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Another Heathers AU

Mystreet Heather AU (Kinda)

It’s been a while since Katelyn last hosted a play, and she wants to do one again.

Since she is total Heathers trash, she wants to do that.

Problem is, none of the girls want to play lead roles this time.

So she has to make some changes, making all the lead roles guys.

Since Heather was the 15th popular girls name, and William was the boys name, she re-names it ‘Williams’

She wants to give the roles to people who share traits with the roles, either physically or mentally.

And since she doesn’t have a lot of money, she decides to cast her friends.

Vincent(Victoria): Wonder over wonder, Zane out of all people got the role.
Because he has dark hair and can sing pretty damn good.
At first he doesn’t want to be the lead role, and it takes a hell lot of convincing from Aphmau to get him to do it.

J.D.: Messy black hair, wears dark clothes, high school bad boy.
Gene gets the role.

William (Heather) Chandler: Garroth.
Because he’s blond.

William (Heather) Duke: Dark hair, Green eyes.
Katelyn called Jeffory and he took the role.

William (Heather) McNamara: Garroth suggested Liochant.
He’s a surprisingly good actor.

Ram + Kurt= She needed two best friends who used to act pretty perverted and stuff, and besides, Travis and Dante both have some acting experience.

Ram’s dad plus Kurt’s dad:
Laurance and Aaron.
They’re probably the most responsible and mature out of all the guys.

Vylad got the role.
I don’t think I need to explain why.

Other guys+ the girls:
Smaller roles and singers and dancers
Zane: “So I get to pretend-kill Garroth, Travis, AND Dante?
Katelyn: “Zane, take off your mask.
You’re the main character.”
Zane: “No.”
Aphmau: “I’ll bake you cupcakes~”
Zane: “Did I say no? I meant yes.”
Katelyn: “…And then you shove Jeffory to the ground whilst saying:
‘Shut up William!’”
Garroth: “But… But that’s mean.”
Gene: “I would never take a gun to school!”
Katelyn: “Yeah, but J. D. would.
Don’t take this role personally.”
Gene: “Wow, I didn’t know Zane could sing.”
Katelyn: “Believe me, the rest of us are as surprised as you are.”
Aphmau: “Why though?
There was this whole musical number when he tried to steal our Christmas tree!”
Gene: “Wait…
He tried to do what?”
Liochant: *strikes a pose*
All the others: *blessed*
Vylad: “Wait…
So one of my brothers is the main character, and the other one is the main villan?”
Vylad: “Huh.
It’s been a while since I watched ‘The Princess Bride’.
I should watch it again soon.”
Travis: “What do me and Dante have to do again?”
Katelyn: “Act rapey and dumb”
Dante: “Will do.”
Laurance: “I love my dead gay son.”
Travis: “I love you too, dad.”
Garroth: “I really like the dance for 'Candy Store’.
Very sassy.”
Zane: “Wait, what do I have to do at 'Dead Guy Walking’?”
Katelyn: “Climb trough Gene’s window, straddle him while he’s topless, take your own shirt off, and all that and more while singing a song about sex at the top of your lungs. ”
Zane: “What.”
Gene: “What.”
Katelyn: “…What?”
Gene: “I know we shouldn’t eat the props, but can we finish these slurpies once the show is over?”
Katelyn: “…And then J.D. blows himself up.”
Gene: “wELL THEN.”
The end.

I’m sorry this is terrible.

Zane straddling Gene while shirtlessly singing tho


Niall (Unnamed Blurb #1)

It’s super short and I suck at naming things, so I’m taking the shortcut.

I knew the distance would be hard, but I had never truly understood how bad it would be until the first time he was gone for two months straight.

It was part of loving Niall, a part that was impossible to get used to but you had to learn how to handle anyway because it came with the territory.  I would never like kissing him goodbye and sending him off to conquer the world while I stayed at home, tied down by work obligations and a general knowledge that I was not created for constant traveling.  In a perfect world, I would travel with him, but I don’t enjoy waking up somewhere new every day.  Beyond that, I would just be a distraction and I could never live on someone else’s hospitality.

