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Don’t be afraid of secondhand ritual tools.

If you can energetically/spiritually cleanse a brand-new pewter candle holder made from strip-mined metal, manufactured by abused workers in a Chinese factory, packaged in a cardboard box made of paper pulp from clear-cut forests, sent across the Pacific Ocean in a ship leaking pollutants into the water and air, and trucked hundreds of miles to your local Wal-Mart (where the workers need food stamps because they don’t get paid enough), you can damned well cleanse an old glass candy dish that sat on someone’s grandma’s curio shelf for forty years and was always full of sweets for her grandkids and then ended up at the thrift store after she passed away.


The Able sisters didn’t have much. Their small, old house wasn’t the nicest in the neighborhood. Neither Sable, Mable, or Labelle had time for the frivolousness of round-the-clock housekeeping. Dishes sat in the sink, clothes were strewn about, and a fine layer of dust had settled on the knickknacks and shelves that were too high up to reach.

But inside their small home, the sisters were happy. On cold winter nights, Mable liked to kick off her shoes and warm her tiny paws in front of the radiator. Sable often passed the time journaling or watching her favorite soaps on the tiny TV, one of the few luxuries the girls had. And Labelle, the youngest of the three (who had once been embarrassed of her hand-me-downs and holey socks), had learned to fall in love each day with the simple life the three had built.

Life had been tough since their parents passed away, but they were hard workers. They loved each other, they loved their work, and they loved their lives. The sisters were happy.

John Watson x Reader Chapter 4

As they left you closed the door and went back to dishes. You couldn’t help but think about the time when you shook John’s hand. The mere touch made you feel wonderful. But you knew John wouldn’t go anywhere near dating after Mary… Still you hoped after a few years you would meet John again and he would ask you out. You finished the dishes and sat down on the couch to relax. Ding-dong You went to the door and opened it to find John standing there nervously. “John? ” He didn’t answer. Instead he walked upto you and stood really close to you. So close you could feel his breath on your skin “John? ” you said a bit taken aback. He didnt utter a word. He simply crashed his face into yours and started kissing you passionately but sweetly. You felt as if you would melt from all that was happening. His kissing was amazing. He wrappedhis hands around your waist and you put yours around his neck afraid you would fall from the intensity of the situation. He closed the gap between you and you were basically slammed against him. You broke, “Sherlock? ” “He can manage… “John said and continued to kiss you. You loved it. No wonder they called him ‘Three Continents Watson”. He was good at what he did. He then softly began to graze the skin on your neck with his lips which made you tingle all over. You let out a soft moan… “Ahem” someone fake coughed. You turned around to see your brother standing there looking bewildered. That’s when you woke up at the sound of the doorbell.

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Chapter Eighteen

The entire family had retreated to their rooms. Jack knew he was in the dog house for how he reacted. He would make it up to Ashlynn somehow. But how was he gonna make this up to Logan? Lo truly believes that this girl is the best thing that’s ever happened to him. He took a deep breath as he finished with the dishes. He sat down on the bar stool for a minute trying to clear his head. Of all the girls on this island, Logan had to bring home the delinquent with a lip ring. He decided since he clearly wasn’t gonna be sleeping in his bed tonight that he would get a hotel room. He grabbed his keys off the desk in the entryway of his home and was out the front door.

“Excuse me Mr. Blake..” Oona said softly as to not startle Logan’s Father. She knew he was ex Military and she’d tried to make her footsteps be heard, but she wasn’t certain that were the case. Her brother used to joke with her about how he thought she was really a ghost because he never knew she was there until he turned around.

Jack hadn’t heard the girl, which if he was honest with himself he was actually quite impressed. No one has gotten the drop on him, not ever. “Young lady.” He’d replied in answer, her voice stern. He was still heated with tonight’s dinner conversation to be polite. He only felt a brief pang of regret when he saw the girl flinch.

