sasuke laugh is amazing


Some of the photos from Cinema Nova’s morning screening of The Last:Naruto the Movie on the 17th. To the cosplayers pictured here: let me know if you’re on here and I’ll credit you! The sense of unity here, showing our love and support for a series was amazing and you all made it worthwhile to travel two hours there and back. Such an amazing turnout! Thank you! =^__^=

Small Naruto and Sasuke:

Imagine small Naruto and Sasuke always watching over each other. 

Imagine them always looking for each other.

Imagine them getting the butterflies when they would come around/see one another.

Imagine how Naruto’s eyes would sparkle with amazement (with a hint of determination) when Sasuke would do something amazing.

Imagine Sasuke laughing to himself when he sees Naruto do something funny, but then play it off when someone questions him about said laughter.