to make sassygaydean feel better: More Dean's Foot/Shoe

It felt like Heaven should’ve.

Like foot rubs and warm woolen socks and toasty blankets, warmed by another’s shared heat. Like the rumble of the Impala’s engine against the gas pedal; or like taking a hill too fast, how he’d lift ever so slightly into the air, and wonder, for a split second, if ever he was going to land.

It’s just a shoe, Dean’s foot told himself.

But it was so much more.

The shoe leather creaked and groaned.

But Dean’s foot, it seemed to whisper, this is wrong. Our love, it cannot last. One day, Dean will take me off, and we will be parted forevermore.

Dean’s foot wiggled his toes in silent pleasure, the kind unequaled by that offered by any mere sandal or slipper.

Not if the shoe fits, he seemed to whisper back.

About the inside joke I have with Ty Olsson

It started when I was at in the queue for Misha’s autograph and we talked with Ty (he visted the autograph room because he was bored) and he said “ask Misha how much he loves Ty,”. He didn’t expect one of us to really do it though.

So I asked Misha “How much do you love Ty?” and Misha said “A lot”. He then grabbed my autograph and looked at me, saying “Did Ty tell you to ask that?” and I laughed and said “Maybe.”

At the party that Saturday, I told Ty what Misha said. Ty replied: “I love teasing Misha. He’s a great guy.”

Then, at Rick and Ty’s panel, Ty got asked more questions compared to Rick, and Rick wanted questions too. (I was the last one, LUCKY!) So I went to the microphone and I noticed Ty squinted his eyes, like he tried to remember where he knew me from. I then said “I have a question for Rick; how much do you love Ty?” They both burst out in laughter, and Ty recognised me at that moment.

Then I had one last autograph with Ty, and he said “You again!” and I said “Yeah, last time, I promise. So… How much do you love me?” and he laughed and said “I love you so, so much.” And he wrote “So much love, soooo much” on my autograph.


nina and ran watch this just trust me

I am such a bad person… I know some of you will probably unfollow me just cuz I put one personal thing this one time, but screw you if you do..
Besides the point I am a bad person in the sense that I hardly ever go on here anymore or talk to any of you lovely people I consider my friends.. Even if it is just one sided..
So basically this is a big apology post! I am really really sorry for those of you that follow me and I rarely post anymore because of RL.
Right now I currently am managing a full time job and night school and practically look like death because of it, and my weekends are mostly my sleep time.
Another sorry to those I have promised to write some fics for, many of you probably hate me for it but as I said before I rarely have any free time now and when I do I sleep.. And eventually, by the summer time I’m hoping to have some time back to do them!
To those who are still with me regardless, I appreciate you and love you all to pieces!
Until we talk again this has been a public apology/rant/confession.

sassygaydean replied to your post: man i really dont get it. and i dont get why it’s…

i always thought the batter and his views on the utopian world and its elements (metal, plastic, meat, smoke, sugar) are a symbolism of his own life full of materialism, it feels fake-ish and all the Elsens were probably what he used to be (a worker?)

oOOOOOooo i like that a lOT like i like the layering that the real world with the off world like the world hugo made up is just as real as ours even if its in his head because things just go like everyones little lives and stuff and zacharie and the frog king stuff are old stories of his that he replaced with this one his world so he rolled that all up into it too and thats why zacharie is this mega rich merchant dude with a wife and stuff like a retired hero but omg that aside

i lOVe that so much 

thats perfect!!!

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kimi = you.


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jinsei kakete kimi(you) wa


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That is the kanji for kimi It means “you”


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Kimi, it means you


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It’s “Jinsei Kakete Kimi Wa”

Thank you all guys!! :D <3<3<3

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Omfg ita. I think they think I’m cute so asdklfjas but they make me want to go shopping for clothes they all dress so nice and I’m just… MEH. ;w;“

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that’s really cool they’re the same age i assume?

18-20+ I’m not really sure who’s what age. But that’s around my age so it’s chill uvu

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Sam please join that kidnap queue for me, thanks.

Hahahaha maybe.

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Shhhh most of these Japanese are okay. I wanted to ask my friend for his contact since they were in the same group for the game concept challenge but aaaa it sounds so strange and sudden ;u;” I’ll hopefully run into him over the next two months I mean–