful!! i really want to talk to her but im also shy, and i dont really go to the computer lab anymore

If you don’t talk to her you’ll regret it !!!