Oh dear God this is the sassiest looking picture of him playing Hamlet i have ever seen. 

“To be or Not to be. Honey in that dress i vote NOT to be.”

“Oh my god Ophelia, get thee to a NUNNERY, there is no way Betty slept with Rosencratz. She’s Such a slut”

“Let the Devil wear black! Red is so much more my color don’t you think?”

Polonius: “Do you know me, my Lord”
Hamlet: “Um yes, I would recognize those tacky leggings anywhere.”

“This is I! Hamlet the FABULOUS”


Second City’s Sassy Gay Friend–“Hamlet” (Ophelia)


Sassy Gay Natsu. Yeahhhhh…. my sister (md-otaku) and I decided that creating this was a good use of our time.

It was just too funny to pass up….

Inspired by these videos: SASSY GAY FRIEND - Romeo & Juliet SASSY GAY FRIEND - Hamlet