sassy pig


Hello everyone! So I’ve just discovered that my piggies aren’t the breeds I was told they were/thought they were 😱 But all is good, breeders can make mistakes and I can also make mistakes, but no biggy!

Buzz 🐝 Crested Agouti Silver
Paddington 🐾 Texel
Pika 💥 Rex

Team Traits

My ICU team is composed of 4 residents, 4 interns. We are all on constant rotation such that every fourth night, one team is on call overnight. 

I have noticed over the past few days that, and I don’t know how, the four teams have four very distinct personalities/traits. 

Team 1: Sassy Giraffes

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(or pigs)

-somehow both the senior resident and intern a very tall guys who want to go into cardiology and think they know everything

-sass each other constantly. It’s a miracle that they function as a team at all. 

-the constant one-up-man-ship is only funny because it’s only directed at each other

-and it’s weird but they LOVE fighting over trivia and random details

-they also literally fall over each other to read EKGs

Team 2: Giggle Squad

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-composed of an ER intern and senior who wants to go into nephrology

-they are ALWAYS cracking up. Bad puns? Patient stories? Mimicry? They will laugh at anything

-they also both wear the same colored blue scrubs; they didn’t even know each other before this rotation!

-they are always appreciating each others’ fun shoes

-sends everyone memes and kitten videos

Team 3: Grey’s Anatomy

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-composed of a second year ER resident and a senior going into heme/onc

-like woah they are both so good-looking it’s out of control

-but then they are really nice and love to teach and learn?? The ER resident taught me some ultrasound basics and the heme/onc senior taught me how to do a thoracentesis

-they have the coolest pooled collection of track jackets

Team 4: Super Dorks

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-well, there’s me. And my senior, who wants to go into endocrinology

-constant movie and TV references

-burst into song all the time

-first to ask “are we getting breakfast?” 

-super positive, easy-going

-literally bounce as we walk


Here are some of the pictures I took of Paddington today, it’s my first time photographing piggies so hopefully I’ll improve with pratice 🐹

I still have a tonne more photos so be prepared to be bombarded with cuteness! 😍

Guinea Pig: Paddington Paddington 🐾 Texel