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I truly believe Sakura is a strong woman for her hardships and i can't see anyone else helping Sasuke through his hardship and loneliness then her. Sure Naruto was his brother and he knew Naruto would be there for him but he also deserved a happy ending like Naruto, that was the thing between the Sons of the Sage Six Paths. One had something while the other didn't but this time not only they both have powers to now protect others but both found happiness in their lives.

Yep! It’s just like Naruto said isn’t it?

In other words, the history of the brothers wouldn’t repeat itself, and indeed it didn’t. Both of them found happiness ^_^

Karin not doing anything for Sasuke?

Now I’ve seen this claim get thrown around ever since the Five Kage Summit Arc where we see Karin alarmed by Sasuke’s change in behavior due to the Curse of Hatred consuming him:

And her showing concern and even fright over his change:

This has led some people to bash her and call her “submissive”, his “lapdog" and claim how she couldn’t do anything for his hatred.

However…some people should also keep in mind on how Hashirama Senju (a.k.a. The God of Shinobi) couldn’t do anything for Madara’s Hatred:

And we saw how close those two were! So it really doesn’t make sense to bash Karin for something she really couldn’t control honestly.

Just my thoughts! =P

Happy NaruSasu day everyone!! (October 23)

To contribute to today I’d thought I’d finish up my artwork of Naruto and Sasuke.

In case you guys are wondering what the sentences on each picture are, on Narutos picture I’ve put some of the things Sasuke has said to him, and on Sasukes picture the same.
(Zoom in if you guys wanna see the sentences, sorry my writing is small and messy😞)

I hope you guys like it!💕

Ps. Sorry for the shadow over them that’s from my shelf, and umbreons ear was in my way as well.