Sastiel Secret Santa Exchange for saminsnow, who prompted:  cuddling with hair braiding.

I didn’t quite manage the first bit and settled on this after multiple sketches of limbs going everywhere attempting to draw cuddling and hair braiding at the same time. In hindsight, I could’ve separated them. :’) Nevertheless, I hope you like this!

Sassy Xmas Exchange 2013
// for: youaremyroadmap
Prompt: Christmas Sweaters

AU: Where Sam and Cas spend a truly wonderful Christmas together. Full of warm Christmas sweater snuggles, lazy mornings by the fire, and long days to play in the snow.
And on Christmas morning, Sam asks Cas if he got everything he had wanted. Cas just smiles back at Sam and leans over to place the softest kiss to the tip of Sam's nose.
"I got you, didn't I?" 
And Cas swears the smile that spreads across Sam's face in that moment, could keep him warm for the rest of his life. 

So, FINALLY, here is my Sassy Secret Santa gift for Pyritedark. Sorry for waiting until the absolute LAST SECOND to post, but I tried really hard and so I hope that makes up for it! The prompt was long distance relationships with skype dates. I extrapolated quite a bit so I hope it’s to your liking. It’s ~4.5k and contains adult content! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Sam starts to think Castiel’s not going to show up. Sam’s been glued to his computer for almost 2 hours, waiting and watching for the little alert that would tell him that Castiel has come online. He sets his head down on the heavy wooden table, the dull thunk of his forehead echoing throughout the bunker library. If he holds his breath, he can hear Dean’s footsteps in some distant corridor, and it comforts him some, because even though Cas is gone he will always have Dean.

Sam hears the telltale chiming sound from his computer, and he exhales in a burst as he sits straight up, trying to see if it’s Castiel.  He doesn’t even get the chance to see before he’s getting a video call, which more than answers his question.  Swallowing back a huge grin as not to wear his heart on his sleeve, Sam answers the call and is greeted with Castiel, an apologetic smile on his face.

Castiel nods, “Hello, Sam.”

The quality of the video is not the greatest, and Castiel’s expression is broken up by errant pixels, but they try to make the best of it. Sam knows he can’t expect the greatest things of the internet in the more remote parts of India.

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Sassy Secret Santa

So it’s late and I’m super sorry, but here’s your gift!

for Amber Rose

Prompt 3: Angels are treated as second-class citizens, and a group of people attack poor Castiel for no reason, breaking one of his wings among other things. Sam finds him, takes him home and patches him up, then offers to let him stay when he finds out Cas is homeless. ~They fall in love of course~ but angel/human couples are looked down on, so they have to keep their relationship a secret.

Meant to do more with this wonderful, wonderful prompt, but, time makes fools of us all. Hope you enjoy!

(fic under the cut)

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Sassy Santa Exchange

Happy Christmas! This is for Caitlin (breathforall), who prompted “Sam asks to see Castiel’s wings and begins to touch which happens to lead to first time.” This is probably a lot more angsty than you wanted, but I promise it has a happy ending. I hope you have a great Christmas, hun!

Also:  Really really bad fanart at the end.

Title:  Affliction Shall Advance the Flight in Me ((from George Herbert’s “Easter Wings”))

Time period:  Anywhere between 7.18 and 8.22

Rating:  NC-17 for explicit sexytimes

Wordcount ~ 5000

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(Prompt 1: Warm fluffy wings.)For Sastiel Week Secret Santa 2013.

Dear so-much-sastiel, I AM SUPER SORRY. I promise I WILL complete my fic for you. Until then, I made a quick doodle to tide you over. Which is also late. I’m sorry.
There are like 10,000 things wrong with this thing and I hate Sam’s stupid undrawable hair forever, but like I said, it’s just a quick thing.

I now return to my regularly scheduled panic.

Sastiel Secret Santa 2013 for Heather:

Prompt 2: Soulless!Sam and Castiel hurt/comfort where Cas takes care of Sam and there’s the beginning of developing feelings between them and added angst from Cas’ side because he knows Sam is without a soul and yet he still can’t help feeling for him.

A/N: I am so sorry for taking so long! You had a lot of information for me to incorporate! x.x I hope it has everything you wanted!


In the darkness of a rundown motel room, he hears Sam ask,

“Did you find God, Cas?”

