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So wht didn't Hook just tell Emma the truth?

Because he’s mad at himself?

Because he’s unsure of how she’ll react?

Because he’s trying to protect her?

Because he just hasn’t had the chance yet?

I mean, who knows.

But he will tell her, he always does.

I think a lot of us are forgetting a crucial element to Killian Jones:


(He actually reminds me of Sirius Black in this aspect. A lot.)

I mean just look at this fucker:

(gif: x)

He’s standing there like a goddamn Backstreet Boy at the start of a concert, and then with the hiding his new hand behind his back for that dramatic reveal (which Emma totally misses lolololol x eternity) I can’t even deal.

He just has a flair for the dramatic, he always has. 

Look, this asshole’s heart is bigger than his head. It’s one of his best qualities, but it can also get him into jams from time to time. On top of this, he’s pretty much the definition of a Byronic anti-hero, all broody and melodramatic. One of the most beautiful things about Captain Swan is that Emma anchors him and balances out the light and dark within him. 

But he’s still a dramatic, sassy, beautiful, broody, dashing rapscallion. And he always will be.