Why Sasuke’s letter ISN’T for Sakura

1. The kanji written on the paper is SPECIFICALLY for weddings

This is the same sign only not folded:

THIS is how to congratulate birthday on Japanese:

2. There is NOTHING to indicate it’s Sakura’s birthday

3. Naruto is basically only one Sasuke cared about at that point.

4. It’s a known fact that Naruto and Hinata got married at 19. Naruto’s birthday is in October, Hinata’s is in December and Sakura’s in March. And since cherry blossoms are blooming in the background it means it’s time between January and May, so this date is close to Sakura’s 20th birthday.

BUT - in Boruto Sakura is 32 when Sarada is 12, (31 and 11 in Gaiden) meaning she gave birth in a year when she was 20. Now, Sakura’s birthday is March 28th and Sarada’s is March 31st, ultimately meaning Sakura was about to give birth on her 20th birthday

Does she look 9 months pregnant to you in that scene?

Conclusion: The wedding could happen only between January and May because cherry blossoms bloom at that time, and since Sakura isn’t pregnant it was in either April or May

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Together we can...

This was the third month since they had started to travel together, Sasuke was surprised time had slipped past him so quickly. Her presence made things easier, his guilt wasn’t so heavy on his shoulders when he looked at her walking by his side.

He felt like a thief. Like a vulgar robber of a precious flower that shouldn’t be allowed to touch its petals with his tarnished hands, but he hadn’t cared and plucked the flower out and taken it with him. His mouth filled with vile, as usual he was disgusted with himself.

“Sasuke? Are you feeling okay?” Sakura asked worriedly. “You look pale.” She reached for his face, his eyes closed when her fingers brushed his cheek and moved some of his hair away so she could have a better look at him. He tensed at her touch, Sakura felt it so she removed her touch quickly, he cursed himself.

“It’s nothing.” He opened his eyes again, she was frowning. His chest tightened, he just made her worry.

“I think we should stop for today.”

He didn’t answer, it didn’t matter if he tried to resist it, once the medic in Sakura took over there was no way of stopping her…not that he wanted to try anyway. When she didn’t see him move along she grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him along out of the path into the direction of a rock cliff that could be seen though the trees. He tried not to tense up again, but it was useless; every time she touched him or she stared at him for too long he would just go stiff and try to get away from her. It hurt her he knew, but he just couldn’t… Luckily they found a cave nearby, the sky from the south had been greying and rumbling in the distance threatening to come their way and drench them throughout the upcoming night.

“Stay here, I’ll go gather some wood.” She commanded and left the cave quickly before he could say anything against it.

Sasuke sighed pulling off his travel cloak and seated in the hard floor against the wall. He closed his eyes leaning his head against the rock. Why did he felt so tired? Maybe he did was coming down with something. The pit-pattering noise of water made him open his eyes again, it started raining and Sakura would get drenched while he stayed dry in there. He gritted his teeth and was about to go out and bring Sakura to the protection of the cave. As if his thoughts had summoned her she stepped into the cave shaking off the water from her pink hair.

She huffed. “That was close.” And not two seconds after the sky seemed to have traded places with the ocean and streams fell down to earth. Sakura smiled sweetly when she noticed him watching her, he turned his gaze away annoyed that she had caught him staring at her. “Don’t worry, I can’t get sick from this.” She said putting the wood down.

“Who said I was worried?” He muttered, it unnerved him how Sakura could pick up his thoughts so effortlessly now. Sakura smiled in a way he didn’t like at all as she started to pile some of the wood to start a fire.

“Maybe I should have gotten all drenched then. I would had have to remove all my wet clothes…” She said pensively with a finger on her chin. He felt some heat swell on his chest but controlled it quickly, Sakura pouted when she didn’t cause any visible reaction in him, then snickered. He stared at her, what was she laughing about? “Sorry, I just remembered something…” Then she regaled him with an story from her training time under Tsunade. At the end he was smirking lightly over the fire he had started with a small katon jutsu.

They stayed in that amicable silence watching into the fire as the storm raged outside, nighttime had filled their surroundings with darkness. Only sporadic lightnings made the blackness retreat for few seconds. Sakura was seating at arms reach from him but was far enough for him to don’t feel her body heat, nor make out her smell. It took him by surprise that he longed for it, soon enough it was replaced by the disgust of himself he felt every time he acknowledge his desire for such a pure being.

