Tis the Season

Alright folks, as we all know it’s protective styling season (it’s winter in some parts and harmattan in other parts) this means we literally have to hide our strands from the harsh environmental conditions or excessive combing/daily styling. A protective style helps with length retention in that there is no manipulation while the hair is tucked away for the set period of time, this varies from person to person. It also saves a whole lot of TIME, let’s be honest we spend at least 2 hours during the weekend or on washday. This time can be used for other productive activities like reading (I know someone whose name shall not be mentioned will agree with me lol). There are different types of styles but It’s important to ensure that the temple and nape areas are also protected (what is a full head of hair with no edges?! Lol). Please don’t forget to oil your scalp regularly (at least every every other day/night) to stimulate growth during this period.

Thanks to YouTube we don’t have to stick with just weaves and box braids (these are still good options when installed properly), there are countless tutorials available. Most of them are inexpensive, Below is a list along with great tutorials on how to achieve them:

– Yarn Wrap/braids - this is braids using yarn, the yarn can dry your hair but constant moisturizing alleviates this issue. Moisturize the yarn and your hair with conditioner before and after installing ( this is my current protective style and I love it) - 

– Crotchet braids - this is a pretty interesting method of installing a weave but in my opinion the best since the tendency of the temple and nape regions to experience damages is low. All you need is your choice of weave hair and a crotchet needle -

– Two strand and flat twists - this is probably the safest method being that no extensions are used so the tension on the hair is less than all other styles. The twists can be created into an Updo -

– The Bun Life - buns are easy and great protective style but tight buns can put unnecessary tension on your edges thereby defeating the purpose of protective styling. Keep the gel to a minimum or get a control paste, create loose buns and don’t sleep with the bun

Finally, with all these protective styles the critical question to ask yourself is, is my hair really protected and moisturized?! Make sure you judge that (it could be as easy as getting bigger braids instead of tiny ones that can rip out your strands or leaving the temple hair untouched while braiding). The key is to protect the hair not just create a “poppin” look for the season

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