It’s never gotten easier.  I thought in the beginning that I would eventually get accustomed to saying goodbye, but I never did.  I didn’t fall into a pit of despair, but crawling into a cold bed every night was a stark reminder of the ache in my heart that a busy life often distracted me from.

Today, for some reason, was harder than most.  After a hard day at work I just want to come home, sit on the couch next to my man, and drink a bottle of wine while I bitch about my day.  I want to hear his sassy comments in the store regarding the quality of the meat for dinner.  I want to hear him playing his guitar in the bedroom while he’s waiting for me to get ready for bed.  I want to fall asleep to his fingers running up and down my arms.

I just want Niall.

When I do get home, I change into sweats and my baggiest hoodie, heat up a Chinese frozen dinner, and drop onto the couch with a glass of wine and food.  I flick through all the channels on the TV, trying to find something, anything, that looks remotely interesting.  By instinct I chose the football game.  I sat there on the couch through the entire thing, imagining what Niall would be doing if he was here.  The yelling, the sassy comments, the cheers… It only made the ache worse, but was also comforting in its own way.

Telling him that I was missing him more than usual wasn’t an option.  He was a man that could normally roll with the punches, but I was often an exception to the rule.  Knowing something was up with me had a way of throwing off his game and it wasn’t fair of me to do so, knowing that it would negatively affect his performance.  With a concert tonight it was even less fair to his fans.  They didn’t deserve a distracted performer.

He knows that I miss him, it’s not that.  It’s not like he expects me to live to completely different lives, he knows that I miss him when we’re apart and I know that he misses me, but we don’t… verbalize it often.  Saying it out loud when we’re apart feels too much like trying to guilt the other.  Even if you don’t mean it to be– it makes the other person feel that way, and we’ve just never been the kind to cry about missing each other ten times during a phone call.

As much as I may want to sometimes.

I’m in bed by 10 that night, at least two hours earlier than usual.  I know there’s no hope of hearing from Niall tonight, but I look at my phone anyway on the off chance of a random text or maybe even a voicemail.  Hell, at this point I’d take an Instagram post intended for his fans, but my notifications are empty.

It takes forever for me to fall asleep but when I do it’s fitful.  Which is why when the security alarm goes off at 3 AM I only jerk partially awake.  It turns off so quickly, I’m convinced that I’m still asleep.  That I dreamed it.  I start to drift back off but when I hear someone moving around in the hall outside my door, I jerk awake with full clarity.

The problem is, I still freeze.  My heart is racing and fear starts to trickle through my veins.  I try to convince myself that it’s a dream, that I’m making it up… but I don’t have close neighbors and there’s no mistaking the sound of my door handle turning.

My throat clenched, I inch my hand towards my phone as the door swings open.  I nearly cry out as I hear a familiar, tired voice say, “It’s alright, love.  It’s just me.”

I sit up quickly and twist around to see Niall’s silhouette in the doorframe.  “Niall?” I croak, my throat dry from sleep.  The adrenaline infused clarity has dissipated and is replaced with exhaustion, my mind unable to wrap around why he’s moving into my bedroom, stumbling like he hasn’t slept in days.  “What are you doing here?  You’re supposed to be on the other side of the country… You have a conc…”

“Shhh,” he soothes, collapsing into bed next to me, pulling me down into his chest.  His stubble tickles my cheek as he clamps his arms around me like irons, burrowing his cheek against mine.  He breathes deeply and squeezes me as hard as he can, but only for a moment.  “Liam got sick so we had to cancel the concert.  I took the first flight I could to get here, wanted to surprise ya.”