“Stop it.” Sakura chided him.

“Stop what?” He asked coldly. Of course he knew what she meant, and of course she knew he knew. He didn’t meant to sound so aloof, but every time she came closer he recoiled. It wasn’t fair to her.

“Don’t torment yourself, it won’t help.” She answered with sadness.

He clenched his jaw and closed his eyes, he could feel his temper raising. “It’s none of your business.” He rasped. Because he didn’t want it to be, he didn’t want her to feel anymore worry nor pain over him.

“Sasuke.” She called and when he turned her hand was reaching for him, he swated it away violently. She gasped and her eyes shined with hurt again.

His eyes widened. Why did he hit her away? Why did he hurt her when he wanted, needed, loved-

You can’t, you shouldn’t.

He was dirty, covered in blood and darkness and those stains just wouldn’t go. He couldn’t touch her, so clean, so pure, so bright- But heavens he wanted, he wanted to embreace her despite his filth, with all his darkness and broken soul, to make her his and for no one else to touch her.

He wanted to taint her with his corruption.

“Sakura I-I can’t-” His throat sized, he felt caged, the cave was to small and she was so close. He had to get out. The rain hitted his face and the water seeped into his clothes, he couldn’t stop he had to get away. He couldn’t breath but he had to go farther away, if he didn’t he would soil her and she had to stay clean, away from hi-

“-ke! Sasuke!”

No. If she comes close, she is going know, she would see how much he wanted her. So he doesn’t stop until she grasps his wrist with an unbreakable grip and turns him around forcefully, he starts backing away but his back hits against a tree. In his mind there was no way of scape, even when there were tons of ways he could get away from her. But in that moment, when his eyes locked in her drenched face, water running down her cheeks and falling into the floor something snapped.

And this time rather than push her away he pulled her close into his chest. “Sakura.” His voice came out thick with want and fear as he whispered her name in her ear. Now he knows he can’t let her go, because she won’t let him go. She wants him even when she has seen him, when she knows he can’t give her everything she wishes for, when she knows she will suffer even more… And it hurts. It hurts to see her suffer for him, it cuts his heart not being able to give full happiness to the woman he loves.

He’s so afraid he will crush or dry this beautiful flower.

“Sasuke. Sasuke, look at me.” Sakura moved him away an inch so she could take his face between her hands. “It’s okay, it’s okay, nothing bad is going to happen.”

“You can’t know that.” He choked.

Her eyes softened. “Then we’ll make it better…together.”

Together. I don’t know how you could love me…how you still can…

“I’m broken Sakura.”

“Then I’ll put you back together…Maybe I wasn’t strong enough to bring you back. But I’m strong enough to make you whole again.”

Lighting crossed the sky and for a few seconds her face was so clear before him, those eyes that shone with conviction, with courage and yet with so much kindness. Finally he understood, Sakura’s love was unbreakable, incorruptible, as bright as day. He could let himself dive into his love for her because his darkness wouldn’t reach her, wouldn’t taint her. No, her light had reached him way before his darkness could reach her and it was pushing the dark away.

He took a shaky breath. “Thank you, Sakura.”



Next day, he had come down with a cold and Sakura was as energetic as if she hadn’t been under the rain and cold as long as him. He couldn’t help but to give her a sour look.

Sakura laughed. “I told you I don’t break easily.”

He sneezed in response, she giggled and hugged him. He grunted in annoyance, she was taking advantage of his weakened state. But then he thought to himself, it wasn’t so bad.

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Don't you sometimes find it frustrating that antis are treating headcanons like canon? They even use their fanfiction ideas in arguments as if they were true. If people left them to re-tell the Naruto story, they'd make it look like Sakura pulled a gun on Sasuke to force him to marry her and forced/guilt him into having sex with her. One anti went overboard and called SasuSaku "rape". Why do they lie so much and make themselves believe it? None of this crap is in the manga or hinted at.

Yep, it’s actually kinda laughable that they’re still pushing these ideas of Sakura drugging Sasuke, or having sex with his clone, or Sasuke feeling obliged to be with her due to Sarada’s “accidental” conception.

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