Sasuke: *doesn’t like it when someone touches him or get too close*

Sasuke: *is always disgusted or just doesn’t care when some fangirl is getting to clingy*

Naruto: *says one word*

Sasuke: *smashing his face to his face and breaks every personal space because he fucking can and nobody can stop him*  What the fuck what did you just say usuratonkachi come at me when you want trouble I will fucking chidori your ass you stupid baka can’t believe you said that-


No, they did not end up like this after fighting each other! They went up against a common enemy to protect Konoha. This is set years after the canon Naruto ending and inspired by Naruto’s promise to die with Sasuke. One of my favorite moments in the manga. 

This doujinshi is actually a shortened version of the first chapter of the fan fiction Twin Flames. It’s a SasuNaru reincarnation story, so only read it if you’re into that pairing. 

You can also read this doujinshi on my deviantart right here.

Now excuse me, while I go cry in the corner.


So yesterday I said “eff you homework” and did this instead.

Now it’s off to work again.

If anyone has any suggestions for cutesy sasuxnaru comic stuff, feel free to tell me. I would love to practice making comics with these~

EDIT: LOL I just noticed I forgot to color Naruto’s sleeve black in the first panel. I’ll fix it when I get off work.