My mind was struggling to keep up.  “But… you have more concerts this week… you have things to do… how…”

Niall nuzzles the back of my neck and presses kisses against my skin, making me shiver.  “We had to cancel things for a few days while Liam gets better.  I’ve been missing yeh more than usual lately, so I decided to come home to ya.”

I want to talk to him, ask him about his flight, tell him how grateful I am that he’s back because I’ve been missing him, too, but sleep is pulling me down under again.  I try to fight to stay awake but Niall starts running his hand down my arm in the way that always lulls me to sleep.  “I just want to hold ya, love.  Just let me hold ya.  We can talk when we wake up.  This is all I need right now.”

“Am I dreaming?” I mutter, just barely holding onto consciousness.

Niall chuckles and I feel it vibrate through my bones.  “Not a dream, love.  I’ll still be here tomorrow.  Go to sleep.”

I struggle to say something else, to tell him how much I love him, but sleep claims me once more.

Master List


Author: canyouimagine1D

Pairing: Harry x Reader

Trigger Warnings: None

A/N: Here’s a little something to keep you guys occupied until the next Part of SOML and Eyes, Nose, Lips :)

“Oh fuck my life.” Y/N cursed as she struggled to reach the container of breadcrumbs that were on the very top shelf. She let out a small groan.

“Babe? Everything okay in there?” Harry’s voice asked from the living room. He had been scrolling through Twitter while Y/N worked on dinner for the two of them.

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#Supernatural TippiTV Recap: 10-1 "Black" (Repost)

(The formatting was driving me crazy. I had to do it over.)

Welcome back to my recaps! They were made possible by many fine backers, whom I’ll mention individually at the end if they’ve given me the OK.

The Road So Far:

How great is it to hear Pat Benatar in the montage? Pretty great. I have to confess, though, that for about ten years I thought she was singing “events of the wiener” instead of “invincible winner.” Considering a couple of scenes in this episode, I think my interpretation would have been apropos. Also, I’m glad they included Dean’s slo-mo Godzilla roar.


Some lady demon is handcuffed and being tortured for information by an unseen captor. She goes on about how she’d heard rumors a Winchester had gone bad, and we’re supposed to think she’s talking to Dean, but surprise! Sam’s the one slicing and dicing her. Or, rather, maybe it would have been a surprise if the CW hadn’t been promoting this scene. He slits her throat and demands she make one of those demonic phone calls.

Four weeks go by. Presumably the demonic phone call yielded nothing. Sam hears from other hunters that very little evil seems to be afoot. He’s wearing a shoulder sling because Jared Padalecki decided to wrestle Osric Chau at a convention or something. But think about what this means for the character. Sam’s been hurled through windows and into cars, tossed around like bags of bony meat, smacked around by every conceivable monster and generally ends up with barely a scratch. To end up in a sling for weeks and weeks? Some demon must have actually yanked out his arm like an overcooked Renaissance Faire turkey leg. Then I imagine Sam went home, jammed his arm back into place with a moist slurp of joints clicking back into place, slapped a couple butterfly bandages on the seam, and held it all in place with a sling and a prayer.

Saddened, he wanders over to Dean’s old room in the Lair O’ Letters and mulls over a note his brother was nice enough to leave behind.

Finally, he comes across a clue in the news and hurries to call Castiel about it. Castiel, holed up in some motel bed somewhere, tries to hide the fact that he’s coughing up his trachea. Years of growling out his dialog have finally taken their toll. Also, he’s dying because of his angelic grace fading away to nothingness, much like any interest I may have once had in angelic storylines.

Eventually, they get around to talking about Dean. “I miss him,” Castiel sighs.

“You think there’s any chance at all that Dean is still,” Castiel starts to ask. Sam cuts him off: “That he’s still even remotely Dean?” The question makes him so sad that he just… stops talking and ends the call. It didn’t seem like the conversation was over, but whatever. People just hanging up on each other.