She smiled at him before proceeding, “I just wanted to formally introduce myself to you and to.. to tell you a few things about me so that you could decide if this is what you really want for Logan. I meant it when I said I understood where you were coming from and I do respect your decision, Sir, however I do not agree with it. You see.. my name is Oona. Oona Bell Bartolini. My parents married a year after they graduated college. My Dad is a music teacher and my Mother owns three cafe’s and one restaurant in Bridgeport as well as a very famous Bistro in Italy and a cafe. My sister just graduated college and is pursuing her career in acting, her boyfriend is a Music Producer and my brother… my brother took over my family’s winery business in Italy. We own five distilleries and wineries in Italy, but there was an explosion and… he..” she paused a minute to control her emotions before proceeding, “My brother died in the explosion. I chose to come back to America to live with my sister. I am home schooled because I prefer the solitude over being surrounded with other kids my own age. I’m also looking at graduating early with a 4.8 GPA. I partake in a lot of extracurricular activities within the community. I volunteer my time doing non profit things because I feel others in need deserve to know that they are not forgotten and that they are loved. I believe in supporting local shops rather than going to name brand places or food chains. I’m only 16, and I have a lot of time to decide on what I want to be when I grow up, but I already know what I want. I want to open my own cafe and run it myself. Just like my parents did. I can speak four languages, Italian, German, mandarin and some French. I play the piano, saxophone, violin and the flute. I can also play the harmonica and banjo. I get straight A’s and tutor kids with special needs. I don’t feel the need to disclose this information as it’s very personal however due to the recent events your family has had to face I feel that I can make an exception. I am a virgin and I am proud to be one. I believe in saving yourself until marriage and if anyone tries to pressure me into changing my beliefs or values then clearly they don’t respect me or care for me.” she shrugged as if it wasn’t a big deal.

“Also..” she continued before Jack could form a single word. “I care about Logan and I understand him. He’s got a big heart and feels everything more strongly than others do, but that doesn’t make him weak or that he’s “too emotional,” Sir. That just means he keeps an open mind, puts others before himself, and he feels others pain and he choses to express himself through art instead of words because.. because sometimes seeing is believing. Sometimes seeing is feeling. He wants to be seen, Sir.“

He Cheated//Michael Clifford

“Michael, it’s like you don’t even listen to me anymore, all we do is argue. You promised we’d work at this relationship and now you’re walking away. You’re a coward” The fight had started out been about the dirty dishes still sat in the sink annoying you, then a few harsh words were shared. Now you’re stood opposite one another, tears streaming don your face. You;re chest in heaving up and down as you try to regain you’re breath after shouting at him. “You’re right” he speaks “you’re right I’m a coward” Michael’s voice is soft and this worries you. “I’m a coward because I’m scared to lose you. I don’t want you to leave” he speaks trying to walk closer but you back away “then you leave” you cross your arms your chest.  “Y/N” Michael coos trying to un fold your arms. 

“No Michael I need you to leave. We were stupid for ever thinking that this would work out, we’e too different.” 

“Look I’m sorry, I didn’t come round here to fight. I came here to tell you something”

“I don’t want to hear it”

“Yes you do. I cheated” he looks down at the floor. 

“What?” you whisper, it feels as if you’re entire heart has been snapped in half. You sit down trying to process what Michael has just told you, “When?” you look up at him, your eyes glassing over. “About five months into our relationship, The night I told you I was going to Jack’s house, we went to a bar”

“I don’t want to hear this Michael” you turn around and move into the bedroom packing his things,

“It happened the night I told you I loved you for the first time’ you pause putting his jumper in his bag at those words and look at him. “That means nothing now, our entire relationship after that night means nothing, it was all built on lies. You never loved me” you shout at him finally letting the tears roll down your cheeks. “I’m so sorry Y/N” Michael begins but you shove the bag into his chest 

“Get Out!” you spit in his face. He repeats your name again. “Leave now” you push him towards the door “I don’t ever want to see you again”. And with that Michael was gone. 

