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Sketch reward for Chris from last month’s Patreon raffle.

I tried to mix up Obi-Wan from Episode II and the Clone Wars series, because his armour in that show is on point. Not quite sure I nailed his face in the end, but it was a fun challenge regardless and at least I didn’t get yelled at in Twitch.

I’ve been pretty negligent of my art platforms lately, it’s daunting having so many sites to keep up to date and I get lazy sometimes. I remain the most active on Patreon for anyone interested in keeping up with my art as it comes.

Star Wars © Lucasfilm/Disney
Artwork © Shamine Athena King
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I always had this random feeling that these two would get along pretty well. My favorite fusion (well, except Garnet) with my fanfusion~~

I find their proportions weird (in addition to the fact that I don’t thing a Lapidot fusion would be this tall - and actually imagine mine being about the same size as Opal) and I almost gave up but since SU has no height consistency let’s say I don’t really give a damn about it  8D !

I still have a few drawings with her (and will post them later) - I’ve seen your comments about her in my last Lari’ doodles and I’m so glad you like her !!

Welcome to the Sparrows.

Some original content that I haven’t been posting characters from on tumblr yet :D Also a picture that went into much more detail than intended……..
These three are Geraldine Pyrope, Cecil Reed and Vincent Diran!

Cecil runs a club called the Sparrows and is Vincent’s informant, as they’re always keeping an ear out for their customers - who aren’t all righteous people. Geraldine is the entertainment, a singer who has been Cecil’s close friend since childhood. Vincent, meanwhile, is a detective growing in the ranks who’s helped them out on multiple occasions!

Geraldine and Vincent belong to @kaisukidoodles, Cecil is mine ❤︎
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