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Can u post ur ss unfinished works?? I'm a drawer too and the harsh fact is unfinished drawings usually never get finished lol so I rather see what u have then not at all!

You…are so right…lol. Most of the SS art I have is for a SS project I’m working on, so to not spoil it, I’m not gonna post the sketches :T

But, here’s a crying Sakura sketch I drew a while back.

(happy tears)

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I like sasusaku,and I know they make complete sense.But sometimes I wish sakura got over him and met someone else.I don't think sasukes bad for her or anything but its so sad that he was gone for like seven years.Imagine how lonely she'd be.

So Sakura’s happiness is all you care about?

Sakura had Sarada, and Naruto, and Ino, and Kakashi, and Hinata, and literally everyone else in the village, and you’re upset about how lonely she’d be? Sasuke’s the one who would have been lonely, not Sakura; Sasuke had absolutely no one. But he endured for the sake of his family, the village and the future of every shinobi nation.

It’s as if people think that Sasuke’s made of stone or something. He has feelings and emotions too you know? He’s not the same person drowning in darkness and hatred that he once was.

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why kishimoto talk bad of sakuras love for sasuke in all his interviews?

Erm, he didn’t…

He was joking around in this interview where he said that Sakura was addicted to Sasuke. Bear in mind that he couldn’t stop giggling, and also implied in jest that the only reason his interviewer would have Hinata as his favourite female was because of her big boobs.

In other, more serious interviews, he described Sakura as being wholeheartedly devoted to Sasuke, and also described their feelings as being truly connected over here.

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Not trying to be rude or anything but why do you ship a couple that supports abuse and makes Sakura a pathetic woman? S

I liked the Sasusaku for 13 years, because I admired the way that Sakura always strove for Sasuke without timidity and Sasuke was slowly recognizing her as someone important. She was a girl who did many hurtful comments at the beginning of the series, but Sasuke and Naruto, began to inspire her to be a better person, more determined, more courageous and less superficial. It was Sasuke who had the courage to say things as they were, and he also was able to congratulate her skills when she was depressed. In the battle with Dosu, Zaku, and Kin; at the beginning of the preliminary rounds; in the battle with Gaara, I began to see the Sasusaku as something possible.

Later, Sasuke was so shrouded in darkness that injured many people. Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi. The problem is that people focus only on Sakura when Naruto also suffered and was attacked, however, Naruto was more positive than Sakura, and he transmitted his positivity. I could see the sincerity in their feelings, the only person who wasn’t being honest (because he confessed at the end of the series) was Sasuke. With this, I mean that the problem is not Sasusaku or Sasunaru (a couple that I like) comes only from Sasuke. He’s a tormented person that can’t overcome hatred and pain, and needs to get rid of his feelings to continue. But Sakura and Naruto worked hard for him, and only when Sasuke is able to clear his mind, and accept their feelings, is when begins the real Sasusaku.

The panel where Sasuke, when no one was watching, smiles for her, shows what he really thinks (and perhaps unconsciously).

I could write a thesis about why I like the Sasusaku, and put thousands of pages of manga as an example, but don’t do it for two reasons:

1. I’m lazy.
2. The spanish is my first language, and I’m just in my third semester of english and I don’t feel prepared to write long essays.

But anon in my language limitations there is something I would like to say. In these 13 years being Narufan, I’ve seen too much hate. There are people who want death of others for not sharing their tastes, and people who devote entire blogs to insult others for being fans of Sakura, for example. This encourages the hatred in our general fandom that never end and immaturity go on and on over the years.

I don’t get angry if you tell me that you hate the Sasusaku, if you think that Sakura and Sasuke shouldn’t be together is your opinion and the important is that you enjoy what you like as you like, after all, this story is for everyone. But behind all this there are real people, with real feelings and they hate being insulted. “The Sasusaku fandom is toxic”, “the Sasusaku fandom is stupid” that’s when we crossed the limits and haters become even more toxic than their perception of Sasusaku.

So, I appreciate that you have been kind to me, If we known each other, we would realize that we have similar tastes in other things. Dear anon, you can always talk to me, and next time instead of speaking as pro or anti, maybe we can talk as friends  ´ ▽ ` )ノ