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I don’t know why I’m suddenly feeling so nostalgic.. but this was one of the first SS fan arts I ever did.. like 11 years ago? And I was proud so of it then. This one still has such a soft spot in my heart because I remember my younger self and how much I loved this piece, sometimes I wish I still had that magic in me, to love my own artwork that dearly (because nowadays I immediately hate whatever I finish creating).. The foreground was colored in marker and the background was done in painter.

I drew this right around when Shippuden first started and Sakura saw Sasuke again after such a long time.. haha. This is what I wished would have happened in the ensuing scuffle (and I still do lol).



My favorite SasuSaku genin moments in my style! :)

I know I am not the best at updating (art isn’t my career and life has been crazy) or keeping up with every single one of you all, my lovely followers. But this one is for you guys, the genin moments brought us into the SasuSaku fandom and as a result, brought all of us together, to begin with :D I love, adore, and appreciate every single one of you! I appreciate the comments, the tags in the reblogs, messages, I may not always express it or respond, but I do read all of them!

Thank you for 750+ followers <3 I hope I can get to know all of you better in the future!!! ^_^


P.S. What are your favorite SS Genin moments? 


SSMonth Day 12/15 - Shade/Take a Break
I finally finished something for SS Month @_@ I’m also one day late for Sasuke’s birthday, so this is for his birthday too. ^^;

I have mixed feelings about this piece.. only because I think I was too ambitious with too little time to spare. I’m just glad it’s done.

I like how they look without the background more (but the prompt wouldn’t have made sense without the BG..) so I provided that and a close-up of their faces since in the final version a lot of the detail is lost/too small.


Edit: I didn’t realize there was a theme to each week.. so fail on me :/

Sauce has a lot of cats

Happy SNS week everyone!! 

“Take me back, I love you.
Pity my-I need you.
I know it’s wrong, it must be wrong…
But right or wrong, I can’t get along
Without you. “

- Frank Sinatra   


Noir AU

Sweet Nothings

「 ただいま、サクラ。」
“I’m home, Sakura.“

「 おかえり 、サスケくん 。」
”Welcome home, Sasuke-kun.”


I proudly proclaim myself fandom trash.

But seriously though, LOVED this Naruto Gaiden Chapter (700 + 6). It inspired to me to draw right away! Which is good because I haven’t posted something in what.. months?
‘Tis only a sketch though. Oh well!

(I think Sarada-chan is too small though… how do I proportion 12 year olds?! Let’s just pretend she’s standing farther back LOL?)

Seriously though, best family. Best father, best mother.

Papa Sasuke and Mama Sakura protecting their baby Salad.

Enjoy! :)