sasuhina month

*wipes brow*

I’m finally up to date on the SH daily entry front, and this time it’s some AU coffee shop SasuHina! <3

I think Hinata is checking whether or not Sasuke remembered to purchase a cinnamon roll >_< I don’t even know anymore *snorts*

I should probably feel bad for not following the actual SH Month prompts, but I worked a list out for myself a while back X’D I’ll be doing mostly rough sketches, since I’m really slow at drawing properly…so there will be the expected messiness *facepalm*

ANYWAYS! Hope you guys like it!

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SASUHINA: Hinata hates Sasuke (if you squint you might see it)

long post ;P

They are playing the ‘No reaction’ game.  It a thing me and my friends made up in middle school.  The goal of the game is to not react to anything the other person say, you must stay calm and always be ready to say a comeback as clearly as possible (so no stuttering or hesitating).  If they say something cheasy, you cant smile or laugh; if they say something to make you angry, you cant get mad.  Anything goes and you must always stay calm, and if you dont, you lose.  Me and my friends play this game for fun, but sometimes we play to see who will pay the bills when we eat out.

WOOOOHHH! SasuHina month is HERE! *crazy laughter*

Here is my first entry…I finished reworking one of my very messy manga strips from earlier this year, so I have tomorrow lined up as well :3 Hopefully I won’t lose my momentum, I have still so much to draw *grins*
Expect lots and lots of messy SH sketches in the next few weeks (hopefully) <3

On another note…

I haven’t drawn in SUCH  along time, so it’s good to be back.

Can’t wait to see what amazing stuff my fellow submariners submit this year! <3

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oh my god im so sorry for being late ahhhh, I put my life on this t____t!! but finally I did it! Now I need to do  the other ones! 

I really hope you liked it hahaha, I love a childSasuke being all defensive when it’s about Itachi and Hinata too with Neji. But c’mon, Neji and Itachi have a flawless hair.

sorry for the mega post t______________t it’s sooooooo long!

SasuHina Month - Prompt List!

Finally, after a month of wait, here goes the prompt list!

Thank you all that contributed to this list! 

Let’s all have fun!!

  1. First encounter
  2. Tomatoes and Cinnamon Buns
  3. A beloved sibling
  4. Emergency
  5. Blankets
  6. Birthday
  7. Vampire AU
  8. Sleepover 
  9. Dressing up
  10. Personal trainer
  11. Fairy tale/ Folks tale 
  12. Your favorite movie AU
  13. Attuned
  14. Hinata hates Sasuke 
  15. Superpowers
  16. Flower shop AU 
  17. Snores and Spooning
  18. Motorcycle
  19. RTN! AU
  20. Sunshine and Rainfall
  21. Hospital AU
  22. Mermaid / Merman AU
  23. Supernatural AU 
  24. Gaming / Games AU
  25. Roomates / Neighbors AU
  26. NSFW (this doesn’t have to be about smut, ok?)
  27. Hair
  28. Music / Art
  29. Sports AU
  30. Pirates
  31. Family

Remember: you don’t have to follow this list, it’s only a guide. You can create your own prompts!

SasuHina Love!

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“A Random Encounter”

Looks like I’m not following any of the “official” prompts, just making stuff up as I go along x’D Oops?

Reworked this little manga strip from earlier (this year maybe??, and I remember not being able to sleep until I drew it out *chuckles* Not sure where it came from, nor do I know what the sort of context is for this encounter…but hey, it’s fun! ;)

Oh yeah, start from the top right panel, reads like normal manga :D

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GAH! FINALLY! Sweet mother of monkey milk, this one took wayyyy too long hey, I blame it on my cramping hand…another day late again X’D FAIL.

But anyways, I needed a break for “Coffee Time”, so I opted for a “plain” sketch this time around again ^_^ Not too happy with this one, but eh. What can you do? ^^“ So yeah…some Harry Potter crossover SasuHina for all of you! ;) Hope you guys like it *grins* <3

PS: Drawing clothing is the bane of my existence, because I have no idea what I’m doing 99% of the time >_<

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