Meanwhile, Dean is in some karaoke bar, duckfacing his way through “I’m Too Sexy.” Everyone is pretty horrified, except for a pretty blond waitress who makes flirty eyes with him. Please note that Dean does not have to consult the monitor for the lyrics, so familiar is he with this musical masterpiece. Meanwhile, Crowley is deep into an unheard conversation with a couple of bar patrons. Judging by his pointing, he must be talking about Dean.

Cut to Dean and the waitress finishing up some bedroom acrobatics. They’re pretty impressed with all the wild sex they just had, even though there’s not one drop of sweat anywhere, and the waitress’s hair is neatly arranged on the pillow. “Just don’t get too attached,” Dean reminds her. “Because I’m just rollin’ through.” I seriously can’t tell if this is supposed to indicate that he’s an asshole, because this show has such a bizarre take on sex sometimes. I mean, consensual sex between two adults where the guy specifically tells the woman he doesn’t want to lead her on could be considered evil on this weird show, so I just don’t know.

Crowley waltzes in, annoyed to find the two hump bunnies availing themselves of his bed. He’s even more scandalized when Dean fails to trouser himself and he gets a glimpse of the ol’ infernal externals. The ol’ serpent and fruits of knowledge. The one-eyed demon and Beelzeballs.

Later, Dean and Crowley challenge two guys to a game of foosball. They’re the bar patrons Crowley was talking to earlier, and they look exactly alike. Are they two-thirds of the triplets Crowley mentions later? The Demonic Duo lose the game because they’re so busy arguing about the waitress, Ann Marie, whom Dean then notices is being accosted by some guy at the bar.

Dean beats the snot out of the guy and gets all territorial about Ann Marie, which doesn’t impress her nearly as much as his boudoir antics.


Hannah drops in on Castiel, who, as it turns out, is as neglectful in the pants area as Dean.

She feels super awkward about it, although, as an angel, shouldn’t she regard his human package as inconsequential? It’d be like seeing a monkey’s wang at the zoo.

While he laboriously dresses himself in the bathroom—every move is plainly exhausting—she fills him in on Heavenly news. Long story short: Metatron is still in jail and the angels have no leader. Some of the angels have killed others who tried to force them back into Heaven. “Well, we have free will now, so suck it,” Castiel doesn’t say, and instead agrees to help her confront the rogues.


Sam follows his lead on Dean, which brings him to some security video of big bro killing a demon at a convenience store. This is the first time Sam sees Dean’s new black eyes. In the present, Dean kills another demon who jumps him behind the bar. No black eyes that time.

Weird cut to some dude’s heavage as he works out. The workout montage goes on long enough to let us know he’s really serious about keeping himself in a state of preparedness. Also, he looks like the lovechild of Jeremy Renner and Robert Patrick. He gets a fax of Dean’s picture from the security footage. This is followed by another montage—this one of him packing up a bunch of weapons.


En route to meeting the rogue angels, Castiel has to pull his pimpmobile over because Hannah is nauseated. Now, on TV, whenever a woman is nauseated, this usually means one thing.

They take the opportunity to talk about how Castiel is dying and needs more grace. This could almost be a conversation between any two people watching me dance. She thinks he should just kill another angel, but he’s rather adamantly opposed to that idea.


Sam talks to the sassy store clerk who saw Dean—or Porn Guy, as he likes to call him, on account of his affinity for titties in print. Luckily, the dead guy left his phone behind, because Sassy, as entertainingly sassy as he is, is basically useless. Turns out the demon got a text alerting him to Dean’s location, and went to avenge Abaddon’s untimely demise. When Sam calls the sender back, it’s Crowley who answers.

Sam is under the impression that a demon is possessing his brother’s corpse, but Crowley sets him straight. They bicker about who should get custody of Dean, and bicker long enough for Sam to have traced the call.