Castiel closes his eyes. He nudges closer to Sam but never touches him as they lie on some motel bed for the seventh time in two months.

“No. I have not.”

“Me either,” Sam says. His fingers trace a pattern on the exposed skin of Castiel’s arm. The angel isn’t wearing his coat or suit jacket. His sleeves are rolled up. His shoes are off. He thinks he looks like a regular man home from a hard day’s work in bed with his significant other.

“How do you search for him, Sam?”

“Faith. Prayer. He’s gotta hear something at some point, right?” Sam’s hand drifts to the crook of his elbow, “You tired?”

“Slightly. Traveling between heaven and earth is draining. And my grace…” Castiel opens his eyes now letting countless other phrases filter through his mind. He doesn’t have to finish. Sam is able to fill in the silence with his own conclusions.

“Stay. Please,” he asks. Castiel’s eyes flick to the door adjacent to them, “Dean isn’t… he’s not… coming back. Not till the morning.”

The absolute resignation on his face has Castiel reaching to brush the hair out of Sam’s face.

“Sam, he’ll-“

“He won’t,” Sam shakes his head. A tear rolls over his nose, drips to the pillow, “Not unless I fix everything.”

“You can’t-“

“I have to-“

“You don’t. Not alone.”

“Ruined the world, Cas. Have to make it up somehow.”


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Not to Worry (Secret Santa Sastiel Fic)

Title: Not to Worry

For: Paige

Prompt 2: Semi-cracky established cas/sam, where people always mistake Cas and Dean for a couple (at diners, bars, on cases). Maybe it drives Sam crazy and he so he gets really possessive in bed (doesn’t have to be top!sam, I actually prefer bottom!sam). What I really want is all three of them to be so confused because to them it’s so obvious that Sam and Cas are together, while Cas and Dean have never been anything but platonic. Anywhere you want to go with that would be great :)

Rated: R (explicit blowjob)

Words: ~2,600

Notes: This is shorter than I wanted it to be and I’m really sorry (my birthday’s in December too so along with the holidays things have been a little nuts) but I hope you like it! To make up for the shortness I’m hoping that in January I can take a stab at your third prompt as well, because I kind of wanted to do both but didn’t have the time. And thank you to Marisa for being my Beta!

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woo cuddles

Pairing; Sastiel

Prompt; Cozy winter cuddles. I chose to do the mugs but not the other things.


I’m so sorry if this isn’t exactly what you wanted, I tried my best!! (:

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Sassy Secret Santa 2013

For: Emmram

Prompt: End!verse. It’s the year 2016, Lucifer is defeated, and the Apocalypse is less a cataclysmic event and more a state of being. Sam is caught somewhere between being corporeal and just another spirit—his body’s too ravaged to live in; his soul is too powerful with the remnants of Lucifer’s grace to be your regular restless spirit. He roams the land, half-crazed and full of regret. He also happens to be Castiel’s next hunt. Except it doesn’t quite work that way…

Summary: Cas thought he might be going insane.

Word Count: ~4500

Emmram, I hope you like this! Sorry I’m posting so late, life has been crazy and this whole thing sort of got away from me. It kind of strays from the prompt, but I think it (hopefully) captures the spirit of what you wanted. Also I hope you like angst because somehow this turned out really sad oops sorry please don’t kill me

Thank you to Capps for kicking my ass and beta-ing by turns.

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Sassy Santa 2013

For Katie (jaredcortese)!

I’m unforgivably late, sorry! But this is one of the toughest things I’ve written, and took several rewrites to wrestle into submission. I hope you enjoy! <3

Words: ~1,800

Warnings: Spoilers till the end of s3 and for the beginning of s4, some torture/gore, some swearing, lots and lots of weirdness, metaphor-abuse.

Prompt: Sam became the Boy King of Hell after season 3, and Cas is sent to kill him as he retrieves the Righteous Man. Except, the King isn’t exactly the root of all evil he was expecting. He actually seemed awed that something as inherently good as an angel existed at all.


there’s sam.

there’s sam, and another man—a luminous man, whose every moment is followed by a halo of golden light that hurts dean’s eyes.

there’s sam, that luminous man, and beyond them is a gaping maw of endless darkness, ringed by teeth that’s dripping blood and entrails, echoing screams and the wet sound of tearing flesh.

beyond them is freedom.

dean gathers his misshapen, dismembered body together, and stumbles towards it.

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