sassy poe

i love how when poe gets captured on jakku and brought to kylo ren, you can literally see him deciding whether or not to be a little shit. 

there’s that long awkward silence where they’re just kneeling there staring at each other. 

and you can see a little hint of the internal debate in poe’s eyes. 

“i should say something spunky. but he might kill me. but i’ve got the perfect one-liner in my head, i can’t waste it. but he’s a crazy person. but it’ll be SO WORTH IT FUCK IT I’M DOING IT YOLO”

Winner Takes All

Request: Poe x reader pls? :D maybe one where the reader is loud and sassy and her and Poe just click, they are the best couple type thing? :)

Not sure I did this right for ya but I hope you enjoy anyway!

“Looks like that high score is going bye bye!” you called happily, taking out another horde of TIE fighters.

You were playing a hologame, eyes focused on the holofield before you. Poe Dameron, self proclaimed best pilot, was across from you, staring at the game with worried eyes. You were so close to beating his score.

“You’re cheating,” he states, not believing it as you got another power up. You rolled your eyes.

“Sure I am. That’s why I looked into the future last night, seeing you would be smug about your score again as we passed the holotable, provoking me to challenge you. So to combat that, I rigged the table before it all came to be."It was Poe’s turn to roll his eyes. You were always like this.

"I’m just saying, I never get this much power ups when I play.”

“Well that’s because The Force likes me better and wants to see you go down,” you comment, gaining a time extension which made Poe growl in frustration.

It was his own fault really. He bragged about having the high score on the game every time the two of you passed the table, knowing it would get some reaction out of you. Poe just didn’t realise he pushed far enough for you to challenge him. Usually it would be a comment like ‘Oh big shot Dameron got the high score in a kids game.’ or 'Wow, I’m so impressed with being told the one hundredth time. I bet the one hundred and one time is even better!’

It was how you two were since the day you met. You were a new recruit of The Resistance, being introduced to everyone by General Organa. Then it came to him, Poe Dameron 'Best Pilot of The Resistance’ a tagline which was provided by Snap during your initial meeting. Poe laughed and shrugged, not about to fight the allegation. You also shrugged your shoulders.

“Big whoop. I’m Y/N L/N and I am the best at playing Pazaak, yes the ancient republic game, out of the new recruits, something I am sure will come in handy in the fight against the First Order.”

Poe liked you as soon as you introduced yourself like that. You always had a comment to say, were not afraid to be heard and did not back down from anything. The two of you started to spend more time together. It started small, exchanges of 'hello’ in the mess hall and tarmac as well as some quips at each other while on flying missions. The next step was you following his astromech, BB-8 around and discovering he was their partner. You couldn’t help it, BB-8 had appeared and rolled around you, beeping in their language and went on their way. The little droid intrigued you so you decided to follow it. That had started a conversation between you and Poe, you asking how he came across the droid which then turned to him asking you if you were really a good Pazaak player. Needless to say, you proved to him there was no lie behind that statement and proceeded to trash him in a couple of games.

Now, you two were pretty inseparable. If someone was looking for one of you, they would just have to find the other and you were sure to be there. It was nice having someone you could go to for everything. If you were upset or needed help with something, Poe was usually there no questions asked. Yes, you talked back at each other and, sometimes, it seemed like you two were in a heated argument but everyone knew that was just how you were.

It didn’t help matters when people started to believe the pair of you were in a relationship. The thought had crossed your mind. There would probably be little difference between in your current relationship and a romantic one bar being able to kiss those very kissable lips of his and waking up in the same bed together without being questioned. The boundaries between what you two did where…thin to say the least.

“Okay, this is ridiculous,” Poe said, throwing his arms in the air. Another time expansion.

“Ha! And there goes your score! That’s right, grovel at the feet of Y/N L/N for they have dethroned Poe Dameron!” you cry, continuing to play the game so Poe would have a harder time beating your score. Poe hung his head in defeat.

“I’m never gonna hear the end of this, am I?” he questioned.

“Did I ever hear the end of it? This is what The Force choose, we mustn’t fight The Force,” you explained.

The game went on for another minute until the time ran out, displaying the message 'NEW HIGH SCORE’ in celebration. You wore a massive grin, leaning back in your seat.

“And that’s how it’s done. To the winner goes the spoils!” Poe raised an eyebrow.

“You didn’t win anything.”

“Of course I did! When you win at something you get a prize,” you explained. The prize was beating Poe at the game but he seemed to have something else in mind.

“You’re right. To the winner go the spoils,” he said, getting up from across from you and making his way towards you. Once he reached you, he leaned down taking your chin in his hand, pulling you up to meet his lips. You immediately kissed him back, grabbing his collar to make him stay there. His lips were soft against yours, tasting vaguely sweet to you. It was all over too soon as he broke from you, breathing heavily. The two of you smiled at each other, yourself giggling slightly like a little girl. You couldn’t help it, it just came out but Poe had that effect on you it seemed.

Poe went in for another kiss but you had another idea.

“What are you doing?” Poe was startled by your question, seeming a little hurt.

“I thought…”

“To the winner go the spoils,” you repeat, pushing him back to let you get up. He stood there, shocked. You merely grin at him.

“You want more? Gotta beat my score, flyboy,” you say with a wink. Poe laughed, shaking his head slightly.

“Winner takes all?” he asked, taking his seat to start up the game. You move back to him, wrapping your arms around his shoulder.

“All they want.”