Castiel and Hannah find Daniel the angel fishing in an idyllic little stream. He rhapsodizes about fishing like he’s Will Graham with lesser dialog. He says he only killed the other angel because the other dude tried to force him back to Heaven. Hannah gets tired of listening to all this talk of fishing and freedom, and whips out her blade. Castiel calms her down and convinces her to suffer through more of this boring storyline. Noooo!


At the bar, Crowley confesses to Dean that he sent the attacking demons. “To keep you sharp,” he explains. They talk about how killing “sates” the Mark of Cain and keeps Dean from turning into a demon. But… isn’t he already a demon? Maybe they mean, like, a really scary evil demon, because so far, Dean is only about a 3.5 on the Numeric Scale of Evilness:

Also, shouldn’t killing make him more demonic?

Anyway, Crowley wants to rule Hell with Dean at his side, but Dean is too busy having fun to want any part of that. “The deal was, we howl at the moon,” Dean reminds him. “No time stamp, no expiration date.” But Crowley’s done with hanging out in dive bars. “We’ve howled, we’ve bayed—we’ve done extraordinary things to triplets!” Like… at the same time? Because Crowley seemed sort of prudish about Dean’s nudity. As a last resort to light some hellfire under Dean’s perky-but-contented ass, he mentions Sam is probably on his way, seeing as how Crowley totally let him trace that call.


Sam is driving along a dark, deserted stretch of road when his car dies without warning. The Renner-Patrick lovechild just happens to be happening by, seeing as how he’s the one who rigged Sam’s car. Sam, his guard down and down one arm, is easily taken captive.


Dean drinks and sings more terrible karaoke, and drinks some more until he passes out. How do demons even get drunk? Anyway, he wakes up in his motel room with Ann Marie trying to take care of him. He invites her to run away with him, but she turns him down because she has sense like that. His widdle feelings hurt, he calls her a skank. She says she feels like she deserves that, because that’s how screwed up she is.


Angel storyline. They’re joined by Adina, another angel who wants to be free. Hannah and Adina fight, then Daniel jumps in to defend Adina, and Castiel kills him to save Hannah because whatever. Adina manages to cut Castiel before scampering off into the woods. Hannah wants to go after her, but Castiel reminds her that, as the C-plot of the episode, they don’t have time for that nonsense.


Crazy kidnapper doesn’t identify himself, but his name is Cole, and that’s what I’m gonna call him because he’s taking too long to introduce himself. He drags Sam into a barn and zip-ties him to a chair so that he can speechify about wanting revenge against something Dean did a long time ago. Sam warns him against that. “He’s a monster,” he says. “Well, he was, many, many moons ago, but now he’s prey,” Cole says, “and I’m the monster now.”


Castiel and Hannah argue some more in the pimpmobile. “Without rules, there’s chaos,” she says. “Out of chaos, rise angels like Naomi, Bartholomew, and Metatron.” For some reason, Castiel doesn’t point out that Hannah is acting like those very angels right now and instead focuses on how it’s not so bad to be human. There’s stuff like art, hope, love and dreams.

While he’s driving through the perpetually rainy night, Dean gets a call from Sam. Why did he even keep his phone? Of course, it’s not Sam, but Cole using his phone. He threatens to kill Sam unless Dean shows up.

“There’s no trade, there’s no meetup, there’s no nothin’,” Dean says, “except the 100% guarantee…that I will find you, and I will kill you.” So, like, he isn’t moved enough to rescue Sam, but he still cares enough to avenge him? Even Cole seems a little bit confused by that.

So that’s it. That’s the first episode of the tenth season. Before I get to the episode rating, I’d like to make my shout-outs:

Special thanks go out to Daniela A.; Omar Gallaga who got me into recapping in the first place; Porschel; Kris Troske; MissManners62. (There are a couple more of you, but there were a couple of communication issues, so you’ll get a shout-out in a future recap!)


I give this episode 3 out of 5 Hellhounds:

And one pair of men’s underpants:

–Tippi Blevins, TippiTV