sat purush

“The Compassionate Lord of the Soul is pleased to declare that whenever anyone is initiated into Surat Shabd Marg [the Path of Inner Light and Sound Meditation], their contact is immediately established with Sat Purush Radhasoami [the Supreme Being]. Hence, Sat Purush Merciful Radhasoami will continue to shower His Grace upon everyone who sincerely performs the (meditation) practices to some extent with feelings of love [Bhakti] and as far as possible does not indulge in the negative tendencies of the mind, i.e. He will gradually make the mind and spirit of such a devotee [Bhakta, Premie] ascend higher and higher internally, and will protect them from the obstacles placed by Maya [illusion] and Kal [the negative power].” (Huzur Maharaj Rai Bahadur Salig Ram Sahib, “Radhasoami Mat Updesh”)

The Soul Free to Fly – The Message of the Masters

“‘By living in the Pinda Desh (physical universe or multiverse) for a long time, the Surat (Attention-faculty or awareness of the soul) becomes a servant of Maya or illusion and gets completely enmeshed in Maya. In such a state, it becomes extremely difficult for the Surat-soul to extricate itself from the clutches of 'Vasanas’, the creation of Maya for numerous lives (the wheel of transmigration and reincarnation).

”'As a free bird becomes accustomed to the cage after it has lived there for a long time and loses its power of flying freely, so the Surat-soul or Attention, having lived as a slave of Maya for so long, also loses it freedom to fly and forgets its Original Abode. Although the human soul was pure and free, attachment to illusory objects of creation, the pleasures of the senses, have deluded it and enslaved it. Now, it continues in bondage for birth after birth and is dancing to the tune of mind and illusion (manas and maya) in the three qualities or Gunas…..

“'The Saints advise that so long as the Attention is not attached to the Shabad or Naam [the Positive Power of God seen as inner Light and heard as inner Sound or Music], peace of mind cannot be achieved. The Surat-soul is in pain and suffering because it is separated from the Shabad. So long as the Surat-soul does not recognize Shabad and unite itself with it, it will never get real happiness nor will it discover the mortality or falsehood of the worldly objects. This is the import of eternal and peaceful life. This is called Surat Shabad Yoga [inner Light and Sound Meditation]. Therefore, the way by which the Surat-soul has descended, it must retrace, and ascend by the same route under the guidance of the Saints. Only then, the aim of human life will be fulfilled and real happiness attained.’

"On hearing these words, there arose a fresh enthusiasm and interest in the hearts of the devotees for meditation. All of them imbibed the Divine Words in their hearts and felt really blessed. The Fourth Master enlightened such a path to the devotees, by treading which, they could attain divine bliss. He told them again and again, 'Open the Divine Eye’ and thus infused in them a new spirit to go within and try their best to open the Divine Eye.”

– The Fourth Master, Shri Paramhans Advait Mat Granth, Shri Anandpur