snidged  asked:

Top 5 SNS eyesex moments? :3

I wouldn’t call these eyesex, so here are my top (you said five? I heard ten) ten staring moments!

1. Naruto could read Sasuke before he even knew him.

2. “Hey, you”

3. “I can’t

4. “It’s been a while, hasn’t it?”

5.  “What’s a soulmate?” by: 

6. “Why do you care so much about me?”

7. Look at the fond in Naruto’s eyes, LOOK

8. “God, I love you”

9. “Always”

10. “To the very best of times, friend”

kerosenestars  asked:

What do you think Naruto and Sasuke smell like? c:

Naruto smells like a cool rose balanced with a warm, resiny vanilla. The epitome of youthfulness, strength, allure, and bliss. Almost syrupy, but yet not too sweet. Sasuke, on the other hand, smells quite masculine, paired down with a pure and woody scent, a little bit like sun-warmed cedarwood and an overall very mature and elegant odor. 

(Okay, I should perhaps start creating perfumes.) 

anonymous asked:

Modern AU: Naruto's style are things like basketball shorts, baggy sweatshirts, sleeveless shirts, and Sasuke's style is cashmere sweaters, skinny jeans, and polo shirts. Does that sound accurate to you?

Hmmm i like Naruto’s style but i honestly prefer Sasuke wearing things like slim cut jeans, well-fitted basic t-shirts, regular sweaters, and maybe a baseball tee here and there. All in dark colours tho ofcourse. 

**oops i said straight cut jeans i meant slim

anonymous asked:

l love you and even tho l know im into guys damn you're gorgeus 😍❤️🔥 l would die of happiness if l knew you irl btw if u had to choose between NaruSasu and SasuNaru which one

Oh my God, this is such a nice compliment! 😍 Thank you, I appreciate it, seriously, love. 💕 As for choosing between NaruSasu and SasuNaru, I am definitely more into SasuNaru, but I don’t mind NaruSasu at all.