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GW Bush and Jeb Bush were only ever encouraged to run for office, Rand Paul was celebrated, JFK Jr. was nagged into running for years, but everyone wails and rends their garments when Chelsea Clinton makes a sassy tweet. 

TDA characters and Social media accounts

  • Jules has an Instagram account for all his art work. This leads him to also having an Etsy account as his Instagram is full of people asking if he sells stuff as they love it so much. He also does art and Cooking tutorials on YouTube, as well having a “siblings survival guide” series.
  • Emma has YouTube and mainly does training/work out videos. She often drags in Jules for “story time with Jemma” which is them just telling embarrassing stories of each other. She drags in Cristina in which they roast people. Zara has the most roast videos.
  • Ty has a blog in which he writes up all his investigations. He adds clues, what theories he had along the way then the final outcome. Once Kit explains Autism to him, he dedicates a side blog to documenting the life of an Autistic Shadowhunter. He gets messages from people thanking him as it has helped them.
  • Kit has everything. He has Twitter to give a running commentary on his adventures with the Blackthorn’s, especially the twins. When he starts dating Ty, his Instagram is full of photos of them together. He has Facebook to stalk all the people he used to know in the mundane world. Tumblr feeds his inner nerd. He puts comedy sketches on YouTube and has a series called “shit you need to know” and educated people on things like mental health. He gets Ty to help with the Autism video.
  • Livvy has Instagram and it’s full of photos of her and her siblings. Ty and Kit feature in a lot of photos. She also has YouTube for her take on feminism around various topics.
  • Dru has Tumblr and follows loads of horror blogs. She also blogs reviews on every horror film she has ever watched.
  • Cristina has Instagram. Half of it is pictures of her and Emma being the besties that they are, and the other half features Mark and Kieran. She has YouTube to put up videos of things she’s passionate about. She has a series with Kieran educating people on all things faerie. She has a second series in which she teaches Jules how to cook Mexican food the Mexican way, then asks the Blackthorn’s what they thought.
  • Mark gets introduced to Instagram. In the start, he has to have some check every single photo before posting it (he doesn’t once, and the resulting post was a lamp. We all know how that ends) but soon he gets the hang of it. He evolves into the king of asthetics. His family, Kieran and Cristina feature heavily. Kit, Livvy and Ty have a YouTube account and post videos of Mark cooking.
  • Unless he features on someone elses, Kieran doesn’t have social media. It just makes him confused.
  • Helen has Instagram, and like Mark she wins at asthetics. Aline features a lot.
  • Aline has Twitter. She uses it to tweet a sassy commentary on her life. She also does LGBT videos on YouTube, to help others come out. She’s slowly going through all the LGBT people she knows to be in a video with her.
  • Tavvy, like Kieran only features on other people’s social media. He’s the person who annoys people into being in, and posting pictures with him in. He also appears in the background of people’s videos.
  • Diana decides to do YouTube. She initially does weapon tutorials, but with the support of Caterina and Gwyn, she documents her journey as a male to female Transgender Shadowhunter. This gets her so much love and praise. People identify with her and thank her for the videos.
  • They all have Snapchat. Emma and Kit are the sort of people who regularly send unattractive photos. Emma will be sensible if either Jules or Cristina are in the photo. Kits the same with Ty and Livvy. Mark rarely uses it, only really to get photos of him with Helen, Kieran or Cristina. Ty only gets photos of him with Livvy and Kit. Dru uses it, but rarely snaps herself, but mostly of her surroundings, especially her room. Tavvy gets her to send loads of snapchats of him. Helen loves it as it means she can save photos of her family. Aline uses it for the filters. Diana so she can get pictures of her and Gwyn on a few occasions (he does it to make her happy). Jules used to use it ironically but mostly sends snaps of his art, or evidence he has been doing something arty, like a part of his body covered in paint.

AU where Lin Manuel Miranda is the phantom of the opera. No organ under the opera. Just a Macbook and spotty wifi. No letters to the new owners of the opera. Just sassy tweets from his unverified account, though I do like the idea of him writing “Your obedient servant, O-dot-G.” (But in this context OG means Opera Ghost and also Original Gangsta because it’s Lin Manuel Miranda. It’s funny. It’s like three jokes in one.)

A fact about me, I color my own hair. No one touches my hair unless I trust them. But my exploration in hair color has always been an experiment to me. I switch things up once in a while.

P.S. Natural lighting and no edit.
Also I am no professional nor a hair stylist.

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anonymous asked:

Who is rodger malik??

It started as a joke. It was Zayn’s sassy response to a tweet which was a response to his tweet:

Let me pause to say once again, with amazement, that Zayn Malik has never had an awkward phase. He’s been beautiful since birth. Must be nice…

But back to Rodger. He was resurrected when the Zaynmojis were released:

Later came the twitter account. And Zayn followed.

So the Rodger Malik twitter account has been a thing the fandom has been watching ever since. May be something (as in Zayn at the very least knows who’s running the Rodger account). May be nothing (as in it’s just one of those cute things that happens on social media). *shrug*