Why I am so Invested in the Uchiha Family When I Once Hated SasuSaku

Going to emphasize that I ONCE HATED SasuSaku. That is no longer the case now.

The moment Sakura and Sasuke tried to kill one another, I was furious that Sakura could still love him after that (and Karin and Ino for that matter). Hell, I wanted to shake Naruto and have him give up on Sasuke too ( I am fully convinced Sasuke and Naruto love each other in the full sense of the word. I am a mutli-shipper, but just chill, I am happy with SasuSaku too).

It wasn’t until his redemption arc that I finally understood Sasuke’s reasoning and his character. It’s not that Sasuke is emotionless, it’s that he feels TOO MUCH. He has strong multifaceted emotions that are deeply complex.

So while, initially, I was pissed by what I saw as his abandoning his family and running off on some personal quest, I have come around to seeing his reasoning again.

He has to protect the village at the cost of himself because that is the only way to make up for the things he has done and was going to do to it had Naruto not stopped him.

It’s like his arm; he killed people with his chidori using that arm, therefore, as punishment, he lives without it and purposely handicaps himself.

Living without his family is just as difficult and emotionally handicapping as living without a limb. I see that now because of this:

That hit me very hard. I have a father just like this. That’s probably why Sasuke’s neglect of Sarada and Sakura bothered me so much, but it isn’t because he doesn’t care about them. He’s got enemies and so does the village. He has to sacrifice because of this, because that is what his role is as someone seeking redemption. It isn’t because he doesn’t care, it’s because he cares fiercely about what he has done in the past and about the future of the ninja world being better than the one he grew up in.

Sasuke, being someone who feels too much, always turns away when his expression might betray what he is thinking/feeling in that moment. He doesn’t like showing his vulnerability.

Not even to freaking Naruto!!:

Sasuke has a habit of turning away when emotional. So when he did this…

…I knew that it genuinely hurts him to not have been there for Sarada. It may have been easier when she was just a three year old in his mind that he could tell himself doesn’t feel his absence yet, but after Gaiden, seeing her not only grown up but hurting without him probably would make the feeling a whole lot worse. I mean, I’m just imagining how my dad felt seeing me after 10 years and me being convinced he was a dirtbag and not fully getting why he stayed away.

That’s why I’m invested in the happiness of this family, and that’s why I can now say that I fully support SasuSaku. Because the only one Sasuke has openly expressed emotion to…

…is Sakura. Not even Naruto. But Sakura. We, the audience, do not even get to see what she sees, but she’s clearly moved but whatever Sasuke is expressing. So Sakura is Sasuke’s confident, the one he’s chosen to see his true feelings. That’s huge. It didn’t strike me until we were actually shown his hurt over missing out on Sarada’s growing up.

Anyway, SasuSaku shippers, I just want to say that I get it now! I’m invested in them now 100%.

Took me a bit, but I’m here now!