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Imagine Waking Up With Spock (a S'chn T'gai Spock x Reader ficlet)

For the anonie who requested more Spock love! My pleasure! This is only the first of two stories I have written for you.
This is mainly from reader POV, but there is a part or two that I HAD to add in Spock’s POV because I wanted to do a nod to the fact that Spock is more than meets the eye. This is pure fluff and sweet goodness, and my first time writing a Spock fic, so I hope everyone enjoys!
Characters: Spock & Reader
Warnings: none
Word count: 1083

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This was like that AU nobody knew they needed… the one where aos Kirk is a black woman that was raised by somewhat sassy vulcans & first officer to an equally sassy asian female version of Pike

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I actually really liked it (even the new klingons), but I hope there’ll be more exploring than space battles and lots of backstory in the upcoming episodes

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It's so sad that someone as kind as him has left us. I can't say a big part of my life has been influenced by him, but some of it has. Trek changed my life, and Nimoy was much more than a funny and sassy vulcan. I'm pretty sure Spock made us laugh and cry and think about a lot of things, just like grampa Nimoy did. The amazing part of it all is that is all basically summed up in hope for humanity, and grampa nimoy was exactly that, he and gene were what star trek meant. I'll miss him so much.

Leonard Nimoy represented hope.

I like that.