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So Citney’s lil restaurant been booming as of late. The last I played her, I changed her menu up a little so she is serving more better quality food. Her chefs are maxed out in their cooking skills (those classes really paid off) and the customers are happy and even staying to order a second meal.

The restaurant critic came through. She started off with a lil measly 3 stars. As she sat and waited, the rank kept going up. She was also not playing around with that food! Lmao! she left with a five star rating and also…

 That’s right! gave my girl a 5 star review! Hmmm I wonder if Citney should expand her restaurant.

First things first, I’m the realist, I’d like to point out that you do not in any way have to set up your college list like mine. I just wanted to provide my own personal view on how I narrowed down colleges and how I did my research. Feel free to use this as a template. In this post, I’ll break down exactly what I did.

This was created through google docs (form), but can be applicable to an excel spreadsheet as well. What I started off with at the top were my current stats, meaning GPA, class rank, SAT and/or ACT scores. These are all general, just for reference on where you stand in terms of colleges. 

The next part is the fun part (and by fun part, I mean the part I spent two weeks creating and editing). On the top are the names of the colleges that you want to research. I categorized them by color: red is for colleges that will definitely be applied to, blue is reconsidering whether to apply or not, green is for my definite safeties, and purple is for whether or I should still apply or not. Now these are all according to my personal preferences, so you don’t have to use this for your list. I do recommend having a color for safeties, reaches, and matches.

The different rows on the left are also based on what I look for in a college and information that I should know:

  • Ranking: Whether it’s a match, reach, or safety school.
  • Size:  The number of undergraduates that they have on campus.
  • Public or Private
  • Location
  • Admit Rate: Acceptance rate
  • Freshman Housing: Is freshman housing guaranteed?
  • Overall Cost: Cost per semester/year-round
  • Average Financial Age Package
  • Setting:  Urban, Suburban, or Rural
  • Mid 50% SAT CR: Average score out of 800 for critical reading section of the SAT
  • Mid 50% SAT M:  Average score out of 800 for math section of the SAT
  • Mid 50% SAT W:  Average score out of 800 for writing section of the SAT
  • Mid 50% ACT: Average ACT score
  • Avg. GPA: Average GPA of incoming freshman
  • Music Programs Available: Whether they have a band and orchestra
  • Minority %: Percentage of Asian population
  • Intended Majors: Whether it had the majors that I wanted to pursue (in my case, computer science and graphic design)
  • Early Action/Early Decision: Whether they had an early action or decision option when applying.
  • Campus Rating: How much I loved their campus when I visited.
  • SAT II: Whether subject tests are recommended or required, and how many you need if it’s the case of the latter.
  • AP Credit: Whether their offer AP credit an/or placement
  • Supplements: What else is needed to apply.
  • Application Fee: How much is the application fee.

But like I said guys, this is all unique to my preferences. I just hoped that it inspired you guys on how to set up your college list, or at least helped you figure some things out on where you want to apply. Making a college list has really helped me narrow down decisions on where I want my future to be. My list right now does not hold my final college choices on where I want to apply, but it’s really helping me get there. I hope this post helps you guys too!


So wincest antis replying to my post about my dad noticing Destiel like “I doubt this happened”.

Meanwhile my dad has since started talking to me about it and after I explained the Fallen Angel / Faithless Human thing and gave him like 10% of the story he totally ships it.

He’s a high ranking CEO, sat there with his laptop open finishing up his spreadsheets and just starting fangirling with me and asking how Cas’ death will affect the story, lol.

Oh and my English Lit professor Aunt also agrees it’s definitely written like this on purpose, cos of course it is, how are they writing a million love tropes *by accident*.

Meanwhile antis are like “he probably mixed up Cas with Sam”.


An early Ramesside Period mural painting from Deir el-Medina tomb depicts an Egyptian couple harvesting crops. The cuisine of ancient Egypt covers a span of over 3000 years, but still retained many consistent traits until well into Greco-Roman times. The staples of both poor and wealthy Egyptians were bread and beer, often accompanied by green-shooted onions, other vegetables, and to a lesser extent meat, game and fish. 

Depictions of banquets can be found in paintings from both the Old and New Kingdom. They usually started sometime in the afternoon. Men and women were separated unless they were married. Seating varied according to social status, with those of the highest status sitting on chairs, those slightly lower sat on stools, and those lowest in rank sat on the bare floor. Before the food was served, basins were provided along with perfumes. Cones of scented fat were lit to spread pleasant smells or to repel insects, depending on the type. Lily flowers and flower collars were handed out and professional dancers (primarily women) entertained, accompanied by musicians playing harps, lutes, drums, tambourines, and clappers. There were usually considerable amounts of alcohol and abundant quantities of foods; there were whole roast oxen, ducks, geese, pigeons, and at times fish. The dishes frequently consisted of stews served with great amounts of bread, fresh vegetables, and fruit. For sweets there were cakes baked with dates, sweetened with honey. The goddess Hathor was often invoked during feasts. Spices and herbs were added for flavor, though the former were expensive imports and therefore confined to the tables of the wealthy. Food such as meats was mostly preserved by salting, and dates and raisins could be dried for long-term storage. The staples bread and beer were usually prepared in the same locations, as the yeast used for bread was also used for brewing. The two were prepared either in special bakeries or, more often, at home, and any surplus would be sold. Honey was the primary sweetener, but was rather expensive. There was honey collected from the wild, and honey from domesticated bees kept in pottery hives. A cheaper alternative would have been dates or carob. Oils would be made from lettuce or radish seed, safflower, ben, balanites, and sesame. Animal fat was employed for cooking and jars used for storing it have been found in many settlements.


Imagine Sam and Dean picking up their sister after she got Suspended

(Requested by Anon)

Reviving the engine, Dean was trying to conceal the smile he had ever since they got the phone call. But Sam gave him a lecture about how they did show a hard hand, let her know that she can’t punch thru everything that disagreed with her.

Hearing her brother’s impala, Dani picked up her stuff and climbed into the old car. She knew that she was going to get yelled at by her brothers… Being suspended for two weeks? Dani could hear Sam yelling in the background when she had to ask for them to pick her up.

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For the first installment of the 10, the team sat down to rank the best and baddest droids in a galaxy far, far away. 

take-me-back-to-the-90s  asked:

I don't know if you are receiving prompts right now but if you are, here's my request: Amy has to take care of a child but needs to ask Sheldon for help so they both take care of the child. Fluffy I guess. Idk. Thanks! :D

Hi!  Thanks for the prompt.  I’m always a fan of writing Shamy with kids.  I think that it’s because we’re never going to see that.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

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