Tomorrow is going to be so interesting...

It’s going to be a Cancer (me), a Capricorn, a Taurus, a Sagittarius, a Scorpio and a Leo.

Capricorn is usually debating politics with Taurus because he has a crush on her and I have to pull him back because he get’s a bit too into it and I don’t want him to fuck it up because she’s a hella cute girl.

Taurus is sweet as fuck and super intelligence I kinda had a crush on her but lately I don’t know where I stand with her so I’m letting Cap do his thing.

Sagittarius is the biggest closet queen on the planet and he tries to be a sassy diva but it often ends up problematic. He can often offend people or flat line a joke so I’m usually keeping an eye on him to keep him in check.

Scorpio is hella pissed because this boy, that she doesn’t even like, was telling her that he loved her and all this cringey shit for months when it turns out he was talking to a girl for a year and was even going out with and banging her for a little bit while he was talking to Scorp so I don’t even know what she’s gonna be like but most likely I’m going to be comforting her.

Leo is a cutie but unusually shy, apparently she is secretly bitch and I’ve started to notice this a little bit so I will be keeping an eye on her, see how she acts.

And then there’s me the complete mess who just so happens to be the best dressed and unofficial leader of every group I find myself in. I think this group, if I choose to stay in it, is going to have to adopt maybe an Aries? or a more dominant Leo so everyone stops coming to me for everything because I’m really only good for moral support lots of judgement towards others A* bitchiness and comic relief.