The Winchester boys reacting to Cas having sex
  • Sam:*smiles knowingly* *probably wants to say good for you in a friend way*
  • Dean:*splutters* *attempts to swallow drink* *fails to swallow drink* *is gonna spit it out* *but that's not ladylike* *wants to exorcise self* *finally swallows drink* *walks warily over to Cas* *tries not to sound jealous* You had sex with April? *shit I sounded jealous*

Okay if you like Sastiel and you have a minute imagine this:

Angel!Cas and Angel!Sam growing up in heaven together

  • Castiel is the older one, and gets send out to fight his first battle, but before he can leave Sam hugs him, full body hug, including his huge white wings wrapped firmly around  Cas, whispering into his ear “Come back to me”
  • Sam waiting for Cas, anxious, nervous, scared, just to be overjoyed when Cas does come back
  • There’s no such thing as emotions for angels, or there shouldn’t be apart from loyalty and faith, but Cas and Sam love each other, in the purest, most innocent angelic way, guarding heaven together and watching the stars, flying together
  • Fighting together, until Castiel’s light blue wings are drenched in blood and gore, until Sam’s hair is wet with sweat and mud and blood, and the first thing they’ll do after every battle is make sure the other is save and well
  • When Cas is send to guard Dean, and eventually falls because he doesn’t want to go through with the apocalypse, Sam follows him, falling as well
  • Millenia after they first met, after they started loving each other they kiss for the first time, on earth, wearing vessel’s, but it’s still intense enough to make them breathe heavily and wide-eyed, Sam smiling coyly and Castiel hugging him close, whispering terms of endearment in Enochian into his neck
  • Shortly before the world is supposed to end they have their first time, slow and oh so careful, not sure what to do and how not to hurt each other, but Sam is no youngling and convinces Cas he can take it, so they finally fuck and it’s ridiculously picture perfect to them, it’s finally being as close physically as they’ve always been mentally
  • After everything is over, the world is saved and Lucifer is caged again, they stay on earth, with each other, helping the hunters, saving and healing them, eventually getting married with Dean as Cas’s and Bobby as Sam’s Best Man
  • They’re the hunting communities’ angels and whoever dares talking shit about them has to face a bar full of pissed off hunters with guns, safety already switched off
  • They don’t need protection, but after millennia of battles and fighting it’s nice to live in peace, be part of a real family

Sam and Cas as angel husbands. Just  (✿ ♥‿♥)

Speckled with snow

Person A has never seen snow before and person B grew up in the cold. Imagine B teaching A how to ski, how to sledge, how to make a snowman and how to win at snowball fighting. Imagine them rolling on the ground together, dizzy with laughter. /p>