sassy southerner

I’m so blind in my eyes, I can not see what others see in me, I never felt sexy, or cute, the guys toy with my heart and mind, the women’s ( girls) picks or talk down on me cause I don’t care for the conversation about sex or love.
But when I look at this picture of me all I can say is ’ Grace an Mercy’. A peace of mind, a heartfelt soul, sassy with southern class, soft to the touch. Why do I always meet to butt hole of the land. Ugh! ..

Can you see us?                              By:Scarlet Alter

Can you see us?

You see her but you see me?

You don’t see the cheerful girl with the purple hair. 

You don’t see the man who comforts and takes care of us.

You don’t see the sassy southern redhead or her sassy little girl. 

The quiet boy who watches over us and has an amazing talent for art. 

The little 6 year old girl who just wants candy and to play. 

You can’t see the little boy who only wants to make everyone happy, 

or the scared little girl he tries so hard to make happy. 

The young teenage girl who watches after these kids.

The skater boy and the punk rock girl who never want to be apart. 

You don’t see us but we’re here. 

You don’t know our names but we exist.

One day maybe you’ll know and you’ll see us and believe in us. 

maybe one day.


Day 6: Favorite Ancestor
I remember screaming in class and getting detention because I found out he was an ancestor in the game.
I loved playing him, his sassy southern remarks were extremely charming, and he is so damn adorable.
Hands down my second favorite Cooper 😍😍

P.S i love his mission complete pose

BBOTT Houseguests Guide

Alex Willet (25): “Determined, creative, and perceptive”. Has strategy planned out. No showmance. Likes the oddballs. Superfan. Sister to Morgan.

Morgan Willet (22): “Sassy, honest, and talkative”. Southern. Cutthroat. Wants to charm them and then cut them. Sister to Alex.

Michael “Cornbread” Ligon (41): “Outgoing, funny, and loving”. Wants to use humor to get ahead. Active, wants to win competitions.

Danielle Lickey (23): “Competitive, sarcastic, and a leader”. Wants to win competitions. Plans on aligning with two people. Wants to make big moves.

Justin Duncan (27): “Rambunctious, down to earth, and vocal”. Will probably try to play to America. Wants to win competitions and be a friend to everyone.

Kryssie Ridolfi (31): “Sassy, loudmouth, and charming”. Funny and manipulative. Wants to leave a lasting impact on the house. Wants to gain trust so that things go her way each week.

Monte Massongill (25): “Leader, strong, and stubborn”. Smart and a deep thinker. Will try to relate to everyone. Doesn’t like the unknown.

Neely Jackson (33): “Outgoing, outspoken, and fun”. Going to pretend that she isn’t smart. Will try to be the “sexy, fun” one. Is going to try to hide athleticism.

Scott Denis (24): “Honest, persistent, and strategic”. Superfan. Positive. Wants a 3-Person alliance. Possibly confrontational.

Shelby Stockton (24): “Goofy, stubborn, and obnoxious”. Is a lawyer but will tell people that she is a waitress. Wants to be under the radar and avoid alliances in the first few weeks.

Shane Chapman (24): “Strong, kind, and ambitious”. Wants to be friends with everyone and figure things out.

Whitney Hogg (21): “Southern, bubbly, and passionate”. Wants to be herself, but will lie when she has to. Wants people to think she’s innocent and naive.