So yesterday I said “eff you homework” and did this instead.

Now it’s off to work again.

If anyone has any suggestions for cutesy sasuxnaru comic stuff, feel free to tell me. I would love to practice making comics with these~

EDIT: LOL I just noticed I forgot to color Naruto’s sleeve black in the first panel. I’ll fix it when I get off work.

I’m all for Sasuke and Naruto’s desperate, raw, and unfiltered love. I’m all for Naruto being extremely over-protective of Sasuke. I’m all for Sasuke being jealous of Naruto’s numerous friends and glaring at anyone who even dares to look at Naruto. I’m all for Sasuke and Naruto confiding in each other about their abandonment issues and working through them together. I’m all for Sasuke’s devotion to Naruto because he’s his one and only. I’m all for Sasuke and Naruto being happy together, lost in their own little world. 

❝ It’s been a year filled with problems,
But now you’re here, almost as if to solve them.
And I can’t live in a world without you now. All my life I’ve been searching for you,
How did I survive in this world before you?
Cause I don’t want to live another day without you now. ❞

Naruto and Sasuke aren’t merely just a “ship” or an “otp” anymore. What I feel for these two is completely different from what I feel for my other ships.. These two transcend all human limits, especially their bond. I have never seen love so brutal and powerful. Love that is so raw and unconditional. Their bond just doesn’t compare to anything I’ve ever’s just beyond words now. Now I understand why Naruto couldn’t explain what he felt for Sasuke. This is the kind of love that binds people forever.

Sasuke: *doesn’t like it when someone touches him or get too close*

Sasuke: *is always disgusted or just doesn’t care when some fangirl is getting to clingy*

Naruto: *says one word*

Sasuke: *smashing his face to his face and breaks every personal space because he fucking can and nobody can stop him*  What the fuck what did you just say usuratonkachi come at me when you want trouble I will fucking chidori your ass you stupid baka can’t believe you said that-

nice fanfiction I’ve read in the last time (2)

Pyromaniac by Fast Forward (SasuNaru)

Andante, Allegro, Al Fine! by Nanaki Lioness (SNS)

Taming Sasuke by Nanaki Lioness (SNS)

Merging by Athena Alpha (SasuNaru)

In the Presence of Fragmented Days by Unfortunately Freckled (SNS)

Five Kisses by Seto’s Darkness (SNS)

Soup’s on by OfFansandFlames (SNS)

The Flight of the Idiots by MyThoughtBubbles (SasuNaru)

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