Growing distant, towards darkness. The one to appear before him as he began leave was Sakura. To the back of a Sasuke that tried to avert from what was being left behind, Sakura desperately conveys her feelings. Bright and earnest feelings - feelings that did not want to lose Sasuke.
The one who filled his lonely existence with the emotion called love was Sakura. But, as expected, Sasuke cannot respond to those feelings. Sasuke was only able to leave a single word of thanks as word of parting. Sakura, who needed him to the last. His words are not a deceit but his true feelings.

  • Naruto: i have a plan
  • Sakura: you have a plan?
  • Naruto: ...i have part of a plan
  • Sasuke: what percentage of a plan do you have?
  • Naruto: twelve percent?
  • Naruto: that's a fake laugh
  • Sasuke: it's real
  • Naruto: totally fake
  • Sasuke: this is the most real, authentic, hysterical laugh of my entire life because THAT IS NOT A PLAN
  • Sakura: it's barely a concept
  • Naruto: why are you taking his side?!
  • Kakashi: well, it's better than eleven percent
The permission
  • Sakura: Mama, Papa, Sasuke-kun and I have something very important to discuss with you
  • Kizashi: your pregnant aren't you?
  • Mebuki: I knew this would happen one day😭
  • Sakura: WHAT! NO!!!
  • Sasuke: ( ignoring their comment) Sakura and I have decided to get married, I came here to ask for your permission.
  • ...........................
  • Both parents: EEEEHHHHHHH!!!
  • Sakura: I know this may came as a shock to you. But I love Sasuke-kun and I know he loves me too!! So-
  • Kizashi: (ignoring sakura and looking at sasuke) Ya sure you want to marry my daughter?My tomboyish daughter who can't even cook if her life depends on it?
  • Mebuki: The same daughter who AlWAYS forget to put the shoes on the rack? Who forgets to do the dishes even when I remind her a 1000 times!!
  • Kizashi: Kid there's plenty of fish in the sea!! And your such a handsome boy!! Just like I was when I was your age. I tell you I had soo many admires!! Girls used to-
  • Mebuki: ( waving her hand to silence kizashi) yes yes whatever but seriously honey you can tell me did she blackmail you or something? Cause I know many very charming and ladylike girls you can settle with!!
  • Sakura: ( red faced) What kind of parents are you??? Stop setting up my fiance with someone else when I'm sitting right here! SHANNARO!!
  • Both parents: ( starts laughing 😂) We were just kidding!!
  • Sakura: IT WASN'T FUNNY!! God you guys are-
  • Sasuke: ( slightly smiles while watching the haruno's bicker loudly with each other) there all so annoying.

anonymous asked:

Were there any naruto characters you'd of liked to see their backstory or play a bigger role in one of the arcs? Like ones who were secondary/minor characters that we didn't see a lot of. For example, I'd like to know Kakuzu's backstory. I also would of liked seeing more of some Leaf jonin like Genma, Raidou, etc.

Anko, definitely Anko. I mean, there were definitely plenty other characters that I would have loved to see more of, including Muu, Yugito, Fuu and Samui. But Anko man… I really liked her.

She was my favourite female character when she was introduced, hands down. However, because Naruto and Sasuke got so much attention, other characters didn’t get the attention they deserved, and in my opinion, Anko was one of the biggest examples:

She seemed like a really interesting, badass character with a troubled history, kind of like a toned down, female version of Sasuke. I felt as though she could have been that lone wolf, take no shit type of kunoichi, especially since she also had the Curse Seal.

This is why it was all the more disappointing when she was kind of just forgotten about. Anko wasn’t a character like for example Samui, who I’m sure the majority of fans remember for her chest alone. Anko had a lot of depth to her; she was literally a blank canvas full of possibilities due to her character and ties with very dynamic individuals. But Kishi instead decided to throw the canvas away instead of allowing it to fulfil its vast potential.

Anko was never even shown activating the Curse Seal in the story, which is disappointing because not only did they both have ties with Orochimaru, but she even shared the same Seal as Sasuke, yet another similarity between them. Think about how cool it could’ve been to see her looking out for Sasuke and tutoring him in how to suppress the seal? (Or use/control it, depending on which Angle Kishi may have decided to go with). If Kishi had chosen to expand on that, we potentially could have had a story line where maybe Anko and Sasuke bonded over their Curse Seal troubles, and from this, Anko could have become like a protective, big sister figure to Sasuke. The potential was there:

It was stated that only 1 in 10 people survive the Seal adapting to your body. So why not show why Anko was part of that special 10%? Too much emphasis was placed on Naruto and Sasuke in the story. A lot of the excess spotlight could have been given to those characters who were deserving of more attention, and Anko was definitely one of them. Unfortunately, due to her severe lack of screen time, her position as my favourite female was usurped by Temari, Konan and Sakura respectively, but Anko always held a special spot in my heart, solely for what could (and really should) have been.

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"it was nowhere stated they are gay." It was also nowhere stated that they are straight anon. You just ////assume//// that they are. You view heterosexuality as the norm but this is not how it works. Asuming that they aren't straight is a theory just as much as asuming that they aren't.

*Straight pro voice* Lisen,,., Karen,,.., it’s illogical to believe Naruto and Sasuke might actually be anything else than straight, really. You’re simply delusional and need to read the manga again. Stop forcing your gay agenda on us. After all, Naruto and Sasuke don’t behave gay. Oh, wait, was that homophobic? Uh, nahhh, I’m not homophobic. I have gay friends. I like the Gays™, seriously. Anyway, you are all a bunch of delulu fujoshis.