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Capture bonding. It’s a passive psychological response to a new master. Been an essential survival tool for a million years. You bond with your captor, you survive. You don’t, you’re breakfast

“Fix You”
Summary: After his year away, Natsu begins to understand that leaving may have changed things between him and Lucy forever.
Or, in which things are said and two broken parts begin to mend.
For maureen-hime​ because ily and I promised I would.

It was after they returned to Gray and Juvia’s little cottage. After their clash with the Avatars. After Lucy and Levy played catch-up and Natsu fought with Gajeel (just like old times) and Wendy tried valiantly to keep the peace. It was after they’d begun talks of moving on, both wanting to keep pushing forward, but neither really wanting to leave.

After things should’ve returned to normal.

That was when Natsu noticed Lucy was different.

It was something in her face that tipped him off. The set of her mouth, the line of her jaw. She seemed older, somehow, ragged, and her eyes… hurt to look at. It was difficult to describe. They reminded him of burn scars; she looked frustrated and tired and like she had been built from mismatched, broken parts.

Once he saw it initially, it was hard to stop seeing it. Her smile faded too quickly. Her laugh seemed false. She pulled away when he touched her, looked away from his gaze.

He had only been gone a year, but he was beginning to feel like he had lost her. That was stupid, though, wasn’t it? She was right there, right in front of him. The same Lucy.

But not really.

Different, different. Something had changed.

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