sassy tyler is sassy

Being Best Friends with Colton Haynes would include...

Requested? Yes.

BTW requests are still open.

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-Being one of Holland’s close friends

-going to set w/ her and meeting Colton

-Just having a gay best friend is basically an essential

-Being there for him when he comes out

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-Facetiming, skyping, texting ALOT when he leaves to go film arrow

-Taking photos together, like, all the time

-Becoming really close with his other castmates

-visiting him in Vancouver and showing up while he was filming one of his Arsenal scenes and him breaking character when he sees you to go up and hug you 

-listening to Adele when your just crusin’ in a car together and basically yelling the lyrics in a professional manner (haha, not really)

-Talking about anything and everything with him

-getting some relationship advice from him

“oh and guess which line he used on me next”


“I just need some space”

“ohh Y/N he did not.”

“yes, he did”

-devising horrible plans together.


“Shut. Up.”

“Well it’s not my fault you were there when Hoechlin was supposed to get pelted with silly string”

“Why did you think I was Tyler anyway?”

“Because of the way you walked back from set”

“But that’s how I normally walk..”

*Colton does his eyebrow thing and you pick up the other can of silly string*

“Y/N, no.”

“Colton, yes”

*covering him in silly string*