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bOI this was so fun to do ToT 10000/10 would do again

This is the finished project of the collab @uncannycookie did with me (they did the lineart!)
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Haytham’s sarcasm 

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Hey look! I found it! Rfa+V+Saeran reacting to MC who absolutely NEEDS to get a picture with santa.


  • Is that yoosung blushing?
  • He secretly wanted to take a picture with santa too
  • But he thought it would be too childish
  • It was cute enough that you wore matching christmas sweaters
  • But you and him on Santa’s lap was another form of a relationship goal


  • A picture with Santa?!
  • “MC we can’t, we have no time and-”
  • You’re off and Jaehee’s jogging after you
  • She can’t help herself but smile at the giggly you
  • Sitting on Santa’s lap like a child
  • “Jaehee, take a picture! Quick!”


  • “Babe, how long do we have to wait?”
  • “Babe, my feet hurt!”
  • “Babe, I think one of these elf costumes would suit you, they’re kinda hot!”
  • You end up kissing him to shut him up
  • He’s the whiniest little baby
  • But at the end you do buy a sexy santa costume ;)


  • He can’t help himself but laugh
  • “You’re not a child!”
  • “Stop it, this is Armani!”
  • “Mc, people are staring at us!”
  • The discussion ends with a grumpy Jumin taking a blurry photo of Mc
  • Mumbling how annoying, yet adorable she is


  • “I can just take a professional picture of you and Santa in my studio”
  • That sounded a bit weirder than expected
  • “V, it’s about the Mall experience!”
  • He doesn’t get the “Mall experience”
  • “V, I would like to get a picture with Santa and tell him my greatest wish!”
  • “And what would that be?”


  • “That guy looks creepy!”
  • “Santa never gave me what I truly wished for!”
  • You beg him to just wait in line with you
  • And he gives in
  • But if looks could kill, Santa would be dead
  • “He still looks creepy… did he touch you in a weird way? Because if he did that dude is so dead!”
  • “He’s Santa for god’s sake!”
  • “More of a reason to be cautious!”
Au début des choses - sassy_cissa
By Organization for Transformative Works

Apprentice Healer Malfoy has enough on his plate with egotistical supervisors. He really doesn’t need Harry Potter as his patient. Really, he doesn’t.
This is a remix… well more of a prequel to digthewriter’s When I compliment you, I compliment myself.

blows my mind that John Lennon is considered the cynical, deep one and Paul McCartney the lovey Dovey one when literally nothing Paul has written could ever compare in soppiness to dear fucking Yoko


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can we just take a moment to appreciate this character and relationship development like when cas was first introduced on the show dean would insult him and he’d just tilt his head with a look of confusion like “humans are so strange” and now he’s been married to dean for 8 years so when dean insults him it’s like “fuck u dean at least i don’t look like a lumberjack guess ur sleeping on the couch tonight" and that’s just so beautiful