Title: Sasuke who plan to be kissed at mouth and naruto who decided to kiss him at forehead

Sasu: !!
Naru: what’s wrong sasuke, do you want me to kiss at mouth?
Sasu: … not actually
Naru: um
Sasu: you are annoying
Naru: he is really cute

For the SasuNaru fandom (cause I’ve seen this a lot.) I hope you don’t actually believe that you’re salty because SasuNaru/NaruSasu isn’t canon. Come on, it’s still as canon as their very first kiss. If you feel sad then that means you’re taking chapter 699+ seriously. I long ago was over it. No matter what Kishimoto did, you shouldn’t even believe such trash. I don’t. With Gaiden and everything I just brushed that shit off and stay in the 698 chapters of canon material. We’re not salty. WE HAVE 698 CHAPTERS OF PURE EVIDENCE of their love for each other, and because of all this shit and inconsistencies with SasuSaku, and even NaruHina (tho I do ship it just not as hard as SasuNaru), our fandom has DOUBLED. Don’t let anyone take away what’s real to us. I’ve deemed SasuNaru canon since before all this. They’ll always be canon to me. Kishimoto fucking made Boruto the movie about Sasuke and Naruto. I don’t give morons the satisfaction of thinking they got something because of 10 chapters not even the full 10 of “darlings” “wifes” “husbands”. We have 698 chapters of pure gold out of 10 pieces of trash. It’s pretty clear who won here.

So what ifffffff team 7 went on a mission and Naruto gets blinded? When they get back to the village they find out that its (thankfully) short term and Naruto kinda has to deal with it on his own. But its EATING Sasuke up inside because he thinks its HIS fault Naruto is blind so he kinda just barrages into Naruto’s house and tells him that he’ll be taking care of him.

At first Naruto doesn’t want that because like hell will he let that bastard take care of him but then over time he realizes that he does need someone to take care of him.

And even though Sasuke feels guilty Naruto is still an idiot and is such a pain to take care of but then he see’s how lonely Naruto really is and because he’s blind he lets his guard down a lot more easier. He can actually see when Naruto is scared or sad instead of putting on a brave face all the time. And it takes Sasuke by surprise because he didn’t know Naruto could feel such deep emotions like that like the thought that Naruto can be sad just escapes him until he sees it. And he also starts to think that Naruto does have really pretty eyes because the blond doesn’t know when Sasuke stares at him because he can’t see him staring at him.

And they actually come to enjoy each others company and so many people tell Sasuke that they can take care of Naruto and he flat out refuses because he’s starting to really like Naruto’s company and when he’s not acting like a idiot he does have funny jokes and is really nice. And Naruto doesn’t want anyone other than Sasuke to take care of him because he already knows what his day to day life is like - at least that’s what he tells people but Sasuke over hears Naruto telling Iruka that he likes Sasuke taking care of him and Sasuke is actually really nice and sweet and he doesn’t know why but it leave Sasuke with such a warm feeling.

And they have to eat together and train together and after some embarrassment bathe together. Naruto really likes when Sasuke touches him, like on his back, and on his neck because his hands are rough but gentle and Sasuke really likes the little smiles (and sounds sometimes!) Naruto makes when he does touch him. And they have to sit next together so close that their legs touch and neither of them mind and whenever Sasuke stands he holds his arm out for Naruto who always takes it.

And then finally - FINALLY - Naruto can see again and its a little awkward for everyone because they’re not fighting, which is what everyone is used too, but they’re not touching each other or eating with each other and that’s what they’re used to and that’s what they like now.

And one day they just happen to be sitting next to each other again, legs touching, not trying to make it oblivious how much they like it because it might be weird for the other one and when Sasuke stands up he just holds his arm out for Naruto like its his second nature and before anyone can tell him other wise Naruto takes it anyway because that’s what he’s used too and it isn’t until they’re in front of Naruto’s house that it dawns on them what they just did and THEY JUST TURN SO FREAKING RED AND CUTE

Had to get that off my chest!

I would end Naruto at the pein arc and then fast forward into the future from there.

sasuke’s main target would be the shinobi governmet along with the elder’s of the leaf.

and Naruto is 6th hokage and actually tries to change the system!

sai is the new leader of the anbu black ops!

kakashi is naruto’s right hand man!

taka are still working with sasuke to take down konoha and the government!

anonymous asked:

Could you write a quick cute dialogue of Tomoe and Sasuke when Tomoe was around the age of 4? :3


Sasuke looked around the kitchen. It was already half past 11 in the morning. They needed to hurry but Tomoe was nowhere to be seen. 

“Come on, we need to get going.”,

Sasuke said, while adjusting his collar. He was met with silence. Frowning, Sasuke activated his sensor and detected a source of chakra from underneath the kitchen table. He bent over to look under it.

“There you are.”

Under the table sat a little dark haired girl in only her underwear. Behind her pacifier, she wore a scowl and her crossed arms indicated that she was very, very upset. Sasuke had feared as much.

“Are you still angry with me?”,

he asked. Tomoe looked demonstratively away, while furiously sucking on her pacifier. 

“Because I called you a spotted dinosaur?”

The sucking noise increased. Always a sign, that she was very angry.
Sasuke sighed. The mishap had happened only hours ago. Lately, Tomoe was all about dinosaurs and this morning, while wearing her spotted pajamas, she had loudly proclaimed herself to belong to the extinct species. Sasuke had played along and called her a ‘spotted dinosaur’, which had upset her greatly, as she felt that he didn’t take her seriously. 
Sasuke crawled under the table and sat next to his daughter. 

“Look, I’m sorry. I should have realized you were a regular dinosaur. Next time, I’ll get it right but today is very important day. Your father is finally becoming Hokage, so we need to hurry and get you dressed for the ceremony. You don’t want to miss his big day, right?”

Tomoe still didn’t look at him but the sucking noises slowly became gentler. 

“I’ll let you choose what to wear.”,

Sasuke said and scooted closer. Slowly, Tomoe glanced back at him.

“I chwoose…”,

she said with a slight lisp. Sasuke smiled.

“Yes, you choose. Let’s go.”