just finished my third draft for my advanced english short story // about to go to sleep but just finishing my SAT prep for the day // looking forward to watching the stephen hawking talk with my dad on sunday

Links for improving your vocabulary!

SAT/ACT vocabulary

  1. 5,000 FREE SAT Vocabulary Words
  2. 100 Common SAT/ACT Vocabulary Flash Cards
  3. Must-Know Words for the ACT
  4. 250 Most Difficult SAT/ACT Vocabulary Words
  5. SAT Vocabulary Videos
  6. Top 1,000 SAT/ACT Words

Latin Vocabulary

  1. Latin Word List
  2. 100 Most Common Latin Words
  3. Latin Core Vocabulary

French Vocabulary

  1. 100 Topic Specific Vocabulary Lists
  2. English-to-French Basic Phrases
  3. 20 French Phrases to Know

Spanish Vocabulary

  1. Spanish Vocabulary Lists
  2. 100 Need-to-Know Spanish Words
  3. 100 Most Common Spanish Verbs
  4. Common Spanish Phrases and Words Translated from English

Mandarin Chinese Vocabulary

  1. Ultimate List of Mandarin Chinese Vocabulary Lists
  2. Practice Mandarin Vocabulary

Italian Vocabulary

  1. 1,000 Italian Vocabulary Words
  2. English to Italian Vocabulary
  3. Basic Italian Phrases for Travelers

German Vocabulary

  1. 1,000 Most Common German Words
  2. Basic Phrases, Vocabulary, and Grammar

German Word of the Day

Japanese Vocabulary

  1. How to Increase your Japanese Vocabulary, List of Vocabulary Lists
  2. Free Japanese Vocabulary Words

Arabic Vocabulary

  1. List of Arabic Vocabulary Lists
  2. Arabic Core 100 Word List
  3. Basic Arabic Vocabulary

Interesting English Words to Know

  1. 15 English Words You Probably Don’t Know
  2. 20 Words That Make You Sound Smarter
  3. 60 Cool Vocab Words
  4. Word of the Day

If there are any other languages/links you think should be added, message me.

Good luck!


Hello, lovelies! This week, I talk about how I got a 2300+ on the SAT without any outside tutoring or prep classes. Yes, it’s possible, and I tell you how to do it in the video.

I also put together a masterpost of resources below. Even if you aren’t self-studying, a lot of these things might be helpful:


  • Official College Board SAT Study Guide (The Blue Book)
  • Direct Hits Vocabulary (Volume 1) // Direct Hits Vocabulary (Volume 2) – What makes these books stand out from other SAT vocab books is the use of pop culture references to explain definitions. For example, the first word in Volume 1, ambivalent, is given the sentence: “In The Avengers, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner, and Thor are initially ambivalent about joining S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Avengers Initiative.
  • Barrons SAT 2400 – Fabulous book, helpful strategies. I didn’t read the whole thing or do all the practice problems; I only used it for extra help on the sections I struggled with.
  • Grubers SAT 2400 – Didn’t personally use it myself, but it was recommended by a lot of my friends.


→ Non-SAT Critical Reading Advice

→ My favorite reading sources:

  • The Atlantic – mix of interesting articles
  • Variety – pop culture focus, but with more cultured language
  • New Yorker – very cultured, good place to pick up vocabulary
  • New York Times – classic SAT reading material
  • Boston Globe – I have a soft spot in my heart for their entertainment and style sections
  • National Geographic – exactly the sort of passages you’ll find on the SAT

Vocab Flashcards (mentioned in video)


→ Top Writing Errors

→ Top Grammar Rules


→ Khan Academy


I just got a 2320 SAT, here’s some advice for other rising seniors.

Don’t bother with the prep classes. Everyone I’ve talked to has gotten the biggest score increases from one-on-one tutoring. I know that’s really expensive, so here are some suggestions if that is not an option (or hell, even if it is, because tutors vary so much in quality):

Get the Black Book of SAT Prep. My tutor recommended this to me and I love this book. it really deconstructs the test and explains the reasoning behind it.

To use along with it, also get the College Board’s Blue Book. The information in this is pretty much useless but the practice tests are the only official practice tests released by the makers of the test. They are all previously administered SATs. The practice tests released in other manufacturer’s books are not accurate to what the actual tests.

If you are doing this alone, work on as regular a schedule as you can. It helped me to do individual sections at a time, rather than take an entire practice test at once. Provided you have taken math classes up through Geometry and you have a college-ready reading level, the SAT does not test you on anything you do not already know, it just asks the questions in weird ways. The Black Book of SAT Prep explains this better than I can, go get it and read it!

Some other general tips:

  • Don’t be afraid to write on the test, marking up the test helps a lot in keeping track of your thinking. Mark up the writing and reading passages and sentences, it will help you keep track of your thinking. Underline the parts of the reading passages that the questions ask about. Draw diagrams for math problems if it will help you conceptualize the problem.
  • Make sure that you look at the list of the math concepts that are necessary to answer the questions, it’s easy to complicate simple problems if you don’t know what the test expects you to know.
  • Don’t be afraid to slow down, especially if you keep finishing early.
  • Skip questions that you don’t know when you go through a section the first time, then come back to them at the end when you have extra time.
  • Don’t be afraid to check “No Error” on the Identifying Errors bit of the Writing section, most sections have at least 2 but sometimes more where the answer is “No Error”.
  • Spend up to the first 5 minutes of the essay brainstorming. Write out all of your ideas, then boil it down to two or three and open your essay. Write a hook and a thesis only for the intro, then develop your points in your body paragraphs. Make sure that every sentence in your essay serves to argue your point.

if you have any more questions, feel free to ask me at my blog.

appblr SAT masterpost

As y'all probably know, the SAT will be administered this Saturday, March 14. I know it’s one of the most popular test dates with juniors, so I threw together this last-minute guide to the SAT. Hope it helps!


Things to do the night before the SAT
Exam lifehacks
Tips from Harvard students


appsademia: how I self-studied and got a 2300+
bildungsbuch​: are we there yet – part 2. acronyms
genericappblrurl: the SAT is not the end all be all
greatanticipations: keep calm and take the sections as they go
greatanticipations​: studying for the SAT
lil-lil-star​: SAT guide
tackychandelier: preparing for the SAT
timetravelingowl: guide to SAT prep


I mean, they pretty much say all the same thing anyway. Stay calm, stay focused, and stay positive. You’ve (hopefully) been preparing for this for a while, and now there’s nothing you can do but your best! Good luck! If you have any last-minute questions, my askbox is open.