It had been three weeks since Michael left, he’d sent you many letters which were in your kitchen draw as you didn’t have the heart to throw them away. He was on tour in the North of America  miles away from your little flat in LA. You had continued uploading YouTube videos avoiding any questions or comment about Michael, maintaining your perfect, simple facade that you have created. As far as the world was concerned you and Michael are still together and you’re both happy. 

Taking a deep breath you decided the day had come to click record and tell people about the break up. 

“Hi everybody” you begin looking down at the floor, sadness clear in your tone. “unfortunately todays video won’t be as upbeat or happy as my usually videos. iI pride myself on been honest with all of you, but these past few weeks I’ve been hiding a secret. And that is that Michael and I broke up, I ask that you respect that I’m going to want some time off for a while and some time to myself, I hope you can understand. This has been difficult but I’ll be okay. I don’t want to go into it too much as I don’t want any of you to view Michael or I for that matter differently” you close your eyes before shrugging at the camera “Thank you for your support and love during this time, I’ll see you soon” you don’t bother editing it, your emotions are raw editing it would takeaway from that plus if you think about it too much you’ll not upload it as you’ll convince yourself it’s a bad idea. You send Michael a text to let him know that you’ve uploaded a video about the break up, he responds instantly telling you people are becoming suspicions and that their new song is a break up song, so that would have confirmed it. You scoff at his messages and don’t bother responding, you are now fully done with that part of your life.

A/N: I didn’t really want to write about cheating because it’s a sensitive topic for some people but I had this idea and i haven’t poster in a while so here you go, I hope you like it please let me know what you think and requests are open.

chocolate wine | dianna & delta

A shopping trip that did end up taking Dianna a little bit (a lot bit) longer than she would have liked it to, a stop back at her home, a text to Delta, and a drive from downtown to Bayside later, she found herself sitting in her car in front of a beautiful home, a brown paper bag sitting on the passenger seat next to her. Inside sat a Tubberware dish full of chocolate chip cookies, a bottle of chocolate wine, and a small gift bag that held a small cactus and a pamphlet for caring for a cactus. Her mother had always instilled in her that whenever you go to someones house for the first time, you have a gift. Granted, the wine and the cookies probably counted enough, but since and Delta had discussed cacti during their conversation, she had gone out of her way to stop in the garden section at the store and pick out one for her. Dianna checked herself in the mirror before unbuckling her seat belt and reaching over to pick up the brown bag, leaving her car once she was sure the bag was secure in her hands. Nudging the door shut with her hip, she pressed the lock button and dropped her keys in her purse before walking up to the front door. Balancing the bag between her hip and her arms, Dianna lifted her hand up to the front door and knocked, taking a step back to wait patiently.


Dessert? (Michael Clifford)

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I was putting away the dishes in the kitchen, while dinner was in the oven. I felt cold lips against my neck, I shivered and turned around. I smirked at my coloured haired dork that I adore.

“Hungry?” I asked.

“For you I am.” he laughed. I swatted his head as we both laughed. I continued to put the dishes away but I was picked up at sat the countertop, the dish shattered on the floor as Michael continued to attack my neck with kisses. I threw my head back and groaned. He made his way up to my lips and slowly yet passionately kissed me. I threws my arms around his neck as he kissed my faster and deeper. We pulled away and he carried with my legs wrapped around his waist to the bedroom. He lied down and I climbed ontop of him and straddled him and we continued kissing. I pressed our hips together which earned a moan from Michael. He flipped us over so he was now ontop and his hand slowly went up my shirt. His cold fingers running across my stomach made me arch my back.

“This needs to be off.” swiftly taking my shirt off he kisses down my body. He played with the waistband of my leggings but I got distracted by a ringer going of in the kitchen.

“Oops looks like dinners ready.” I winked and put my shirt back on. Michael sat up and gave me a puppy dog face. I straddled his lap and kissed up his neck and behind his ear and he groaned louder.

“You’ve gotta wait for dessert sweetheart.” Kissing him passionately and got up.

“Fucking tease.” Michael huffed and followed me down.


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