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“I’ll give you a choice.”  Lotor’s voice is loud over the hushed silence of the paladins.

Lance imagines that he’s anywhere that isn’t here.  Remembers the beach and the sand warming his toes, a flower field in his dreams, the training room of the castle.  He even pretends he’s somewhere he’d never been–sitting in Keith’s room, just talking.  It doesn’t matter that it isn’t real.  With labored breaths he tries to think of what it would be like to sit on the edge of Keith’s bed, their knees knocking together, and his chest aches.  

If this were any other situation, maybe something less prone to break his heart, he’d laugh at how pathetic he was being.  How, inevitably, his thoughts always lead to Keith.  

Behind him, he hears the screaming of his friends.  They fade out when Lotor finally breaks the heavy silence. 

“You can either come with me,” he starts, eyes shining in the dark of the ship. The paladins had cut the power supply in an attempt to take out the ship’s defenses.  It unfortunately had not worked.  “Or,” he continues, leaning in close so only Lance can hear and feel the warmth of his breath in his ear, “I will kill him.”  

His heart sinks and sinks.  But no choice has ever been easier.  He decides in a single breath, a single heartbeat. 

“What’ll it be?”

Lance can hear him screaming, his name coming out a bleeding, broken thing from Keith’s throat over and over.  It’s the last thing he hears, the last sound that echoes in his heart, before his own voice spills out, “Yes, yes.”

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How's junior year for y'all? Y'know, with SATs, ACTs, AP classes, blah blah blah.

J: I hate it. Academics have never been a strong point for me, especially  math. And tests make me want to die, so every acronym you have the killed or is currently killing me a little this year. 

M: I on the other hand breeze through school. Have since I was young. I’m flying through my honors and AP classes. I just wish they weren’t so b o r i  n  g. 

J: Mikey here can sleep through classes and pass with flying colors. I’m jealous as hell. 

Request: @caylynn1122 Hey could you do an imagine where the reader is daryls daughter and carl finds her outside the walls while he’s on a run. He ask her what’s her name and she says (y/n) Dixon and carl brought her to the Hiltop so she can see daryl.

Word Count: 734

A/N: Hello Everyone! Cross another one off of the Daryl Dixon requests! I’m slowly making my way through the list. (I’ve got a few WIP at the moment). Enjoy! - Kellie

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I was being followed, that was pretty fucking clear. The stupid bastard was louder than a fucking elephant, crashing through the forest. If I’d learned anything from my now absent father, it’s that you need to walk quietly, especially when you’re following something. Ugh, amateurs.

Taking a quick right, I circled back, raising my bow and arrow and pointing it at the guy’s head. My next step was purposeful, stepping on a large twig ensuring it would snap and get his attention. It worked, he swung around, raising the knife he had in his hands, ready to defend himself.

“Who are you?” He asked.

“Could ask ya the same thing. Yer the one followin’ me.” I retorted, not wanting any bullshit.

“Fair enough.” He smiled, raising his hands in surrender, “Carl Grimes. And you are?”

“Y/n.” I didn’t like how easily he let up his defenses, “Y/n Dixon.”

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you know you’re desi af when you go to the hospital and your dad tries to get your doctor to convince you to apply for medicine.

i just realized… isnt the SAT having a grammar/reading section kind of unfair to people who speak english as a second language?? thats kinda fucked up. you cant measure intelligence or intellect based upon that! sounds like an unfair disadvantage

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Okay flizzy found out my dude was cheating and so happen he wanted to come over and fuck so I dressed hell sexy and shit and he came over and I had everything planed, I was like let me give you some head blah blah. He sat down and I whipped it out and I suck for a little bit and I bit his dick hella hard and he screamed and I put the death hold on it and I squeezed it and was like "WHOS THAT HOE YOU BEEN CHEATIN ON MY WITH HMM!" He was like "BAE I DONT KNOW" I held tht death grip for 10 min

sigh that aint right

just had an uncomfortable interaction with a guy that has no sense of boundaries.
not my first, but it’s the one of the day.
so I come in to my usual spot to study, I have a big exam coming up and I’m preparing. I sit down at a table, seeing as my usual one was taken by someone else, and take out my books. I noticed a guy had his eyes on me, but I brushed it off. I sat down, started studying, blah blah, occasionally got up to use the restroom but left my stuff on the table because who would steal notes and textbooks.
I keep catching this guy’s eyes, and I’ve caught plenty of guys staring or stealing glances, so I’m just kind of like :/ should I be flattered? because I’m not.
I picked up all my stuff and walked out to get lunch. I came back like a half hour later after I had eaten, passed him (who was still there, and currently is as I write this) and he asked “are you studying for the SAT?” …. why does he know that and why does he care.
I said “yeah.”
“when is it?” dude
I answered him to be polite and sat down at one of the tables. I had my computer and and notebook out as I watched a video explaining some math, and he finally approaches. I pause my video and look up at him, and he bends down to my level and rudely looks at my computer screen to look at what I was watching ????? who said you could
“it’s math” I told him.
“I can help you.”
“no no, that’s okay.”
he then fucking reaches into my bag and takes out my textbook, then starts flipping through the pages. I kept shaking my head and telling him “no, that’s okay” “no thank you, I don’t need help”
“o sorry to bother”
and I’m just thinking yeah ok fuck off leave me alone
and he asks for my number. I told him no. so then he wrote down his number. he asked for mine again. so I told him I’d text him. I will not text him.
I just can’t wait for the day where I can up and get up and say “IM NOT INTERESTED, LEAVE ME ALONE.”
one day.